Dog Vomiting White Foam and Food | You Need to Know!

Is your dog vomiting white foam? Does it feel weak and change its behavior? Then it is a very stressful thing for you. Don’t worry, because dogs vomiting that color is like white foam a common disease.

I know dog vomiting is not suitable for dogs. It makes them weak, creates panic, and makes a dog sick. Over vomiting can brings death. So keep concerned about the health of your dog. You need to know dog vomiting white foam and food.

You should be concerned and take the necessary steps for your sick dog. I will help you clarify why your dog is vomiting so that you can be conscious more than before.

Vomiting White Foam and Food

Why is My Dog Throwing up White Foam?

Do you feel panic when your cute pet dog fell sick and threw up white foam vomiting? Keep relaxed, while your dog vomiting. Take some time and observe the dog properly. It happens when your dog’s stomach is in trouble most of the time. Dog vomiting white foam and food usually indicates excessive gas in its stomach. It means there is no food in the stomach. Vomiting white foam is a mixture of gastric juices and saliva. It creates the white bubbly liquid.  

There is some reason why is your dog throwing up white foam:

  • If your dog eats any plant material or grass which is different from its regular diet. 
  • When your dog has a distended abdomen and often tries to look at its stomach. It means the dog has bloat symptoms. It can vomit white foam.
  • If the dog used to play outside, there is a possibility of ingesting toxin material. A dog can throw up vomiting which is like white foam for that.
  • If the excess liquid in the lungs mixes with air creates foam. The dog will cough. When it coughs harshly, it seems the dog is vomiting.
  • Sometimes contagious diseases can be the reason for dogs’ vomiting.

When should be Concerned about Dog Puking Foam 

Dog puking foam for many reasons. If your dog tastes anything unusual, it pukes. Dog vomiting foam is a common problem. Before taking any treatment on dogs, you need to find out why your dog is puking foam. What is your dog eating? Is it unusual compared to regular food? Did you give it anything new? Are you trying any new dog food for your dog? 

Suppose you didn’t give your dog anything new, but the dog might have eaten something by itself. Sometimes they lick or chew unusual things when they roam around or play. And it makes the dog’s stomach upset. 

If your dog starts vomiting white foam and vomiting lasts for more than 24 hours, you should be concerned about your dog. Or if you notice the symptoms like loss of appetite, changes in health, diarrhea, fever, etc. should be careful. 

A digestible, bland food, like rice mixed with boiled meat or a small portion of vegetables, can prevent vomiting in dogs.

dog vomiting food and white foam

What does it mean when a Dog throws up white foam?

When a dog takes excess liquid in the lungs, and this liquid mixes with air can create foamy while it is vomiting. Coughed up or swallowed and many respiratory diseases can create edema, inflammation, and white foam. 

When your favorite dog is vomiting foam, it makes you nervous. And you become worried. The dog throws up white foam means the dog has tasted something unusual. Your dog’s stomach is upset and not working correctly. There are some reasons for throwing up like that. 

If your dog plays outside, it can eat plants or grass, which is not a regular food for your dog, you need to ensure quality dog food. Sometimes a bacterial infection can make the dog sick. If you change dog food and it’s new to the dog. Abrupt food changes can cause vomiting and white foam also.

What Causes Dogs to Throw up White Foam? 

“My dog is throwing up white foam” is a common problem for a vet. They used to hear it often from pet owners. But most of the time the vet suggests waiting and observing the pet. Because only one-time vomiting is not an issue, if it vomits more than one time, it causes diarrhea, loss of appetite, and other signs of illness. You should talk to your vet. 

Following reasons for vomiting white foam can be a life-threatening problem for your dog:


Pancreatitis has seen animals’ bodies. A clinical study says that the maximum number of dogs suspected of these diseases. When digestive enzymes inflame the pancreas, it damages pancreatitis.


Bloat is a kind of gastric dilation. The dog’s abdomen looks distended because bloat happens when the stomach fills with air.

Heat stroke: 

Heat stroke can be a reason for white vomiting. If the temperature is high outside and your dog roams around under excessive heat. The dog vomited white foam.

Organ dysfunction

Sometimes organ dysfunction can be a reason for vomiting. If a dog’s kidneys aren’t functioning normally, it increases the thirst level.

Serius toxins: 

Different chemicals around our home, such as cleaning chemicals, battery acid, sago palm, etc. are considered serious toxins if the dog tastes any one of these.

Kennel cough: 

A highly contagious respiratory disease is canine infectious tracheobronchitis. Strong cough, runny nose, and sneezing start with vomiting.

Fungal infection: 

If the dog licks the environment, yeast, often found in bird or bat droppings, can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Foreign body: 

If the dog has eaten any weird thing or metal stuck in its stomach or intestine, it can cause vomiting.

Final Thought

I think you read my blog and are concerned about your favorite dog. In a nutshell, I try to tell the leading causes of dog vomiting white foam and food. If we know the causes of diseases, we can give better treatment to our dogs. 

A portion of healthy balanced food can help to prevent this vomiting problem. When you see excess vomiting, please consult with a doctor.

Also, monitor their eating habits, try to clean their food pot, and have regular checkups of your dogs. Vomiting is common for all pets but over vomiting is not good for an animal’s health.