How to Make a Dog Gate out of Cardboard: The Easiest DIY Solution

Have a little baby in the house who gets frightened by seeing the dog? Want to build a dog gate out of cardboard? But couldn’t understand how to start with? Don’t worry! Keep reading this article and get all the necessary information in one place!

We know dogs are one of the world’s loyal animals who loves their owner and cuddle the babies in the house. But sometimes they behave crazily, which can be dangerous for the babies! If you face a similar problem, a dog gate can help you in a big way! Because a dog gate contains the free movement of dogs, which will keep the baby secured. One may go for a DIY freestanding dog gate, a DIY dog gate for stairs, or a sliding dog gate. 

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss how one can make a dog gate out of cardboardBesides, you will get an idea of how to make a DIY freestanding dog gate, how to make a sliding dog gate, and more information! So, stay tuned with us!

Dog Gate for stairs

How to Make A Dog Gate Out of Cardboard?

Though a dog gate built of cardboard can be bought readymade, one can quickly make a DIY dog gate out of cardboard at home, and to do so, you only need some materials!

Needed Materials for A DIY Dog Gate Made Out of Cardboard:

  • Cardboards 
  • Scissor
  • Measurement tape and Duct tape
  • Color papers
  • Command hooks and Ribbon

Steps to Make A DIY Dog Gate:

Take Measurements:

First of all, one needs to measure the size of the place where he wants the dog gate to be placed.

Cut off the Cardboard:

Cut the cardboard according to the place’s length to set the dog gate properly. One can also use a shoebox instead of cardboard! You have to cut the box with scissors and tape them to match the length of the place. Duct tapes are very wholesome in this aspect!

Install Balancing:

Use the cordons of the cardboard to put them stand straight. One can rotate the direction of each cordon to stabilize them. All cordons should be cemented with duct tape for further sturdiness.

Put A Cover:

One can install a cover over the base of cardboard by using color paper. There are several designs and colors of paper available in the market. Choose one paper based on your choice. One can employ con-tact paper as well if he wishes!

Set the Fitting:

With a command hook, set the cardboard to the wall. One can use a ribbon to unhook and open the gate while pushing the cardboard when the pet enters inside.

How to Make A Pet Barrier? 

How to make Pet Barrier

There are several options to make a DIY baby or pet barrier. These pet barriers are wholesome to install in front of stairs and other places as well! I will explain the most efficient ones!

DIY Sliding Dog Gate 

All you need are wood pieces, glue, and two hinges! If the dog is large-sized, go for wood material otherwise, hard cardboard can be used instead of wood.

  • Cut the wood or cardboard into different panels based on the place size 
  • Attach the panels with glue and make a frame
  • Install the two hinges with the panel frame
  • Install drawer slides at the bottom and attach the frame to walls 

DIY PVC Dog Gate 

It is useful for small size dogs. To make a DIY PVC dog gate:

  • Measure the width of the stairs
  • Set a frame with 4 pieces of PVC pipe based on the place width
  • Cover the frame with fabric 
  • One can also use hard cardboard inside the fabric to make the pet barrier sturdier!

DIY Folding Baby Gate 

If one wants to keep the baby in a certain area or to restrict the movement of pets while haven’t enough space to install a door, a folding baby gate is the best option! Moreover, the DIY folding baby gate is easy to make!

  • Take the size of the place where you want to install the baby gate. Make several wood pallets and join them with wood glue
  • Make two mainframes with these pallets
  • Install two things between the two frames
  • Set it with the walls or stairs

DIY Freestanding Dog Gate 

If one doesn’t want to create holes in the wall or install a permanent gate in front of stairs, a DIY freestanding pet gate is a wholesome thing! If it is preferred to restrict the dog’s movement in different places, it is beneficial to look for an expandable freestanding dog gate. It is also easy to make them! One has to spread the hard cardboard panels where you want to restrict with a sturdy frame.

How to Keep the Dog from going Upstairs without A Gate?

Dog Gate out of cardboard

If you don’t want to establish a permanent dog gate or create holes in the wall, there are alternatives to keep the dog from going upstairs. 

  • Use of Fabric 

Another alternative to keep the dog from going upstairs without a gate is to use fabric as a gate. But in that case, the hard fabric should be used. Are you thinking of how to install it? Just create a square shape cover with that fabric and create four hooks at the four edges. Finally, hang the cover with the grills of the stairs using a rope!

  • Use of net and cardboard 

Though it will neither be good-looking nor sturdy, one can also use a net frame, lattice, and cardboard pallets instead of fabric.

  • Training 

When the installation of any pet or baby barrier is undesirable, the best way to restrict the movement of the bay or the pets is to train them where they are allowed to go and where not. However, it is difficult and time-consuming but works last!


How tall A Dog Gate Should be?

The growing child, as well as dogs, can cross the gate by climbing. So, it is beneficial to make a DIY pet gate at least three-quarters of the child’s or dog’s height. But the ideal size is a minimum of 22’’ high.

How does A Freestanding Pet Gate Work?

Freestanding pet gates are the most multi-dimensional option because one can impose blocks in the area where the dog or babies are unwanted to enter. Moreover, when extra space is needed, the freestanding pet gate can be taken off and stored.

What is the Difference Between A Baby Gate and A Dog Gate?

Both of them have the same purpose, which is to restrict the movement of either the baby or the dogs in certain areas to keep them safe. However, there are some distinctive differences between a baby gate and a dog gate when it comes to the heights of the gates, sturdy construction, slat spacing, and latches.

Final Verdict:

Accidental falls, especially from the stairs, can have a dangerous impact on little babies. Therefore, a baby gate or a dog gate can relieve the parents in this regard. It is also helpful to secure the baby from the dog’s odd attitudes by restricting their movements.

While readymade dog gates will make one spend more money, DIY dog gates can be made out of cardboard, and fabric! Moreover, the DIY dog gates made out of cardboard are easy to make with some easily available materials and are budget-friendly! But make sure that the DIY dog gates are sturdy enough against opposite force and are hygienic.