Researched Best Dog Nail Clippers for Thick Nails

When it’s time to adore your dog with a nail trim without frightening him, the best dog nail clippers for thick nails are your way to go. Being a dog owner, the most painful part is to see your love in danger. Not to mention, thick and long nails can curl back and impose dangerous scratches.

If you are a punctual, good-ruled person, it’s obvious to know about this topic. But what you don’t know is the best method to ensure your dog’s comfort as well as his health maintenance. So, what’s the proper way to trim the nails? And how would you know which one is preferable?

Well, we are here to answer all your questions, and confusion! In this article, we’ll talk about all the details regarding the best dog nail clippers for thick nails. Also, our prolific research would help you to know each and everything you were looking for!

Best Dog Nail Clippers for Thick Nails

Types of Nail Clippers

Talking about the types, you’ll get 3 common varieties in the market- Scissors, Guillotine, and Nail grinders. Scissors actually work like scissors: you can easily just cut the nails with a squeeze. Then for Guillotine, these are better for medium-sized breeds because of an additional bottom ring. And finally, Nail grinders are the best if you are a beginner or pro. They have attached files and reduce any chance of accidental interruption.

2023 Buying Guide: Dog Nail Clippers for Thick Nails

Now as you are done with having a basic idea, it’s time for a rewind! So, what have you thought? Have you figured out what to do and what not to do?

Well, if you are still confused and want a detailed list of that, here we go!

This buying guide would help you choose the best product according to your demand. Also, it will answer most of the queries undoubtedly!

Be Sure of the Right Size

To go on with this point, first, have a dimension of your dog’s size and your hand. When you’d buy a clipper smaller than needed, you’d end up cutting a smaller portion. You might go on by over-cutting in anger too!

So, sizing is really important. That’s why we suggest you buy a clipper only after reading the sizing guidelines.

Remember the Proper Handle Covering

If the covering slips out of your hand, then the right size or right angle won’t even matter! It’s important to know the accurate size of your clipper, but what’s obligatory with that is the smooth, precise covering.

If you want a cover that doesn’t slip away, we would obviously suggest the rubber coating. Rubbery out coverage ensures a grip that you need even in the quickest time frame.

Don’t Forget about the Budget

After choosing one clipper, we often forget to adjust that to our budget. It’s more likely to happen when you tend to be fond of one specific trimmer so damn much! But as usual, it is not the ideal choice to make. 

If your budget is average, we would suggest you buy a guillotine or Scissors type clipper. These won’t cost you much and also leaves the opportunity to spend again if it breaks. On the other hand, clippers like- a grinder tool would cost way higher than the scissor one!

Check out the below Dog Nail Clippers for Thick Nails:

1. GoPets Nail Clippers for Dogs & Cats with 1 Nail File

If you are looking for comfort and the perfect look of your dog’s or cat’s nails, GoPets Nail Clippers is a superb choice. Your dogs might have long or thick nails or both at the same time. GoPets has come up with a super-easy experience for those dogs keepers. A body of 3.5mm thick stainless steel has been used in this nail clipper. It’s suitable for medium and small size nails as well.

You might have been worrying about the sustainability of sharpness. Here comes the solution. GoPets ensures 1000+ cuts and years of seamless service. 

However, another big concern might be the safety of your dogs. Yes, GoPets has been tested with multiple safety scales. Hitech ergonomics of Gopets dog nail clippers drastically reduces the risk of injury. 


  • Clean cuts every time. 
  • Perfect ergonomic shapes reduce risk.
  • Comfortable grip in the large non-slip handle.
  • Suitable for large, medium, and even small nails.
  • Less likely to happen accidents and injury to the dogs.

2. Resco USA-Made Deluxe Dog and Cat Nail/Claw Clippers

When you are confused regarding your dog’s nails, you’ll initially confront your veterinarian, right? So, why don’t you choose the option that your groomer prefers?

