Top Dog Grooming Forum List for Beginners and Professional

Dog grooming refers to cleaning and styling activities, including cutting, trimming nails and fur, shampooing, cleaning ears practiced on dogs. It ensures the longevity of dogs by removing harmful debris and dead hair from their skin. 

Owners who take their dogs for regular grooming won’t have to worry about their furry friend’s physical and mental wellbeing. 

It is not easy to find a good grooming school and grooming tips and advice for dogs. Therefore, people take help from online dog grooming forums for their inquiries. Here we bring the top 7 dog grooming forum lists with their details. 

Dog grooming forums

1. Pet Groomer Forums

Pet Groomer Forums is a large community for newbie and professional dog groomers. Unlike other communities, this one has less room for dog owners and enthusiasts. Let’s have a brief look at the topics that this community covers.

  • TALK Forums and Board Contests – You will discuss grooming contents, types, tools, software, etc. 
  • Events – This section covers grooming competitions.
  • Techniques – You will learn AKC and Non-AKC Breed Standard Grooming rules and regulations, creative grooming styles, and techniques here. 
  • Specialty forums- Contain groomer and pet health concerns, an association for groomers, and a pet memorial.
  • Business Side of Grooming – Designed for newbie groomers, this section provides discussion and necessary details for the grooming business. 

2. Puppy Forum and Dog Forums 

Join the Puppy Forum and Dog Forums community to discuss and get necessary advice and tips on dogs and share the interests of your pet dog. 

When you enter the forum site, you will see the common dog-related matters accumulated under a big section titled General Dog Forums. Here you will find individual forums on training, grooming, food, pictures, health, sports, rescues. 

This community is also quite helpful for first-time dog owners. The Classifieds section is for buying, selling, and reviewing dog products. Finally, from the blog section, you will find and learn more about your dog’s wellbeing. 

3. Dog Forum

Although the name of this community is similar to the previous one, the Dog Forum is different in design and details. This community is for owners of all breeds of dogs as well as other pets and animals. 

As usual, the first forum is for welcoming new members, announcements, rules, and contests. Other forums have sections for health, food, training, behavior, supplies of dogs, and more. 

There are a specific forum for discussing dog shows and events, working dogs, and performance sports. Other forums are for sharing interests and discussing cats, horses, tropical fish-related issues. Almost every forum has one or more sub-forums. 

4. Spoiled Maltese Forums

As you can guess from the name, Spoiled Maltese Forums is the community for enthusiastic Maltese lovers and owners. Chat, discuss, learn, share every tidbit of Maltese dogs here. 

Before you start using this forum, you have to follow a rule. In the ‘Introduce Yourself section of the General forum, you must write your first two posts. After that, the moderators will give you full permission to the site. 

Once in, you will find specified sections regarding Maltese health, grooming, food, breeding, training, behavior, events, shows, rescues, clubs, etc. In addition, you can discuss and learn about the characteristics and AKC Standard details of this breed.  

5. ChazHound Dog Forum 

The ChazHound Dog Forum is a place for talking about dogs and dog-related issues. Here discussion topics are into three categories.

The first category, ‘Dog Forum News’, lets new members introduce themselves and their dogs and discuss meeting up with other members. Additionally, there’s a board for posting the latest community posts, news, and members’ inquiries. You will find three types of forums. 

  • Dog Forum News – It is the first forum. You can introduce yourself and your dog and discuss meeting up with other members. Additionally, you will find a board containing the latest community posts, news, and members’ inquiries. 
  • Dog Discussions and Dog Talk Forums – You can learn about dog health issues, grooming tips and advice, rescue stories, and share memories in this second forum. 
  • Dog and Pet Fun – The last forum lets you share lovely photos, funny stories, jokes, and paintings of your pet. And learn about dog sports, agility, training tips, contests, and games as well. 
Dog Grooming Forum

6. PetForums Community

Being the most popular pet community in the UK, PetForums allows people of all places, backgrounds, classes to discuss their favorite animals and pets. This community has forums for dogs as well as other animals. 

The Dog Forums consist of various dog caring topics, including health and nutrition, breeding, and training, and behavior. Also, you can chat about and share photos and videos of your dog in specific sections.   

Other sections let people discuss, advise, and learn multiple dog services, shows, and events, rescue and adoption stories. The ‘Dog Classifieds’ is a place for advertising and selling dog items only, not the dogs.   

7. Horse and Hound Forum

Horse and Hound is a UK website largely based on horses, and the forum is also the same. Though the term ‘Hound’ is added to the title, there is little room for discussing dog matters.

You will find a ‘Forum’ option at the top of the website with a dropdown menu. Just click on the ‘Forum’ only, and it will navigate you to the forum page. There, at the end of the ‘HHO Forum’ section, you will find “All About Dogs” and “Pet Box”. 

In the “All about Dogs” section, people share and exchange food and adoption advice and training tips for dogs. And the “Pet Box” section is an open chat room for chatting about varieties of animals, including dogs. Don’t forget to register and log in before you start talking.   


  1. Who is the best dog groomer in the UK? 

If you want to know the best dog groomer in the UK, there are plenty who have been dog grooming business for a long time. Approximately 10 to 15 dog groomers you will find online. They offer services including various types of cleaning, trimming, bathing, drying, brushing, and stripping at a reasonable price. Some even do flea treatment and spray perfume on dogs.   

  1. How do I find an expert dog groomer? 

Forums will help you in this matter best. Just register and log in to a dog community online, submit your question, and get help from others. Sometimes forums keep a specific and individual category of groomers, so check if there is any.

After you receive one or two recommendations, call the groomers and ask for necessary information. If they have their websites, visit those for better knowledge and trustworthiness. 

  1. Is dog grooming physical demanding? 

Absolutely yes, Dog grooming takes a heavy toll on health compared to dog hair styling. Dog hairstylists only do jobs on dog hair. But groomers do everything, including hairstyling, which is exhausting, and the pay is not good. 

Lifting heavy dogs for bathing and doing scissoring and brushing cause problems in the back and hands.  

Final words: 

Learning and sharing knowledge on something with people having common interests as you are undeniably a great thing. That is why we put our effort into making this top dog grooming forum list. We hope you find this write-up helpful and join the right grooming forum among these. Got any good forums except these? Let us know then!