My Time at Portia Dog Food (The Complete Guide)

If you like My Time at Portia (MTP), you’re not alone.

This cult-favorite farming simulation game from Chinese Indie game developer, Pathea Games, has sold over 1.7 million copies globally. As you know, the game is centered on building up the fictional city-state of Portia.

Along the line, you get to benefit from the things you create, and most who have played this game will agree that it’s a very highly rewarding experience. Today, however, our topic for discussion will mostly revolve around My Time at Portia dog food, but if you want to get a complete guide you can visit here.

What is it with My Time at Portia?

Well, Portia emphasizes relationship building, going on missions, development, and many more.

It’s an open post-apocalyptic world that lots of people would enjoy. In this guide, however, we’ll answer a variety of questions such as;

  • Whether you can have pets in My Time at Portia
  • Where the dog is in My Time at Portia,
  • How to make dog food in My Time at Portia, and
  • Getting a blender in My Time at Portia (MTP), etc

It’s about time. Let’s get started!

How do I make dog food in my time at Portia?

In My Time at Portia, you’ll need to find Polly’s dog, Scraps, to complete the ‘A new friend’ quest.

Before you set out to find the lost dog, you’ll need to make dog food. Chances are you’re here to learn how you can make dog food in MTP so you can further your story in the game.

Here’s what you need to do;

  • You’ll need to get the blender. We discuss this extensively in the later parts of this guide.
  • Furthermore, you’ll need the ingredients you’ll need to make the dog’s food before you set out to find it.

To make dog food in My Time at Portia, you’ll need four pieces of meat, one salt, and two flours.

You can kill the colorful llamas around your house for meat. To get salt, you’ll need to buy from Sophie’s Farm Store at the ranch. You can make flour if you have wheat, or you can decide to buy your flour from Sophie as well. Once you have all these and the blender sorted, you can then prepare the food you’ll need to feed Scraps the dog when you finally find him.

My Time at Portia dog food

Where is the dog in my time at Portia?

The ‘A new friend’ quest in My Time at Portia involves finding ‘Scraps’ the puppy and bringing him home. If, like many other players, you’re finding it challenging to find the dog in My Time at Portia, here’s an expo you’ll find very valuable;

You’ll find ‘Scraps’ the dog near the fishing spot in the collapsed ruins.

The southwest shore of the sunken lake at the collapsed wasteland is where you’ll find the cute and adorable Scraps. Many players fall in love with him and just want him to come live with them. You might fall in love with Scraps too when you find him!

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How do I get blender in my time at Portia?

You’ll need to get the blender diagram from the research center.

To get it, you’ll need to give Petra five discs and wait two in-game days. Keep repeating this until you find the blender. The component you’ll need to build the blender includes;

  • Three copper bars made from 9 copper ores
  • Two simple circuits, and
  • Two grinding blades.

You’ll need to gain access to abandoned ruin #2, so you can get the simple circuits. Mine and search for relics to find the simple circuits.

For the copper ore, you’ll find them in an abandoned ruin or the quarry next to your house. And then, to make the grinding blades, you’ll need a level 2 worktable.

How can you upgrade to a level 2 worktable?

You’ll need to upgrade your worktable at A&G Construction. For this, you’ll need 2,000 gols, 20 wooden boards (you’ll need a civil cutter), and five old parts (you’ll get these from abandoned ruins). Once you have a level 2 worktable, here are the components you’ll need to make the grinding blades;

  • Four carbon steel bars, made from 20 iron ore and four charcoals. You can’t do this anywhere less than a civil furnace.
  • Eight teeth. You’ll get these from hunting, and
  • Two resin. You can get these in two ways; either you chop medium or large trees with at least a bronze axe or gather resin from the ground on Amber Island.

Can you have pets in my time at Portia?

If you’re wondering whether you can have pets in the My Time at Portia, the answer is yes!

There are four pets in all that you can own as you further your story and help build Portia. These four pets include;

  • Scraps, the dog.
  • Pinky, the cat.
  • QQ, the pig and
  • Yoyo, the pangolin.

They get along almost like the human NPCs in the game, although they also have few social interactions. Yoyo is a reward for players that support the Kickstarter. All of these four pets are available in My Time at Portia and you can socialize with them to build stronger bonds gradually with each passing day.

The good thing is you can have more than one pet. Many players fall in love with Scraps easily. Some others also like Pinky the cat. If you have a thing for both, you can work towards keeping both of them and the others as your pets.

Getting ahead in My Time at Portia

The My Time at Portia game is a fascinating one with lots of cool and relaxing stories, from finding the stray dog Scraps to developing a friendship with him. As exciting as the game is, you might get frustrated when you appear stuck at a particular point in the game. If you find yourself stuck at the ‘a new friend’ or dog food quest in My Time at Portia, this guide should