How to Sedate a Dog at Home for Grooming?

In grooming time, most dogs generally do wriggle, bark, whine and try to jump away because they get afraid. But it is essential to keep those calm that is why many dog owners often want to sedate their dogs.

It is sedating means one kind of medication to reduce fear, anxiety, agitation, tension, disturbance, and insecurity. Dogs that are more restless and more agile need to take tranquilizers to keep them calm.

But how to sedate a dog at home for grooming? In this guide, we will discuss different safe sedatives and sedating a dog at home. Let’s start with us.

Step by Step Guideline on How to Sedate a Dog at home

There are two types of sedating methods for dogs: one is with a tranquilizer, and the other is a natural process. Here we will say about both sedating systems. Let’s start with a tranquilizer.

Take a Prescription from the Vet:

How to Sedate a Dog at Home for Grooming

Dog sedating with medication is a very effective process, so it is highly recommended to take a prescription from a vet. The best practice is to apply to your dog by a professional vet.

Do note the three main medications for dog sedation are Acepromazine, diazepam, and dexmedetomidine. These drugs can block the central nervous system for a specific period.

As a result, a dog stays calm. Besides, a gel named sileo can keep a dog sedate. Keep in mind not to provide over-the-counter dog sedatives for grooming.

Provide Acepromazine to the dog:

Usually, Acepromazine is used to keep calm an aggressive dog. If your dog is extensive Agile, then this drug would be best. Besides, this is good for eliminating dog itching and preventing vomiting in long-distance travel.

Provide Diazepam:

Diazepam is made to make for muscle relaxation and appetite increase. Moreover, diazepam is great for convulsant. It is popular for dog grooming when any dog gets angry and excited.


Can I sedate my dog with Benadryl? Yes, you can sedate with Benadryl. It is one kind of anti-histamine that works like a sedative. It comes with fewer side effects, and it is used for allergy-related problems. But recently, it is also used for dog sedating at home.


Trazodone is mainly used for dog sedating when grooming and thunderstorms, fireworks, and stressful events, and it has a side effect with an additional dose. Your dog may feel low blood pressure if they get extreme trazodone.

Natural Relaxation Process for a Dog without Medication

How to Sedate a Dog at Home for Grooming

How can I sedate my dog safely at home? since the medication is not the best solution for dog relaxation, it is good to follow the natural process. Natural sedating has no side effects, so your dog will stay safe.

Have a long walk:

Go for roaming or walk in the park dog before grooming because walking can naturally relax an animal. Besides, a long walk can make the dog tired and want to rest, which would help the groom.

Make a playtime:

Let a dog play before grooming is another easier and more effective way to sedate a dog. In this case, Frisbee is the best game that forces a dog to run and jump a lot. As a result, they get tired and need relaxation for hours.

Gentle touch:

Some dogs are very loving of their owner’s touch. If you gently touch your dog’s head and body, they will get relaxed before grooming. Even you can complete the whole grooming session with the gentle touch of your dog because they believe in you and stay calm. 

Apply Aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy is a natural relaxing process for a dog at home, and it can keep a dog calm, comfortable, and stress-free before grooming. So, they love the grooming session and avoid whining.

General Anesthesia:

Although anesthesia is not better for the dog in some cases of a restless or hyperactive dogs, general anesthesia is recommended. However, the owners should consult with a vet about this.

Are sedatives safe for dogs?

Are sedatives safe for dogs?

Yes, sedatives are safe for the dog even it becomes popular in the last few years. All kinds of sedatives work to relax the dog’s nerves and muscles. As a result, a dog can stay calm in its body and mind.

However, applying sedatives has some basic side effects. If you have no proper idea, then it is good not to provide medication for sedating.

The best practice is to take a vet prescription. The vet can ensure the proper dose of any sedative drugs. So, ensure your dog’s safety with care and love.


What do groomers use to sedate dogs?

Groomers usually use Gabapentin to sedate a dog for grooming. It is the most common sedative drug that has versatile benefits. As well as, it has fewer side effects on a dog. Gabapentin is used to reduce anxiety, fear, stress, and pain.

Can I give my dog a sedative before grooming?

Yes, you can give a sedative to your dog before grooming, and there has a natural and tranquilizer sedative for dog relaxation. In the case of natural sedatives, you can go for a long walk or make a long playtime with your dog. And in the case of tranquilizers, you have to take a vet prescribes medication for dog sedation.

What is a homemade sedative for dogs?

The homemade sedative is made from herbs and flowers. You can extract lavender and chamomile flowers and mix essential herbs with these to make a homemade sedative. Pheromones and calming are available as a popular homemade sedative for the dog.

How much Benadryl can I give my dog to sedate?

You can measure the Benadryl according to the dog’s weight. Each I gm Benadryl is perfect for 1 pound weight.

So, you can provide 5 mg Benadryl for a 5 pounds dog. And Benadryl is safe to provide three times a day. Most vets said that Benadryl is enough for two times a day and three times is also safe.

Final Word:

So, you have got the natural and tranquilizer process of sedating a dog at home for grooming. If possible, then go with the natural sedative process.

On the other hand, you can provide medication for super active and aggressive dogs. Also, note that hyperactive dogs may require general anesthesia. If you apply medication for sedatives, then make sure about the proper dose.

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