How To Cut Extremely Matted Dog Hair

When your beloved dog has long hair, it creates a severe problem. Your dog does not get proper grooming for their long-haired. And matting hair creates dense tangles and knots. Matting condition is painful and worst, which can lead to health concerns.

Your dog will suffer infections or skin irritations. It may cause mask other health issues or parasites. Shaving is the safest way to remove severe matt. And another is to brush the dogs each day in an appropriate way.

So how to cut extremely matted dog hair? I will discuss it here to help your pet from matted hair.

cut extremely matted dog hair

How To Cut Extremely Matted Dog Hair

To remove matt and fur from your dog coats, it is essential to cut matted dog hair. If you do not do regular grooming, your dog’s hair turns into matt and becomes more complicated. So how do you cut matted groom hair? Let me show you the process.

Step 1: Train your dog

Before cutting matted hair, first, train your dog about grooming sessions so that it can enjoy the grooming process. 

Step2: Pay attention to close area

Figure out the matted area of your dogs like underarms, legs, belly, paws, and tails. Dog hair grows first, so it is essential to groom regularly.

Step3: Select grooming equipment

Before grooming, you have to choose grooming equipment. For brushing or combing, you need grooming kits. First, brush or comb your dog to remove matt.

Step4: Cut extreme hair

Brushing is the best way to remove matt. But when it talks about excessive hair, you can go for shaving clippers. Before using cutting clippers, make sure their speed is ok. Though the matt is tighter, when you apply it to your dog’s skin, be careful about your dog’s safety. Grooming clippers is better for the scissor. 

matted dog hair

How To Groom A Matted Dog in the Proper way?

If you glide through the skin with a comb or brush, you will realize that your dog is matted. If you glide through the coat, that means there is no matting. If the comb or brush is stuck on the skin, your pet coat starts to matt up.

The fur will get tangled and matted if matted dog grooming is not well done by brushing. And it makes your dog uncomfortable and causes irritation or pain. So the question is how to matted dog hair grooming? The best way to groom matted dog hair is by brush or comb. 

Way 1: Grooming by comb

When dog coats get matted, dog fleas can happen. When your dog is affected by fleas, you have to figure them out by crawling all over the body, including the face and ears. To remove flea problems, permanently groom your dog properly. You can use a comb to eliminate flea and matted hair.

Way 2: Brushing with furminator

The FURminator Adjustable dog grooming tools are safe and can remove matted areas. It adjusted the edge with the fur extended button to work all coats type. It has an ergonomic non-slip handle that provides you maximum control. You can use it on your pet to loose matted hair and clean up the fur with a few gentle strokes. 

You can use the long or short hair of your dog. After using the furminator, you feel that you are using a professional grooming comb. 

Way 3: Use Pet craft

Pet Craft Supply Dog is another rake that helps to remove dead hair. This tool has two side comb that reduces knots, dander, tangles, and trapped dirt. These double brush heads are easy to use for dog grooming.

Matted Dog

How To Shave A Matted Dog?

Due to lack of grooming dog hair getting matt. Under the ear, a joint body of a dog is getting matt very soon. If you do not comb this matt regularly, it becomes matt all the down skins of dog. And it makes your dog unforgettable and causes infections. 

So out of this disgusting, you may do shave. But it is better to do a comb than shave. However, shaving is the kindest option to clean your dog from matt. 

Step1: Shave your dog’s head

Before shaving your dog, make sure that you have a good quality shaver. To shave your dog, be careful to shave dog heads. Andis brand clipper is easy to use and the most comfortable tool.

Step2: Underarm and tail shaving

Before shaving the dog under arms and tails, first, comb the matt. Andis de-matting rake is designed for long hair breeds with steel stainless blades that break up matted fur. 

You may choose andis dematting rake. It is designed for grooming your pet. 

Its steel blade helps to snarled coats and breaks up matted fur with ease. Now shave underarms with the 10 number of the edge. 

Step3: Back shaving

If you find that your dog’s matt reaches the down skin, you can choose the 10-number blade for shaving the whole body. The backside hair of the dog was groomed first. So it can be matted.

Step4: Belly shave

Before shaving, the belly makes sure that your dog becomes calm and does not disturb you when you are shaving its side, legs, and stomach. And use the best dog grooming clippers like the Andris brand. After shaving, please give them a cool bath with proper shampoo.

How To Use Clippers On A Matted Dog

Those dogs who have long hair are getting matt so fast. So to remove matt and fur, you need to use grooming kits for your dog. How to use clippers on a matted dog, I will discuss it with you. The proper guideline helps you to do grooming like a professional groom. 

  • Firstly, check out your dog’s mood and matt. Select a proper brush for grooming if the fur or matt is too much. Doing combo is the best grooming system for removing dogs matt.
  • Take a comb or brush for grooming. Before grooming your dog, check out the speed of your grooming kits.
  • Now apply it to your dog’s affected area very smoothly. 
  • Slowly and safely, you can remove the matt from your dog’s body.

Final Word

In a nutshell, you know how to cut extremely matted dog hair. But it is better to comb than cut. Because matt is tight then your think, before cutting, first brush the matt feathers. If you see some flea on your dog’s hair and it has extreme matt, you can go for cutting.

Please do not use any scissors, and grooming clips are best to make a dog’s hair smooth. These grooming kits help make you comfortable with your dogs and slowly clean the matt from the dog’s skin. Do not brush; it makes your dog hurt.