How long can a dog go without food

How Long Can a Dog Go Without Food? Best Answer for you

Recently, one of our readers contacted me over email.

She was sounding distraught, and believes me, she had every reason to feel that way. Her dog is sick. He hasn’t eaten anything the past day. How long can a dog go without food? That was her question. I told her to see a vet right away. Thankfully, she already did.

Today, I’ll touch on this for other dog parents who might have wondered about this at some point in time.

Question: How long can a dog go without food before it dies? Answer: Healthy dogs can survive 3 to 5 days without food!

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How Long Can A Dog go Without Eating Before it Dies?

How long can go a dog without food says your dog can go three to five days without food before it becomes extremely dangerous. But that’s not to say going days without food is okay.

Your dog can lose appetite and refuse food.

If this goes on for an extended period, there probably is an underlying issue requiring urgent attention. Should your dogs not get enough food and water during the critical period, you may lose them to dehydration and not necessarily starvation.

If your dog is not eating, something’s definitely not right. Whatever you plan to do, contact a veterinarian right away!

Is it Normal for A Dog to Stop Eating for a few Days?

Healthy dogs eat. They don’t starve themselves.

If your dog is hungry, it will likely beg for food or search the house for anything he can eat. Therefore, if your dog has not eaten anything for more than three to five days and thereabout, it can starve to death. Here are some of the likely causes;

Health Challenges

If your dog is sick, it might lose appetite and not eat.

This can be the case when your dog’s teeth hurt when it’s feeling nauseated, and if it’s coming fresh off vaccinations. Dogs suffering from health conditions like parvo and pancreatitis may also find food uninteresting. If things like these happen, do reach out to your doctor right away as this can be a matter of life and death.

The How long can go a dog without food

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes can also affect your dog’s appetite.

Things like changing houses can make some dogs not eat for some time. This trend is more common among dogs arriving at shelter houses who are probably depressed with the change that comes with leaving their warm and happy homes to a crowded and loud new environment.

Other things like moving into a new home, a new baby, as well as being left alone for long can cause some dogs not to eat. However, these changes in routine are not expected to make the dog not eat for days.

Picky Eating

Dogs used to eat table scraps might find kibbles uninteresting, for instance.

Some dogs may also get fed up with the idea of eating the same type of dog food every day. Funny enough, some others might refuse to eat when you change that particular dog food they’ve been used to.

Dogs can be picky at times with what they eat. This can also happen when dog owners suddenly decide to put their dogs on a low-fat diet. Try giving them their favorite treat to see if they’ll eat it, to rule this out.

how long can a dog go without food

What to Feed A Sick Dog That will Not Eat?

If your dog is not eating, you need to be sure this is not due to recent changes in their lifestyle or whether they’re just being picky with what they choose to eat or not eat.

Other than these, it could be due to an underlying health condition. How can you get them to eat to avoid further challenges? What do you feed a sick dog that’s refusing to eat?

First, call the vet!

If your sick dog is not eating, perhaps it’s experiencing stomach upset. Call the vet to attend to them. Then move to the next steps involved to feed them.

  • Don’t start with too much food. Try giving them a small bowl of water.
  • Try using a small spoon or syringe to put food directly in their mouth.
  • It’s also dangerous if your dog is not taking water. Try giving them chicken broth or beef broth or broth and see if they’ll take it. If they don’t, keep trying now and then, every couple of hours.

If you try everything and your dog is still not eating after one or two days, the only way forward is to get your veterinarian involved. The vet may have to give your dog fluids intravenously.

Whatever has to happen, a vet will help you attend to the situation to help your dog get back to normal again.

How Long Can A Dog Go Without Water?

Dogs need twice as much water as food.

And if they don’t drink water for about three to five days, they can also find it impossible to keep going. But all dogs are not the same. Very old and very young dogs, as well as those suffering from an illness, might not last up to three days without food and water. 

The earlier you attend to the issue, the better.

Will A Dog Starve itself to Death?

If dogs don’t eat, they die.

It’s the same way with humans. If your dog does not eat for a day, it might not be a big deal if they’re not showing any sign of illness. However, if this continues for about 48 hours or if they’re vomiting, having diarrhea, or appearing ill, you shouldn’t take further risks.

Food and water are essential for healthy living in animals. Suppose you would be unavailable to provide food for your pets, perhaps due to a journey or whatever. In that case, it’s always essential to make provisions, so you don’t expose your dog to unnecessary health challenges. If your dogs don’t get water or food for more than 2 hours,