My Dog Has Been Vomiting and Diarrhea after Grooming!!

As a dog owner, you may see dog bloody diarrhea after grooming or vomiting. So, what will you do if you see dog vomiting and diarrhea after grooming? Well, first of all, you should not be scared at all, rather you can follow some solutions that I have written in the next part.

Dog vomiting and diarrhea are common in dogs after grooming. If you don’t take the initial steps, you may lose your dog forever. So, extra care is so important in grooming time, and you need to make sure you know all the things related to dog grooming.

Moreover, you can know more about dog sickness, vomiting, and diarrhea after grooming, which will help you nourish your dog perfectly. Some FAQs will also be provided for you. So, let’s start. You can take dog grooming books to solve those problems.

Why Dog Sick After Grooming?

Why Dog Sick After Grooming

Grooming time is a wonderful time when dog owners can spend quality one-on-one time with their furry friends. While most dogs love the attention they get while getting groomed, it has been noted that some seem to be sick afterward. What is happening? Why does this happen?

The cause of the problem lies in what is being exposed to the dog while it is getting groomed; there are lots of chemicals in pet shampoos and conditioners that can cause allergic reactions to dogs. Lots of dogs have sensitivities to some allergenic substances. The most common allergens for dogs include:

● Corn gluten

● Corn oil extract/starch

● Wheat germ oil

● Beef fat/tallow by-products

● Soybean protein extract

● Peanut oil sprays or extracts.

Avoid poblem take notes from Grooming Tables

Dog Lethargic after Grooming: Symptoms

If you are a dog owner, you know that sometimes even the nicest, friendliest dog becomes grumpy after grooming. However, if your normally happy dog suddenly seems lethargic and refuses to stand up or sit down for very long after being groomed, it is time to be concerned. Several signs of trouble can indicate an illness or injury that your dog could be experiencing.

The Symptoms of Dog Lethargic After Grooming Are-

  1. Pain or discomfort in certain areas of the body
  2. Eye infections
  3. Ear infections
  4. Skin irritation
  5. Loss of balance or coordination 

Dog Vomiting and Diarrhea after Grooming: Symptoms and Cure 

Dog vomiting after grooming or dog diarrhea after grooming is usually seen in dogs, and you should know about the symptoms and cures for these problems. In this part, I will discuss it. So, let’s have a look-

Dog Vomiting After Grooming Symptoms

Dog Lethargic after Grooming Symptoms

Among dog owners, it is a common concern that their dogs vomit after grooming. You should know about the reasons and Symptoms behind the vomiting. Dogs tend to get nausea and throw up during various scenarios like when they are ill, stressed out by the environment or surroundings, nervousness in traveling when they have too much exercise, etc.,

The symptoms of vomiting include-

There are many symptoms of dog vomiting, but we can generalize them into two types- Immediate or short-term and long-term. Here come the signs of immediate vomiting like – What you will see immediately (within an hour or less): Gagging, coughing, retching.   

Cure/Prevention Vomiting After Dog Grooming

If you see any of these signs, you should take your dog to the nearest vet immediately.

Dog Diarrhea After Grooming Symptoms

iarrhea After Grooming Symptoms

Diarrhea in dogs, also commonly called ‘doggie diarrhea is a common problem that many dog owners have to face. A few days ago, I had my dog groomed at the local grooming shop, and when we got home, I noticed my dog had diarrhea. 

The symptoms are- 

  1. The dog is straining to defecate. 
  2. The stools are loose and resemble oatmeal inconsistency.
  3. There may be streaks of blood or mucus in the stool. 
  4. The dog frequently licks its buttocks; there may also be a strong odor that comes from the anus. 
  5. The dog may also be vomiting.
  6. Your dog may have a loss of appetite, look depressed and tired. 
  7. He/she may become dehydrated due to continuous diarrhea (which is very dangerous).
  8. The stool color becomes pale or yellowish. 

Why Does my Dog have Diarrhea after Going to Groomer?

There are several possible reasons for your pet’s diarrhea after grooming: eating grass; intestinal parasites (hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms); and foreign object ingestion.

Cure/Prevention Diarrhea After Dog Grooming

If you have a dog that is susceptible to diarrhea after being groomed or bathed, here are some suggestions to help prevent the problem. If your dog has an upset stomach due to grooming, it should not eat food 8-12 hours before bathing. This will reduce the chances of the stomach contents coming into contact with the skin and irritating it. After clipping or bathing, dogs should not be bathed again for 24 hours to allow sufficient time for their natural protection against bacteria to replenish themselves.

The most important thing is to keep your dog’s coat clean and dry. Frequent trips outside will help reduce any chance of skin irritation. A dog should not be bathed more than once every 4-5 weeks unless very dirty.


1. Can A Dog Get Diarrhea After Grooming?

– Yes, it can. 

But it’s not a normal condition, and there are always some reasons behind it. Sometimes the reason is because of wrong food or routine after grooming, sometimes wrong grooming methods or lack of cleanliness in the shop where they groom your dog. 

2. Can A Dog Get Sick After Grooming?

– Yes, they can, and there are many reasons for it. 

3. How Long does it take for Dog Diarrhea to go away?

– The dog sustains his poop.

4. When Should I Worry about Dog Diarrhea?

– Diarrhea in dogs isn’t something to take lightly. Even if it’s just mild, diarrhea should always be evaluated by your veterinarian. Mild cases of loose stool can become severe quickly and cause dangerous dehydration in a short period of time. 

5. Why is my Dog so Sleepy After Grooming?

– It is quite normal for your dog to be sleepy for up to an hour or so after grooming, especially if it has been left in a kennel. It is not because the groomer ‘knocked them out with chemicals – although some surgeries do use anesthetic gas on certain breeds, this period of sleepiness is simply because your dog has been stressed, has expended energy calming down after being handled by strangers, and also it may have just woken up from the general anesthetic.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have known everything about dog vomiting and diarrhea after grooming, and now you are concerned about these things. Never do incorrect medication to your dog at any period of its sickness.