Well, we call it Resco. These USA- made claw clippers come in 4 options- Large, Large kit, Regular, and Regular Kit. From its establishing time (1937), till now, Resco has been one of the best-selling brands. Then, if you think about grips, this special tool has Deluxe grips for ultra-wide handling capacity. Also, the power coating and patented style make it unique, and comfy in manner.

You can replace this blade as it is made of durable steel construction. On one side, where the white, pink, and yellow color offers a gorgeous display, the sharp end talks of its conciseness. Also, the Guillotine material and a lifetime warranty (on condition) remove all the stress you have had before!


  • Contours tiny nails and reduces the risk of an accident.
  • Preferable for thick nails up to #2 or even more.
  • Comes in 3 different colors- yellow, pink and white.
  • Replacing opportunity that ensures longer durability and efficiency.
  • Less crushing as it comes in lube oil.

3. Epica 1 Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper, Easy and Safe to Use

As its name suggests, Epica is the most common and recommended nail clipper for safety concerns. When looking for blades, we all look for the safe option. But sometimes, we forget that extra thin or sharp blades can result in just the opposite!

To avoid this confusion, Epica brings you semi-circular blades so that you can see exactly where you are cutting those. It is made of high-end stainless steel which makes your work way easier. As the handles are coated in rubber, it’s obvious how secure they are!

On the other hand, this nail clipper can be closed when your job is done. So, there is nothing to worry about regarding your children and just a squeeze is all it will take. This red-colored, small- medium-sized clipper is what you need to relax your dog!


  • This one is a heavy-duty spring action clipper to offer less effort.
  • The tempered shears are best for usage on large dogs.
  • Non-slippery grip with a rubbery coating.
  • Special lock system for safe storage.
  • 100% lifetime warranty that triggers you to the cause, why you should buy it.

4. Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer By Boshel

If you are a clean-cut person in real life, we promise you, that this tool is just made for you!

This nail clipper and trimmer are made out of powerful stainless steel (3.5 mm) which can easily get you to a sharp end. Additionally, it has a safety stop blade that reduces your risk of getting hurt. One beneficial thing about this dog clipper is that it was manufactured keeping in mind the ins- and- outs of a beginner. That’s why, you’ll get all the features from avoiding deep cuts, to a comfortable grip. The sharp and smooth angle between the guard and the blade makes you feel comfortable. A bonus nail file is included in this package so that you can store the handle precisely.


  • The protective guard works on medium to large dogs.
  • Made from a 3.55 mm stainless steel blade for better cutting. 
  • Option to switch and turn to the locking option for safety regards.
  • Additional nail file precisely looks at the handle.
  • The safety top ensures to prevent the nails from over-cutting hazards.

5. Dog Nail clippers for Large Dogs By Hertzko

When you are trying over and again but failing to give your dog a high-grade cut, it really is frustrating. So, this final product is here to impress you!

If you are in confusion regarding which product you should choose for a quicker, yet sharper blade, it is your preferred option. Dog nail clippers by Heartzko are 6x 4.7x 0.6 inches and a good one for any sized breed. It is recommended by both professional and experienced groomers around the world. 

The best part is the manufacturer has promised you of returning 100% in case you’re not pleased! This tool just goes fine with your paddle mixes or even ferret nails.


  • Comes in fiery purple color for an attractive outlook.
  • The clipper of this trimmer is quite larger compared to the other ones.
  • You can cut a little bit and file down to the preferable length without hurting your dog.
  • Suitable for Medium to large dogs- in case you are confused.
  • Easy to the group and that cuts efficiently through the sharp edges.

Dog Nail Clippers for Dark Nails

Irrespective of the size and color, dogs with dark nails are harder to deal with. These nails tend to be really strong compared to ordinary ones. You can be tired sometimes to deal with them or become frustrated. In order to ensure proper safety for them, it’s a must to choose the best dog nail clippers for dark nails. 

