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Write for us-Post submission for Guest

Are you a dog lover or a dog veterinarian? Kuddus! That you are visiting my site and are interested to write here. My main motto of mine is to provide the best and most authentic write-up information to the readers.

I am looking for best friends to expand our network through their writing. Many of us like to write but don’t get a proper place. I noticed that every day person who visits my site gives authentic reviews and comments. They give us good suggestions, so I decide to bring their writing up by my side. I love to hear from your directly. 

Are you confused about how to post your article? Don’t worry, I will show you the right way of submitting your article. 

How to do guest Post -Guideline

  • Content must be dog related and unique.
  • Select an eye-catchy title like “ 10 ways to grooming dog at home”
  • Be careful about Grammarly errors and Please use H1, and H2 tags properly.
  • Write more the 800 words.
  • Don’t use any reference links and don’t force the reader to click on them.
  • Write your post in a short paragraph and also use subheadings.
  • You have at least 2 or 3 images you need to provide or post a source link of your photos.
  • Use engaging keywords, and the article should write in native English. So that it is useful to our readers.
  • Select a topic and make an outline or written draft. Like: dog health, Training of your dog, Grooming, Pet nitration, etc.
  • As an active reader subscribe and give our valuable comments so that I can pick up you for the guest post.
  • Read our post that is published and write a similar one by using your own voice.

Some note

  • Provide us about yourself and your previous work sample. 
  • The writer’s photo and email address must need.
  • Don’t mention dear sir in your email.
  • You will see your name at the end of your post.
  • If you subscribe to our site and prove that you read and are an active member, then you have the chance to accept your post.
  • Don’t waste your time using the wrong information in your article.
  • I have the full rights of ownership when you submit your article. And I have the right to edit some if I see some unusual links.

Looking forward to your positive comment. Submit your post via our email address  stevenrocky@doglovespoint.com.

Submission Guidelines For Content

  1. 100 % unique Content.
  2. Original content (don’t accept AI)
  3. Content will natural not force the reader to click the reference link
  4. Content must be Dog related
  5. The Word count must be 1k plus.
  6. Welformat content and properly use H2, and H3 tags.
  7. You need to provide images at least 2.

Contact me stevenrocky@doglovespoint.com