How To Make A Dog Sling Carrier? Informative Process

We get it! Dogs are adorable pets that many of us just like having around us.

This includes moments when you have to go on long walks, travel on trains and buses, or go hiking. We recently published a piece on Dog Carriers That Look Like Purses for dog parents like you who just can’t resist the charm of their cute little pet dogs.

Today’s piece, however, is on how to make a dog sling carrier.

If you’re the cost-conscious dog parent who doesn’t mind doing a bit of work, this guide will show you how to make a dog sling carrier that will be soft and cozy for your dog when you guys are out! Let’s get down to business, shall we?

How to make a dog sling carrier

1. Make A Dog Sling Carrier From A Purse

Perhaps you already have a purse lying around the house.

You can quickly turn that purse into a dog sling carrier that you can easily strap on your shoulders and carry your dog in. Your DIY expertise should be at an intermediate level to properly get this done, though.

Things you’ll need for this include;

  • A purse
  • Fabric
  • Belts
  • Needles and thread, and
  • A sewing machine

There’s actually no one rule to follow here.

You’ll need to take a critical look at the purse, put your dog inside to see if it fits right in, and assess where corrections and adjustments need to be made.

Are the straps too short? Replace these with longer belts!

Does the purse seem too close? Cut out openings on some sides to turn it into a semi-circle or a u-shaped bag. It’s that simple. And remember to sew it strong so it can bear the weight of your dog without issues.

2. How To Make A Dog Sling Carrier With A T-shirt

Still, intimidated by a lack of sewing skills? Let’s see how you can make a dog sling carrier from your old t-shirt. This method is simple and not all that tasking!

The first thing to do is to cut off the bottom part of the t-shirt.

You have to sew that bottom part strongly enough to hold your dog securely.

The essence of cutting some parts off is to create the ideal pocket for your dog to sit in. if you have large size dogs, consider using large-sized t-shirts.

When you’re sewing a sling, be careful to factor in your dog’s size and weight. And the straps must also be comfortable enough to carry on your shoulders. Otherwise, you won’t be comfortable carrying the dog sling carrier with your dog around for extended periods.

3. How Do You Make A Puppy Sling Out Of a Shirt?

A puppy papoose is also a type of sling carrier to help you carry your dog.

It’s very easy to make, and The Nest Pets has clear instructions on how you can make one for small dogs you want to take out on walks and travels. Here are the simple steps involved;

  • Measure and cut out the fabric you need. We recommend cutting 50 inches long and 30 inches wide.
  • Fold the fabric you cut into half, lengthwise.
  • Sew together the end of the piece with needles and thread, or better still, with a sewing machine.

This is all you need to do.

And now you have a puppy papoose with a long pocket where your dog can easily sit while you carry them. You can easily carry your puppy inside the long pocket and try to adjust it so they are comfortable enough. 

How to make a dog sling carrier

Putting Your Dog In A Sling Carrier

How do you put a dog in a sling? Again, this is easy!

While this is as easy as it gets, you may want to find out your puppy’s preference so you can ensure they are very comfortable when inside the sling carrier.

In the case of the puppy papoose we discussed, the sewn ends should be near your neck, and the long pocket should face upwards, providing the space for your pooch to sit.

Now some dogs prefer to sit up and look out from inside the sling carrier. Others like to be in the form of a cradle position where they are more comfortable. Just place your dog gently inside the sling carrier in either position to see what your dog likes more. 

How Do You Make A Dog Holder?

What about making a holder for your dog leash?

This, too, is very easy and straightforward. With scrap wood and hooks, you can easily make a dog leash holder where you can hang your best friend’s leash.

You can use any size of wood, depending on your presence.

If possible, you can paint the wood in a color of your choice. You should also drill holes into the wood to screw in hooks to hang the leash. Then add hanging hardware to the upper part of the wood to hang it against the wall. It’s that simple!

Can I Carry My Dog In A Baby Carrier?

Many dog parents would also like to know if they can carry their dogs in a baby carrier. This is safe, but it will depend on your dog’s breed and personality.

As a rule of thumb, you should only carry small breeds of dogs in carriers and slings. The same applies if you’re carrying your dog in a baby carrier.

Conclusion – You Really Don’t Have To Buy Dog Sling Carriers, If You Can Make One!

Dog sling carriers are a must-have if you fancy taking out your best friend on road trips. You don’t necessarily have to buy a new one. With just a little bit of creativity, you can create something beautiful and strong enough to house your dog.

We’ve discussed three different methods for dog parents interested in DIY dog slings for their pooch. These dog sling carriers are not challenging to make and guarantee optimum comfort for your dogs and convenience for you. Life is great outdoors. If you plan to take your puppy out with you occasionally, you’ll need a beautifully-made dog sling carrier.

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