Lucidium Dog Pen Reviews Guide to Choosing Pens for Dogs

Our Lucidium dog pen reviews will help you make the best choice in choosing any of the best pens fitting for your pets and your homes. Check out our top recommendations for the best dog pens you can find currently in the market.

Most people don’t like the idea of keeping their dogs in cages – I’m most people!

Aside from the fact that these are mostly unsightly, I’m also not totally comfortable with the idea. But let’s even keep my feelings aside. Many pets are fond of kicking or even biting against cages or whatever it’s used to contain them. This can be a problem when your cage is made from metal or wire gauze.

Again, imagine you just brought your puppy home from the vet post-surgery, you’re likely to feel okay putting him away in one of these conventional cages. And even a dog gate for stairs won’t cut it if you want to restrict their movement to certain areas. This is where the lucidium dog pens come in. These pens are the real deal!

Lucidium Dog Pen Review

Review of The Top Five (5) Best Lucidium Dog Pens

Lucidium pens are super pleasing to the eyes. They are made from non-harmful clear acrylic to give your pets an incredible view of their surroundings all day. These cages are a kinder alternative to conventional cages as they are designed to be as humanely possible as dog pens can be. Aside from being very great additions that won’t be unsightly within your living spaces, they are the perfect small space for the little rascals that always get into everything, especially while you’re away.

And now that these pens are the rave of the moment with many of these types of dog pens flooding the markets, our Lucidium dog pens reviews will help you separate the real deal from the market noise to help you choose one that’s fitting enough for your dog.

1.Tespo Pet Playpen – 12 Panels, 28 x 20 inches

The Tespo Pet Playpen has everything we loved in the original Lucidium dog pen minus the hefty price tag. You’ll wonder how good this pen can be with such an incredibly low price tag when many others retail for as much as ten (10) times what the Tespo Pet Playpen costs. But truly, this pen is a ‘wonder’ considering the value it can bring to you and your dog.

The Tespo pen comprises 12 panels made from translucent materials. These panels can be assembled into different shapes to form your dog’s own space. The most space this can get your dog is 20 square feet, which should be more than enough for most small dogs. And recently, the manufacturers decided to throw in cable ties and anti-slip pieces to make assembling and using the Tespo Playpen much fun and easier than ever.

Key Features & Highlights

  • Comprises twelve (12) highly durable 28 x 20-inch panels made from white translucent materials.
  • Easy DIY assembly design can be structured into different sizes and shapes, expandable to a maximum of 20 square feet of fun and better interaction for your dogs.
  • Cable ties are included to make assembling the pen easy and suitable for diverse environments.
  • Anti-slip pieces are included ensuring the pen is sturdy and stable enough to prevent shifting when housing your dog.
1. Simple and functional with an incredibly low price tag.
2. Durable plastic panels can withstand dogs kicking or jumping against them.
3. Easy setup that doesn’t require much knowledge or technical prowess.
4. Easy to move around and set up in different places.
5. Can house multiple puppies at a time.
6. Very easy to clean so your dogs don’t fall sick.
7. Super transparent allowing you to interact with your dog or see them capering around in their pen.
1. Only suitable for small dogs. You’ll need to double the height
to use with larger dogs.
2. You’ll always need zip ties to keep the connectors in place
to prevent the panels from falling out.
This does not look like a big deal but could be something if you’re often reconfiguring the pen’s shape and size.

2.IRIS USA Exercise Pet Playpen and Panels for Dog

How best can we describe this playpen from IRIS USA? Well, we’ll try our best.

The IRIS USA Exercise Pet Playpen and Panels for Dogs is three (3) things in one (1). You can configure it to serve different roles either as a dog play gate, a small dog fence, or as a playpen for your dogs? Wondering how all of these are possible? Read on to find your answer!

The IRIS USA Playpen is made from heavy-duty molded plastic and comes in three (3) types. There are two (2) 24-inch high panel types. The first package comes with four (4) panels while the other one comes with six (6) panels. The third type comes with 8 34-inch high panels. You can choose from any of these three (3) depending on how much space you need and they’re all available in black and white. IRIS also offers 2 add-on panels if you’re looking for even more space as well as a special type of gate made with two panels if you’re really about pens.

Key Features & Highlights

  • Two (2) colors available, black or white, and three (3) sizes of 24-inch 4 panels, 24-inch 6 panels, and 34-inch 8 panels.
  • Heavy-duty molded plastic construction guaranteed to withstand kicking and jumping against the panels by stubborn dogs.
  • Measures  35.13 L x 35.13 W x 23.75 H inches and provides 8sqft of play space for your dog.
  • Easy and less demanding assembly with extra add-on panels that makes the playpen easily expandable for as much as possible space.
  • Proudly made in the US of A!
1. Super sturdy and durable.
2. High versatility for dogs and other pets of different
sizes and numbers.
3. Easy to set up and assemble.
4. Easily expandable to provide more space.
5. Super affordable.
6. Easy to clean.
You’ll need zip ties to keep the pen in place better.

