How to Get a Dog into a Swimming Pool Most Easiest Process

Thinking of teaching your dog how to swim? Great idea! But getting confused about how to start with? Don’t worry! Today I will present a comprehensive overview of how to get a dog into a swimming pool

Swimming is a lifesaver skill for human beings and pets like dogs. But some of us think that dog is a natural swimmer. The dog trainer of Petco, Lina Eklof said, “That’s not true. It’s pretty much a taught behavior.” While some dogs are naturally skillful, some need extra training, and support to do this. So, if you think your dog will learn to swim naturally, you are living in a fool’s paradise! Therefore, this article is for those who want to get acknowledged their dog’s ability and get them into the pool.

Therefore, in this article, I will give an overview of how to get a dog into a swimming pool with waterproof shoes in some easy steps. Let’s begin!

How Does One Get his Dog into the Pool?

One cannot get his dog into the pool overnight. It requires time and patience. But never forget to supervise the dog while it is in the pool. Here I am going to depict 5-easy steps to get the dog into the pool:

  1. Safely lead your dog into the pool: the first task is to introduce one’s pet to water. If the dog seems tensed about approaching in the water, the best approach is a gradual entry. One can start training in the shallow water at the end of one’s pool. For greater security, put a leash on the dog.
  2. Advance a “step-by-step” technique: Once the dog gets used to in and out of the water, gradually push him into deeper water. But make sure, he is at ease at each step before proceeding further.
  3. Paddling: While going further deeper into the water, it is necessary that the dog is using his front and back legs. Initially, the owner can put his arm under the stomach of the dog for greater support. Sometimes, dogs forget to use their back legs. At that time, just hold its back legs, then the dog will start kicking into the water.
  4. Teach your dog how to exit the pool: Since the pools are designed for the usage of human beings, never expect the dog to use them naturally. Teach the dog where the stairs are and how to use them. One can start this step by using a leash. Once the dog is done with this, it is time to observe if the dog can do these steps on his own.
  5. Expand the training: Throughout the whole period, give the dog lots of appreciation to encourage him. Let the dog practice swimming in different parts of the pool with safety and keep the dog under your eye. 
how to get a dog into a swimming pool

Why is My Dog Scared of the Pool? 

There are various reasons behind this. Some of the common reasons are mentioned below:

Bath time: Usually, dogs get in touch with water during their bath time. At that time, people usually use a small bathtub. But when the dog is expected to appear in a larger water stage such as a pool, it is normal that the dog will be afraid of it.

Unfamiliar situation: In the aforementioned circumstances, there works a new type of fear when getting into an unfamiliar situation. It is common for both human beings and pets.

Personality: like human beings, some dogs love to take on challenges while some get more anxious. Due to personality varieties, one may see different attitudes among the dogs.

How can One Get his Dog to like Water?

Dogs are like human beings to some extent. They also have different personalities and show different approaches to something new to them. While some dogs love to be in the water, others get nervous! So, regular practicing is an unavoidable thing in this regard. 

Regular practice: The dog needs to get used to the water. Once, the dog can overcome the water phobia, the dog will like water. One doesn’t have to force the dog to enter the pool at that time.

Encourage: Encouragement is essential for dogs to overcome their fear. The owner can give the treat to encourage the dog. If the owner keeps the treat under his nose and lures him to go swimming, the dog will naturally enter the pool and swim.

What Should One Do if his Dog Drinks Pool Water?

It is safe to contact the vet for suggestions or to take the dog to any nearby hospitals if the dog shows any sign of illness because water intoxication can cause severe damage to the dog.

How Do I Get My Dog into a Kiddie Pool?

First, set a kiddie pool without water and let the dog investigate it. Gradually, the dog will put its first step into the kiddie pool. Give the dog treat and encourage him to put his second step. It will eventually lead the dog to get into the pool water.

What Type of Pool is Best for Dogs?

There are mainly three types of pools: vinyl, gummite, and fiberglass. Among them, fiberglass pools are best for dogs. The reasons may include:

  • The even gelcoat surface of a fiberglass pool will build up the confidence of the dogs to swim
  • Fiberglass pools help the dogs avoid claw ruin
  • Overall low maintenance cost 

Final verdict:

Though swimming is an essential skill to have for every human being and pet, all do not have the same mentality to take a thing in the same way. Normally, the dogs will show different types of attitudes when it comes to swimming in the pool. 

Therefore, never force or yell at the dog for his nervousness about swimming in the pool. Only regular practice and the cooperative mind of the owner can naturally lead the dog to get into the swimming pool. Though it is a time-consuming process, it works last. Last but not least, never let the dog into the pool unsupervised and always maintain safety precautions.

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