Is Swimming Good for a Dog? Top 5 Benefits

Swimming is a good exercise for humans, and we all know it, but what about dogs? Is swimming good for a dog? Well, in short swimming is good for the dog and it has various benefits also. You should know about the importance of swimming for dogs also.

As a dog lover, you prefer to play with your dog outdoors during the summer season as the winter is not suitable for outdoor playing. If you play with your dog in a pool, the dog needs to learn swimming and it can help your dog stay cool.

In this content, you will know dog swimming benefits and some interesting dog swimming with pool boots facts. Again, some FAQs will also help you to know more about dog swimming. So let’s start.

Why Swimming is Good for Dogs: TOP 5 BENEFITS OF SWIMMING FOR DOGS

When you get to know the benefits, you will discover why swimming is good for your dogs. Though there are various kinds of benefits, I have picked the top 5 benefits of dog swimming, which will help you know more about its importance.

1. Exercise

Swimming would be a great exercise for dogs. As you know, most dog breeds can swim naturally, but they aren’t very fond of swimming. However, if your dog loves to swim, then it is ok but if not then you need to make it a habit for your dog. The exercise helps to increase blood circulation and your dog will grow up faster.

Again, for remaining fit other exercises for the dog are also necessary. Here, swimming is beneficial for your dog as full-body movement is done by this exercise. So make a habit of swimming for your dog.

2. Cooling

Medium temperature water can cool your body, which is also beneficial for a dog in summer. As you play with your dog in the summer, the dog’s body needs to be cooled. You should remember that after playing with your dog, the dog will start sweating and you should not throw him into the water in an instant. Give your dog some time to rest and then throw it into the water. The water will gradually cool down the body and it is necessary for summer.

3. Health Improvement

By swimming, your dog can improve the body muscles and health. As a human, the dog can also grow muscles through exercise like swimming. It is a great benefit to the dogs who need to grow some muscles. Swimming has many other health improvement issues also. They are –

  • Heart blood circulation and Lungs benefit
  • Helps to grow more metabolism
  • Inflammation decrease

Swimming also helps your dog to remain active and healthy.  

Dog Swimming

4. Weight Loss

If you have a heavy-weight dog, it should reduce body fat to look more fit. Again, the risk of having heart disease will also be reduced by weight loss. Swimming is a great medium for losing weight as full-body movement is possible in this exercise.

When your dog swims, the body movement will require energy and the energy will burn the calories, resulting in weight loss.

5. Refreshment

Do you know that a dog also feels monotonous and dull when it doesn’t get anything to do? This is true, and you need to take a step so that this situation won’t happen to your dog. The dog should be jolly and refreshed all the time. Swimming is the medium through which your dog can get refreshment.

It is the most important benefit of swimming where you can also get refreshment by swimming with your dog.  

Is it OK for My Dog to swim everyday?

Whenever you think about swimming for the dog everyday the main question arises that is swimming everyday good for your dog’s skin? Well, a freshwater source is very good for a dog’s skin and you should not worry about it. IF you get fresh water, then you can make your dog swim everyday.

You should make sure that after finishing the swim, your dog needs is dried perfectly. It would help if you used a clean cloth to dry your dog’s skin properly.  

How long should a dog swim for exercise?

The new dog can swim for 10-12 minutes as the activity is new to them and the stamina level reaches the pick. Every time your dog will go swimming, the stamina level will increase and that’s how it can swim for a maximum of 30 minutes, according to the average dog’s statistic.

Your dog should not over-exercise or swim as over-exercise is bad for health.

How bad is it for a dog to drink pool water?

When a dog is new to swimming, it may drink the pool’s water and so much drinking of pool water can harm your dog’s health. If you use chlorine at your pool water to make it clean and your dog drinks that water, it will cause the dog to face the gastrointestinal tract, leading to vomiting.

So, make sure no chemical is used in the swimming pool for dogs and don’t force your dog to swim for a long time.


1. How to teach a dog to swim?

– Dog is a good learner and most dogs can swim naturally. The dog breeds that can’t swim for them can go to the pool, hold them downwards, and teach them to swim.

2. Is swimming good for a dog with arthritis?

– For an arthritic dog, swimming can be the best option to burn calories and keep your dog fit and healthy. Swimming allows your dog full-body movement and it will burn lots of calories, which is equivalent to running.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have known whether is swimming good for dogs or not. One thing you should keep in mind is that over-exercise is very harmful to your dog and so your dog should swim so much that it burns all the calories and it will make your dog weak.

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