3.Pet Trex Foldable Metal Pet Exercise Playpen

At the beginning of our Lucidium dog pen reviews, we mentioned how constructing pens from metal can pose a risk to stubborn dogs. But if you have one of those calm little cuties that aren’t kicking or jumping against their dog gates or enclosure all day, perhaps you’ll want to cast an interesting glance at this simple dog pen from Pet Trex.

It’s made from high-quality metal and spots a Satin Black Electro-Coat Finish. This means you’re getting years of use and excellent durability, for less than $40. Imagine! This dog pen comes in two types. The standard one comes with 24” x 24” panels while the other type comes with 30” x 24” panels. The metal bars are well-spaced so you can always see your dogs playing around or getting into trouble.

Key Features & Highlights

  • Two (2) types are available – 24 x 24-inch and 24 x 30-inch, both with 8 panels. Easily house dogs weighing up to 25 lbs.
  • Durable metal construction guaranteed to last years and still standing.
  • Ships with stabilizers and ground anchors to prevent slipping or shifting.
  • Easy to set up or move around, thanks to the fold and carry design.
  • Diverse setup styles could be rectangular or octagonally arranged or set up as a square.
1. Sturdy and durable.
2. High versatility for dogs and other pets of different sizes and numbers.
3. Easy to set up and assemble and can also be cleaned without much stress.
4. Can be disassembled and stored away easily.
Not suitable for large dogs as they can either jump on it or push it around,
especially on the hardwood floor.

4.Yangbaga Extra Large Puppy Pad for Dogs

The Yangbaga is a bang, and it’s unlike anything we’ve reviewed in this Lucidum Dog Pen Reviews, up until now. You see, it’s neither made from plastic or metal. Rather it uses polyester! Yes, a polyester material that’s machine washable up to 300 times. It’s a 72.5”x72.5” extra-large design and you can even cut it into whatever size suits you and your furry friend.

But it’s not a pen -as in it does not come with a structure you can assemble.

This is instead a multi-use pee pad that complements the pen and absorbs urine and liquid within a minute to three (3) at most. So, while you won’t have to spend money on disposable pads every week, it’s also non-slip so you never have to worry about accidental slips. Isn’t this too much value for something that costs much less than a single person would spend on groceries in a week?

Key Features & Highlights

  • 72.5”x 72.5” size, suitable for multiple dogs, cats, and other pets. Could be cut to smaller sizes to suit your preference.
  • Lightweight polyester and velvet material – Easy and fast liquid absorbance.
  • The multi-use dog pee pad is machine-washable for up to 300 times – Easy cleaning every time!
  • Lightweight and easy to store away.
1. Lightweight but functional
2. Cleaning is a breeze
3. The reusable pee pad helps ensure you’ll
continue to get value from your purchase.
Does not include a pen, just the pee pad.

5.AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Pet Exercise and Playpen

How would you like your dog’s playpen from no other place than the Amazon Basics brand? You probably already know about Amazon Basics. It’s the store’s own private labeling for its brand of inexpensive products designed to give decent value to customers for less. This dog playpen is one of the few metal-based pens in this Lucidium dog pen reviews. And while it carries a decent price tag, it does offer decent value as well for your dog.

These pens come with eight (8) panels and you can choose one with a door or without a door – your choice! There are also four (4) size groups – 24-inch, 30, 36, 42, and 48-inch types. The dog pens are only available in a rust-proof black finish and come with ground anchors to help stabilize them when using the pen outdoors.

Key Features & Highlights

  • Diverse sizes to suit your preference from 24 to 30, 36, 42, and  48-inch, all offering up to a 16sqft enclosure.
  • Durable iron construction with a rust-proof finish to last you and your dog years of use.
  • Slide bolt latches help secure the entry locked easily while ground anchors help keep the pen in place to prevent slips.
  • Can house dogs from small to large breed sizes, depending on the size you need.
1. Very affordable.
2. Sturdy and functional.
3. Set up and cleaning is a breeze.
4. Diverse sizes for different dog sizes.
5. Easy to fold and store away.
Door locks could be quite an issue to
open or lock at times.

2023 Dog Pen Buying Guide – Buying the Best

You’re not about to buy any random dog pen, are you?

There are too many things involved that you should consider before you decide to bite the bullet. You want to know where you and your dog stand as regards the different types, styles, shapes, and materials that dog pens come in.

While our Lucidum dog pen reviews have been meticulously compiled to include only the very best among dog pens in the market, here are a few things you want to consider before committing your bucks to a particular pen.

Pen size matters

Depending on how much space you think the dog needs, there are different sizes you can choose from. This matters even more if you’re getting the pen for more than one dog.

