Goldendoodle Grooming Hair Styles

List Of Goldendoodle Grooming Hair Styles

Goldendoodles are very beautiful dogs having soft and cuddly looks. They are very friendly and are a mix between a poodle and a Golden retriever. In this post, you will get a list of Goldendoodle grooming styles so that you will have a clear idea about these hairstyles.

They are genius and intelligent with a lot of energy. You will be surprised to know that Goldendoodles come in the category of the list of America’s most popular dog breeds. However, the most considered factor of a Goldendoodle is its fluffy curly coat.

This fluffy fur comes in different colors and shades; normally, these dogs shed less than other dog breeds.

Goldendoodle Grooming Hair Style

Goldendoodle teddy bear cut

The most popular and cutest cut of Goldendoodle is the teddy bear cut. Your dog will come up with rounded features after this cut, such as round cheeks, paws, rounded ears, etc.

After this haircut, your dog will have a stunning fluffy appearance. Usually, this coat is 0.5 to 2 inches in length. However, it has some slightly longer sections around the legs or chest, which are 3 or 6 inches long. Keep in mind that Goldendoodle teddy bear cuts require much maintenance.

There should be a skilled groomer for this purpose as it has a lot of scissor work, which means that it is a pretty expensive haircut. Make sure you brush your pet daily and get this haircut from the groomer monthly to maintain his beautiful look.

Bichon Frise

With the help of a Bichon kennel cut, there is about half an inch of hair on the dog’s whole body. However, you must maintain some length on the head, ears, and face. You can quickly notice some very close similarities among the other dogs, with some minor differences.

The head is less round in the Bichon kennel haircut, whereas the teddy bear cut is shorter around the eyes. On the other side, you can easily notice the angle cuts around the legs.

Lamb cut

If you want the most stylish look for your dog, then lamb cut is the best. Remember that lamb cut is popular among poodles that look so stylish. The good thing about the lamb cut is that it is easy to maintain.

In this haircut, the hair on the legs is kept longer, whereas the other body hair is cut evenly all over. For this purpose, scissors are used to cut the hair. By doing this, the haircut expert can decide how long the hair should be on the face, tail, and other parts.

Just like the teddy bear, the hairs on the head are left whole and round.You will be surprised to know that a lamb haircut looks fantastic, and you will be happy if you find the right style. It is a modern and simple cut of the dogs and consists of a smooth and round style free of corners and sharp edges.

Puppy cut

The puppy cut is the most famous cut among Goldendoodles because it looks very beautiful and adorable. The puppy cut is similar to the Teddy Bear cut because of the same style and even length trim. Puppy cuts are very good for making your dog feel comfortable and stylish.

Remember that the puppy cut is similar to the teddy bear cut, as they both involve cutting around the whole body. However, the only difference is that the teddy bear cut is mostly done with curly-haired dogs such as Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, and poodles.

If you are creative, you will like the puppy cut for your dog as you can change the length of the hair on the face or the tail. If you want to trim yourself, it is very easy. However, you have to invest in some good clippers for the body. The clippers play a very important role in cutting hairs on delicate parts such as the face.

Goldendoodle Poodle cut

Normally, this type of cut is done on the poodles, which will look cute and beautiful after this haircut. A poodle haircut is perfect for dogs who have super thick curly hair. This haircut consists of short hair on the body and face and fluffy hair on the tail and legs.

Poodle cuts require much maintenance, and if you are looking for a low-maintenance haircut, it is not made for your dog. However, if you want to have a classy look for your Poodle, then this cut is perfect. Make sure you have a professional groomer to keep them looking beautiful and up-to-date.

Goldendoodle lion cut

The Goldendoodle lion cut is also high-maintenance, just like the Goldendoodle Poodle cut. So you have to be very creative to achieve this style for your dog. Make sure that you do proper brushing to maintain it.

The lion cut is also called continental clip hair. Your dog looks like a lion after the haircut. It includes shaved shoulders, legs, and tail. The chest, head, and stomach are fluffy and hairy.