How To Pluck Dog Ear Hair Safely By Using Tools?

Have you seen dog ear hair? Is it necessary to pluck dog ear hair? Yes, it is essential to clean the ear hair of your dogs. It is natural to grow hair in the ear for some dog breeds. 

Like Bichon Frises, Poodles and Shih Tzus are some breeds, and thicker hair grows inside their ears. If you do not pluck the dog’s ear in time, it will cause infections. Thick hair in the ear can block the immune system flow level and create yeast and bacteria. 

So how to pluck dog ear hair safely? I will show how you can pluck dogs’ ear hair and discuss the best plucking tools. 

Does Plucking Dog Ear Hair Hurt?

Pluck Dog Ear Hair Safely

If you gently pluck the hair inside the ear, it will not hurt your dogs. Without any pain, you can pluck your ear hair. However, some people think that earplugs cause micro-inflammation. And this micro-inflammation makes dogs’ immune systems weaker. So it is needed to pluck the ear hair of the dogs.

Sometimes it hurts for the dogs because, while plucking most of the dog’s wiggle, they fight and try to stop the hair pulling the ear hair. Some dogs bite and scream while plucking.  

And at that time, plucking, dogs get hurt. So before plucking, I recommend you ask your veterinarian to pluck the ears. 

Or, if you want to pluck dogs’ ear hair by yourself, try to make your dog happy and comfortable in the plucking time. Otherwise, it causes bleeding and causes infection. As a dog groomer, you do not hurt your dog, right? When you see the ear growing in the ear, the canal of your dog goes to the veterinarian for plucking. Or plucking it by a professional groomer at your home. 

Some Steps of Plucking Dog Hair

There is more controversy about plucking the dog’s hair. Some veterinarians think that cleaning inside a dog’s ear is a part of grooming, while other professional groomers do not accept it. They think that plucking ear hair can harm the dogs. 

Those who accept plucking think it is excellent for grooming and keeping your dog free from infarction. Plucking inside ear hair can pave the way for bacteria and chronic ear problems. I discuss some steps that you need to know to pluck inside the ear hair of your dogs.

Step One- Ear powder

Ear powder makes the ear easier to grip while plucking. When you use ear powder, please do not use it much. And also, care about the dog’s eyes because if the ear powder gets it, it will irritate the respiratory passages of the dog and damage the eyes and lungs if inhaled. So while plucking with ear powder, let the dog sniff it and gently use it in their ear.

Step Two- Hemostats removal

Hemostat removal makes the work easy for the groomer while they pluck inside the ear hair of their dogs by finger. Hemostat makes it easy to grip to reach the hair as you pluck. Avoid the hemostat by applying the human tweezers because they have sharp edges that scratch your dog’s hair and injure your dog while shaking their heads.

Step Three-Apply

  • Make your dog happy while plucking inside the ear hair and give them a comfort zone. 
  • Take some ear powders and apply them to your finger so that it can grip a small amount of hair inside the ear hair. 
  • To get a good grip around the hair, open the ear canal and use a hemostat removal. 
  • To pluck the hair from inside your dog’s ear, use a gentle motion and quick pluck it.
  • Do not do over plucking. Just pluck to open the ear canal of the dogs.
  • After finishing the plucking, clean your dog’s ear to flush out the powder residue.
  • Apply a small amount of veterinarian ear cleaning to flush out any powder from your dog’s ear.
  • To wipe your dog’s ear dry, you can use a gauze or cotton ball. Gently use it inside your dogs’ ears so that they feel comfortable. 

Tool for Plucking Dog Ear Hair

Check your dog’s hair regularly to monitor their ear health. If you find any redness, discharge, or strong odor, you have to pluck inside the ear hair quickly to protect the ear from infections. Here I recommend ear plucking tools perfect for your dog grooming. 

G.S Veterinary tools

Ear Hair Remover

G.S veterinary is a pet grooming ear hair removal tool that comes with hygiene for ORAL CARE VETS by G.S company. You can set this tool to pluck inside the ear hair quicker and easier. It comes with high-quality stainless steel that is not possible to break and is corrosion-resistant. 

It has curved, serrated jaws and serrated teeth for easy grasping to hold objects. It also has three locking positions that adjust clamping force. Before use, it goes to your vet to learn how to pluck ear hair. These veterinary tools help to reach tight spaces and work well. Please do not use the human tweezers that I mentioned above.

Professional Pet Ear Powder

Ear Powder

Groomer’s ear powder maintains good ear hygiene. This product guarantees every dog groomer not to stain or discolor. Professional ear powder works excellent for gripping while you use your finger or tools to pluck inside the ear hair of dogs. 

It is a white snowy ear plucking powder that works well for instrument hair pulling. Ear powder is not a whimper and is easy to use. If you have a small dog, you do not need to use it too much, and no scent is available in this product. If you give your dogs painless pulling ear hair therapy, you can go for ear powder.

Final thought

Plucking inside ear hair can keep your dog fresh and remove infection problems. If you pluck your dog or not, for care ear health, you have to check the ear hair of the dog. Most vets suggest plucking inside ear hair. 

Above, I mentioned how to pluck dog ear hair? Using the instructions and tools, you can pluck ear hair easily. 

Take the advice of a professional groomer to pluck inside the ear hair of the dogs. Otherwise, plucking can hurt the dogs. To free your pets from chronic ear infections, pluck their ear hair quickly.