Dog Grooming Shoes: A Brief Guide

When you’re often spending your days grooming dogs, you need a shoe that’s a cut above the rest. Besides being stylish and cute, you need well-designed dog grooming shoes; shoes that will keep your feet feeling fine after several hours of grooming.

How do you go about choosing great dog grooming shoes? What are the crucial considerations you should bear in mind when choosing your next pair of shoes for dog grooming? This post sheds light on all of these and more.

Why you need special shoes for dog grooming

You probably have wondered why you’d need a special shoe for dog grooming when you could just slide on one of the many shoes you already own. But there are enough reasonable reasons for this because dog grooming involves dirt to an extent.

From getting your feet wet with water to getting detached hair strands sticking to your shoes, the reasons for choosing good dog grooming shoes are endless.

If you have to stay up to eight hours in these shoes, definitely they have to be very comfortable and should leave a bit of a breeze for your feet. So, what type of shoes are made for this purpose? That brings us to our next discussion;

Shoes for dog grooming

Best types of shoes for pet groomers

The good thing about dog grooming shoes is not just that they are perfect for dog grooming. Along with this, they come in different types and styles to match your preferences, complete your entire pet grooming apparel, or whatever reason you might want to choose a particular type over another. That said, here are the most common types of dog grooming shoes often worn in grooming salons;

1. Sneakers for dog grooming

There are sneaker-style dog grooming shoes if you are the like that likes to stay stylish even when working. These often come in colorful prints and designs and are made to perfectly handle the rigors and challenges that come with dog grooming sessions.

2. Waterproof dog grooming shoes

There’s always a risk of getting your shoes and feet wet in most grooming sessions. This is why the best dog grooming shoes should be designed to have water-resistant uppers to keep your feet clean and free from wetness. And this is not forgetting about the importance of comfort.

3. Crocs for dog grooming

Crocs as dog grooming shoes are some of the most popular options out there. This type of shoe usually features quirky designs with waterproof uppers. They’re some of the most comfortable dog grooming shoes and are worn by a lot of dog groomers.

4. Casual shoes for dog grooming

Perhaps you like slipping your feet into casual footwear. Then you’ll love one of the many types of casual dog groomer shoes out there. If you don’t have to dress formally for work, these casual shoes will find a place on your feet and in your dog grooming sessions.

Shoe for dog grooming

Three (3) key things to consider when choosing pet grooming shoes

While there are different types of dog grooming shoes you can choose from, the criteria for finding a great grooming shoe remain the same, regardless of the type of shoes you want. Generally, the three most important things to consider include;

1. Quality

Quality is a generic word. But in terms of finding the perfect shoes for grooming, this would mean finding a shoe with excellent material and sole design.

As far as the material for the upper area is concerned, it must be one that can prevent hair strands from sticking stubbornly unto it. The sole should also have great traction to avoid causing falls or slipping on wet surfaces. Rubber soles are also very popular because of their non-slip properties and their durability as well.

2. Comfort

No matter how great a shoe design is, you have to be sure it’s comfortable on your feet. From providing enough room for your toes and foot to offering excellent arch support in possible cases, the shoe must do well to tip the scale as far as comfort and convenience are both concerned.

3. Fit

Finally, fit.

Your dog grooming shoes can’t be too loose or too tight. They just have to fit just right without getting in the way of your grooming job.

Dog Grooming Shoes: FAQ

Got questions about dog grooming shoes? This section answers some of the most common questions people have about shoes for grooming.

What shoes do dog groomers wear?

Dog groomers wear special dog grooming shoes.

Dog grooming shoes are designed to protect the feet from getting wet and dirty during grooming sessions. They’re also designed to prevent hair strands from sticking to them as well as being made for comfort for extended periods.

What does a dog groomer wear?

Along with dog grooming shoes, dog groomers also wear other things to perform their tasks. Dog grooming apparel can also include dog grooming scrubs, tops, and dog grooming pants, among others. Dog groomers also wear personal protective equipment like dog grooming sleeves, gloves, and mitts, etc.

How much should dog grooming cost?

In most cases, dog grooming will cost between $40 to $75.

Mobile dog groomers are offering in-home grooming services at an average of about $75. What you’ll pay for your dog grooming will depend on your dog’s size as well as the exact place you choose to do it.

What do groomers do with dog hair?

The dog hair from grooming sessions can be used in making wool or hair-based products. It can also be made into yarn and can be sent to a treatment plant or be trashed and disposed of by composting if there’s no use for it.


By now, you can understand the need for special dog grooming shoes.

While there are multiple brands and products on the market, you’ll need to ensure you choose the best one for your needs. Whether it’s waterproof, casual, crocs, or any other type of dog grooming shoes, paying attention to the things that matter (quality, comfort, and fit) will go a long way towards keeping your feet comfortable every time you stand to groom dogs and other pets.

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