What is IPO/Schutzhund Dog Training?

Whenever you see dogs doing extraordinary stuff before your eyes in a playground with their master, you need to think that the dog is trained. You may get wondered by the act the dog performs and may ask how they are trained. You may also ask, what is IPO dog training?

IPO dog training is related to dog sports to check if the dog’s training is perfect. Not every dog can be trained, and they don’t have the same memory to memorize. Some dogs don’t have the physical ability to perform an IPO.

what is ipo dog training

However, in this content, you will get to know about IPO dog training, the necessity of training a dog, the difference between IPO and Schutzhund, and much more information. So, without wasting any time, let’s dog into the article.

Do Dogs Need to Be Trained? 

As you know, you can’t train all types of dogs according to your expectations. So, do dogs need to be trained in anyway? If you are living in a home where you feel insecure, you can take a dog as a pet and train it to protect you from uncertain occurrences.

For your information, certain types of dogs are useful in protecting their master.

Again, in civil defense forces, dogs are used to taking risks as they have special abilities to take in the smell. So, these kinds of dogs need to be trained perfectly so that you get better output from these types of dogs.

Some people are very optimistic and want their dogs to participate in sports where special training is needed. These types of sports for dogs require IPO training. Do you want to know more about IPO dog training? Well, we are here to let you know about the IPO dog training and What is IPO dog sport. So, let’s go.

What Does IPO Mean in Dog Training?

Before starting, you should know that IGP is the new form of previously known IPO. So, you should not be confused with these two terms when you see them.

The IPO dog training term came from the German word Schutzhund. This term means compatibility in taking part in dog sports where the experts mark the dog activities based on performance.

Here, the important factor is training your dog with all your effort and getting the best performance from your dog. IPO stands for –

● Tracking

● Obedience

● Protection Skill

There are many training drills to make your dog compatible with these phenomenon skills. Well, before starting training, you should know about the skills first, which will clarify the term IPO dog training.

what is IPO Dog Training


Tracking means your dog needs to have the quality to follow a struck path where many obtained will present. Here, the more you train your dog, the more it will perform in the minimum possible time.

The ranking system of an IPO depends on the accuracy of taking and consuming time. So, you

need to train your dog perfectly.


The obedience generates into a dog by training and the dogs’ memory rebuilding. The trainer develops this skill slowly to make them more obedient to present the skill marvelously.

Like, you are telling your dog to sit, and it will sit. In a nutshell, the dog will obey every command you give to it. Though all dogs are obedient to their master, certain types of dogs can perform this skill more surprisingly.


In this test, a dog will face a situation where it should attack the dummy in the shortest possible time. By doing heavy training, this skill can be developed. The accuracy of the attack can measure how skillful your dog is.

The dog is a loyal animal, and it has the inherent skill to protect its master from any uncertainties. But the best IPO training can make a dog more ferocious.

How Much It Will Take to Make your Dog IPO Trained?

It depends on the dog and the trainer how much time to train a dog perfectly. Generally, a dog has limited memory to memorize some special skills. But there are certain types of dogs like German Shepard who can memorize and act intently.

If you are a good trainer or have just a trainer for your dog to be trained, it will take a short time to train your dog.

The training session will be 1 hour per session, and in the middle of the training, the dog needs to rest.

What is the difference between IPO and Schutzhund?

There is no difference between IPO and Schutzhund. IPO is the international form where Western dogs are being trained, and Schutzhund is the German form.

Not all breeds can be trained perfectly, and so before training, you need to choose the suitable breeds to train.


1. How Much Does IPO Training cost?

– The IPO trainer trains the dog session-wise. Each session consists of two rounds in one hour. The trainers take approx. $65 per session.

2. What is IPO German shepherd?

-IPO German shepherd means to train your dog to achieve certain skills to compete with other trained dogs. Like- obedience, tracking, protecting. You need to develop these skills into your dog so that it can perform the skill perfectly.

3. What is PSA dog training?

-PSA stands for Protecting Sports Association. This is an organization that has introduced us to competitive sports among dogs. This organization has some rulebooks where they have described the sports for dogs. Your dog bed to be obedient for performing all the skills and this is the priority.

Final Note 

Hopefully, you have understood what is IPO dog training and are ready to train your dog from today. Before starting training, you need to make sure you have chosen the perfect breed to train.

Again, you need to hire the best trainer for your dog, and you can also start training if you know how to develop skills in dogs. Wishing you luck in dog training.

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