Especially, if we say for black nails, you can go with the following brands-

  1. Dog Nail Clippers by BOSHEL.
  2. Nail Trimmer by GoPets.
  3. Sturdy dog Nail Clipper by Epica.

Nail clippers for large dogs with thick nails

Having large nails can look classy for the dogs. But when those become thicker, it can invite great hazards like- strain, on their spine or muscles. Your dog won’t even walk properly with its curled feet!

Though there is no fixed time regarding the time frame, you must observe when your dog is having more scratches than usual. Remember, don’t let it be too large, nor too small. Either of these can be harmful as you are still not sure what is the regular routine work of your dog.

But if you are not sure about the accurate timing, or producer you can just go for Epica Professional Nail Clipper. Also, if you are not very professional with trimmers, purchasing a file is also fine. Files work in a precise, sharp way and are less prone to accidental hazards.

Dog Nail Clippers for Thick Nails

How do you cut thick Dog nails?

Before cutting the thick nails, you need to understand the reason behind it. Sometimes, a severe condition named “onychomycosis” is the cause of thick nails. It is a fungal condition that can massively impact your dog’s claws. In that case, you have to choose a nail clipper that is less thick and sharper.

After knowing all the ins and outs, you can go for your preferable trimmer. Then ensuring steps like- bathing him before cutting nails, and relaxing him can help you with this procedure.

But you can also face the opposite scenario if your dog is too afraid of clippers. But we would suggest you rather pause for a moment and play with him. Remember one thing, he is only going to be on your side when you will be on his comfortable side.

Dog Nail Trimmers

If you talk to a veterinarian as a dog parent, they’d first ask you about your dog’s health security. And trimming its nails in a proper way, at a proper time is the main query you’d be asked about. But what’s more important here is, which tool is more effective. Trimmer or Nail clippers?

Sometimes, we consider trimmers and clippers the same. But there are some precise differences for sure. For example, Trimmer has some really sharp end smooth ends that can be easily used for ears, paws, and curly tails. On the other hand, clippers have a wider angle that ensures bulk cutting.

If you are still confused, you can go for Safari Professional Nail Trimmer for Dogs.

The sharpness of Dog Nail Clippers 

We always tend to buy the clippers that offer sharper ends. But we don’t consider its negative sides! If you buy a clipper way sharper than needed, within one wrong step, you can hurt your dog drastically!

So, choose the best one and to do that, know what you are searching for.

What are the best nail clippers for thick toenails?

When we talk about the best ones,  on the top list.

Each of the nail clippers has sharper ends, smooth texture, and added nail file. These are mostly made with stainless steel to ensure proper cutting and healthy safeguard. You can change the blades and use them another way too!

What do professional groomers use to trim dog nails?

Professionals generally use scissor nail clippers for their regular usage.

Though options like- nail grinders, styptic powder, and groomers are preferable with scissor-style. It’s easier because there is no need for an alternative. When dogs don’t get their nails naturally shaved, this style is very much appreciated.

What is the best nail clipper for dogs with thick nails?

Boshel Dog Nail Clipper is known to be the best nail clipper for all the possible reasons.

Several nail clippers are necessary for different purposes. But when you’d need one clipper for all the purposes, Boshel has it all!

What is the perfect size of dog for clippers?

Though it depends on the breed of your dog, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 30 are the most common blade sizes.

If we talk specifically, then 3, 4, and 7 come in both skip-tooth and fine-tooth designs. Blade no 30 will leave the hair of your dog to 0.5 mm long and 3 will go just in the opposite order.


We have already talked a lot about what you should do and what not regarding a nail clipper. Having an overall idea on the best dog nail clippers, it’s your time to consider all those requirements and have precise thoughts. Remember, no one started their dog parenting journey just the day they took their decision of becoming a parent. So, mistakes might happen!

That’s why, take a chance, believe in yourself and just take a chance!

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