How To Make a Dog Grooming Sling?

Dogs are usually getting nervous or aggressive when grooming. Despite being the world’s most loyal pet, the dog can be disobedient when grooming. A dog grooming sling can help incredibly to control a dog. However, many dog owners want to make dog grooming hammocks by themselves. But how to make a dog grooming sling in the easiest ways?

Finding out a hammock or sling pattern, using a tough fabric, and making larger holes are the main parts of making a dog grooming sling. Besides, size should be customized depending on the size of the small, medium, and larger dog.

In this guide, we will be discussed how to Make a Dog Grooming Sling. Also, you will know dog grooming sling pattern finding. So, stay with this to know the details.

How to Make a Dog Grooming Sling

You can make a dog grooming sling in multiple ways. But the key things are to choose a good pattern and use comfortable but strong fabrics. Here are a few simple steps to make your desired dog grooming hammock.

How to make Dog grooming sling

Step 1: Take Your Dog’s body Measurement

Measure the body shape and size. Remember to add a little extra when noting down the exact measurement. It is better to buy a little more clothes. Otherwise, clothes will no longer be available when the measurement gets smaller.

Step2: Buy Clips and Holders

Decide how many clips and holders are required to set up the sling. It isn’t easy to make clips and holders at home. Homemade clips can be lighter and breakable. As a result, your loving dog can get injured. So, assume the amounts of needed clips and holders.

Step 3: Buy all Necessary things.

Buy sling fabric and clips from the market. Remember to choose tough and comfortable fabrics. Similarly, the clips would be durable and strong.

Step 4: Make the Sling.

Cut the fabrics as you take measurements first. Then sew it according to the measurement of your dog. Fold all of the edges after completing the sewing. It will make your dog comfortable, and the sling will be long-lasting.

Step 5: Inspect the Sling

 Hang the sling with the clips and holder. Then check it by lifting a heavy weight like a dog. Make sure that the dog does not tear it when it is lifted.

Choosing Dog Grooming Sling Pattern

A dog grooming sling is as important as a dog grooming pants, aprons, and smocks. An ideal sling pattern is important for a dog owner and groomer. The features of an ideal sing would be durable to handle the dog’s weight. Similarly, it must be comfortable for the dog.

  • Dog sling size would be different for different dogs. Use highly tough synthetic material for larger dogs that don’t like grooming. So that even if it fights during grooming, the sling does not break it.
  • The inside of the hammock must have to be smooth and soft. Make sure that your dog is feeling comfortable inside the hammock.
  • The used clips and holders should be of good quality and durable to prevent unexpected falls or break down.
  • The design can be open on two sides or closed on the upper side with clips.
  • Ensure there are six holes total for the legs, head, and backside.
dog grooming sling

Dog Grooming Sling for Large Dogs

Larger dogs are heavier and prone to fight and jump when grooming. If you want to make a dog grooming hammock for large dogs, ensure that the equipment holding quality is durable enough. Generally, low-quality metal can’t lift the heavyweight. So, use a high-end steel and aluminum metal frame for hanging the dog sling.

Hence, the clips should be durable to hold the lift of the metal frame and dog sling. Besides, use synthetic material for sling because synthetic is durable and comfortable. Although making a dog sling with high-end material is expensive, it ensures your pet’s safety. On the contrary, a regular medium-sized sling with medium-quality fabric is good enough for small dogs.


How do I immobilize my dog for grooming? You can use natural sedatives to immobilize a dog. Many veterinarians suggest using sedatives to make a dog calm. A natural sedative is safe and efficient in calming a cat’s nervous system. But don’t use this if your dog is hysterical or overexcitable during grooming.

How do you Make a Dog Sling?

Making a dog sling is easier with some simple things. If your dog is larger, the sling-making cost will increase. Otherwise, you can make it within a small budget. Just buy some synthetic fabric, metal frames, and clips to make the sling. Cut the fabric based on dog body shape and sling pattern. Then sew and hem it. After then, hang the sling on the metal frame.

What can I give my Dog to Sedate him for Grooming?

Sedating refers to the process of making a dog calm and stress-free. Trazodone is a natural and effective sedative to relieve a dog from anxiety. But it is mandatory to use a sedative with the consultation of a good veterinarian. Never use an over-the-counter sedative for the dog because it would be risky.

How do I Restrain my Dog from Cutting his Nails?

There have many ways to restrain a dog from cutting its nail. But you can use a dog hammock for nail trimming. Besides, there have some sedatives you can use to calm your dog for nail cutting. Moreover, some equipment like muzzles, slip leads, nets, towels, and clothes help restrain a dog for nail cutting.

Final words:

Do we believe that you already know how to make a dog grooming sling? Making a grooming sling is an easier task with a few things. Remember to use synthetic soft, durable fabric and a heavy-duty metal frame with strong clips.

Remember that a good sling can support your dog and relieve you from strain on your shoulder and neck. If you feel any difficulties making a dog grooming sling, let us know to help you with more information.