Your dog’s personality

Is your dog a cool-headed jack or does he have the temperament of wind on a stormy day? This can mean the difference between getting a lightweight pen or a very sturdy one made from a heavy plastic or metal construction.

Assembly and portability

Do you need something you can easily store away? Are you worried about how demanding setting up the pen can be? These need to be ironed out.

Price and durability

Decent price, excellent value. That’s what everyone wants. You can easily get that in any of the pens that made our Lucidum dog pen reviews.

Comfort and hygiene

How easy it is to clean the pen also matters as much as how comfortable it is for your dog.

Location and Safety:

where you want to place them matters as you want it to be where you can mostly have an eye on whatever they’re up to. You also want to pay attention to safety considerations such as ensuring the pen is not a tripping hazard for your dog, among other things.

Pen type

You can choose a translucent plastic pen-like the Tespo Pet Playpen, one with metal bars like the Pet Trex Foldable, or a simple pad like the Yangbaga Extra Large Puppy Pad to go underneath your dog pen. The options are almost unlimited.

Why You Need a Modern Dog Playpen for Your Furry Friend

The relationship between humans and their pets has lasted through the ages but it keeps evolving every day. But while humans are adopting more pets and getting closer to their pets, there is also a need to understand that the pets themselves have their very own special needs.

  • They might be in your space all day but oftentimes, they also need their own space.
  • While you’re at work all day, you find that it might not make so much sense to leave your dog locked roaming around the house.
  • You might also want to restrict your dog to their space at times, especially for adventurous dogs that always get into everything.
  • Dog play beds are also used in dog training.

The reasons are endless. But if you get one of these, it might just change things in a lot of very good ways for both you and your furry friend(s). 

A Look at the ClearlyLoved Pets Lucidium Dog Pen

The Lucidium dog pen from ClearlyLoved Pets was sort of a godsend to many dogs and their parents. When the dog pen was released, it popularized the idea of using clear acrylic plastic material as an enclosure for dog pens.

The dog pen was not only great to look at, it seemed a much better way to house pets for many dog parents who don’t really buy the idea of putting dogs in cages.

These ClearlyLoved Pets Lucidium dog pens are still very much on sale for prices that could range from a little under half a thousand bucks to even more. It’s a premium product with a premium price, one that many pet parents are not worried about taking to make life easier for their pets. 

  • NB: The Tespo Pet Playpen is a lot like the Lucidium dog pen. It however costs less than a tenth of the price tag of some of the cheapest pens from ClearlyLoved Pets.

Should You Go With Clear Acrylic or Another Type of Enclosure?

You can choose from any of the different types of dog pens on the market.

There are those like the Lucidium Dog pen and the Tespo Pet Playpen made with clear acrylic and translucent materials that make the enclosure transparent. There are also those made from bars which could be metal or plastic as the case may be.

So, does the acrylic type make the most sense?

Well, if I have to choose between the acrylic-based type and the others, I’ll clearly go for the clear acrylic dog pen, all other things being equal. Here are my reasons;

  • I like my dogs having an interesting 360-degree view around them.
  • I’m happy when I always look at them whenever I want to see if the troublesome pets are not in any trouble.
  • When I’m out of the house, I’m rest assured the pups are having a good time.
  • Even when I’m home and the pups are in their enclosure, I still feel like they’re not really enclosed, so I feel closer to them.

It’s not like some other types of dog pens don’t offer one or more of the characteristics to an extent. But one other thing I like about all of these acrylic-type dog pens is that they’re aesthetically pleasing enough to complement most interiors, regardless of wherever they’re located.

Lucidium Dog Pen – FAQ

Got a question about Lucidium dog pens? Hopefully, this will answer some of the questions you have as they are the most commonly asked ones. If not, you might want to leave a comment in the comment section.

Is Clearly Loved pets worth it?

The Lucidium dog pen from Clearly Loved pets is a great pen by all standards. But if you’re looking at it purely from a value-based perspective, it’s not worth it considering there are other similar products for a tent of what the Lucidium pen costs.

How do you clean Lucidium?

You can clean the glass panels with water and mild soap. Also, you can use glass cleaners that are not ammonia-based. Finally, dilute vinegar with water (1 part vinegar, 4 parts water) also works to help keep the Lucidium dog pen clean.

How do you stabilize a dog pen?

Some dog pens come with ground anchors or a non-slip bottom part. If your dog pen does not come with this, there are accessories you can purchase online to help you stabilize the pen especially if you plan to place the pen mostly on the hardwood floor.

Do dog pens work?

Dog pens work. If the pen is good enough, your dog will even thank you!


If you want to dedicate a space in the house for the dog that’s become family, you should consider gifting them a pen as their own special space.

Dog pens are super good if you’re lucky enough to buy a great one.

Whether you’re a fan of the clear acrylic type of pens like me and a whole lot of other pet parents out there or you prefer the traditional bar-type design of cages, you’ll always have one that suits your needs and your dog’s need for space.

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