Dog Groomer Tip Calculator – (The Complete Guide)

The tipping culture is quite common in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, bars, beauty parlors, etc. We usually give extra money to the persons who have served us greatly. Have you thought about tipping the dog groomers?

A dog grooming tip is an amount of money you give to a dog groomer with the grooming cost to appreciate his/her service. Since dog grooming is tedious work, you should tip the groomer as encouragement and have a better service in the future. Doing this will also make you pleasant.

However, it isn’t very clear to think about how much to tip and tipping or not. Read this write-up containing a dog groomer tip calculator and other details to know the tidbits of grooming tips.

Dog Groomer Tip Calculator

Dog Groomer Tip Calculator

In general, a standard dog grooming tip amounts to 15% – 20% of the total grooming cost. For example, if the grooming session costs $25, the tip would be $3.75 minimum (15%). You have to pay $28.75 in total.

In simple words, you should give an extra $2 – $5 as a tip for the total cost. A 10-dollar bill tip is highly appreciable. If you give $20 as a tip, it would be more than enough to send the groomer to cloud nine.  

Groomers find smaller breed dogs easy to groom. So, how much to tip a groomer for a small dog? giving a 15% tip for small dogs is logical. If your puppy is of a larger breed and takes many hours to groom, you should tip more than 20%.

Dog Groomer
Calculated Tip

Do Dog Grooming Tips Vary?

Yes, they do. Dog groomers either appear with their own business or as employees of dog grooming stores or with mobile grooming services. The range of tips is almost the same, 15% to 20%, but the amount varies. And the giving and receiving style is a bit different.

When you hear ‘dog grooming business, a common question arises: Do you tip the dog groomer who owns the business. It would help to see how the grooming business is being handled – single-handedly or with multiple employees.

Small dog grooming business owners think tipping is a blessing. They don’t have many resources to make their ends meet and do most of the work themselves. It would help if you considered tipping them a generous percentage of the total grooming cost to appreciate them. Having 2-3 employees is a thing, but things become more challenging and exhausting when the owner is solely running the business. In that case, please don’t be stingy and tip him as you would to an employee of a high-end grooming store.

On the other hand, large dog grooming business owners don’t bear hardship like small business owners. They have a good number of employees, and from their labor, owners make a good deal of profit. You should tip the worker only if the owner does nothing. Alternatively, if the owner works equally as the worker, you probably should tip the owner.

Dog groomers who work at large retail stores like Petco or PetSmart rely mostly on tips they receive. In terms of earnings, they are the same as a small dog grooming business. Multiple people do groom tasks when you take your dog to them. Since you won’t know how many and who groomed, you better tip the person at the desk. And ask the person to distribute the tip evenly among the groomers. If you can find the groomers, then you can distribute them yourself.

Mobile dog groomers include transportation costs in their service charges, and you may find their prices a bit higher than grooming stores. However, you can tip them more than 15% – 20% since they provide a convenient grooming service.

Dog groomer tip

When to Tip Extra Than Usual?

Along with the total grooming cost, you should give at least 30% tip when your dog shows these signs –

  • Does mischief beyond the limit while being groomed.   
  • He weighs too heavy to stand or refuses to cooperate with the groomer.
  • Bites or scratches the groomer or shows too much aggressiveness while being groomed.
  • She has arthritis, parasites, mental conditions, or old age.
  • It is good to Pees or poop once or multiple times throughout the grooming.
  • It has heavily dirty or matted fur.
  • Has matted poop glob/s stuck to the rear fur?

All these conditions cause the groomer to struggle hard and break into a sweat while grooming your pooch. Appreciate the patience and bravery of the groomer after they complete the job with a satisfactory tip.

Things to Highly Consider about Dog Grooming Tipping

To avoid seeing your tip go in the wrong hands, slip your tip smartly into the groomer’s hands. Act like you and the groomers are spies, and the tip is confidential and should be passed secretly. Though giving and receiving a tip is common, some companies prohibit their employees from receiving tips. And you have to give a tip using this trick. You can normally offer a tip to them without any trick; they should decide whether to accept or decline it.  

When the groomer hands you the pooch after the session finally ends, give a tip then, not before or too long after that.

When you have a grooming shop, you frequently visit, you can periodically tip the groomer instead of daily. Give a larger chunk of a tip than you would give a normal tip in every visit.

Talk to the groomer or observe the mood of your pooch before giving a tip. Ask the groomer about how much trouble your pooch caused in the session. And increase the tip rate depending on the answer. Does your fur baby feel happier and more energized after the grooming? If yes, feel free to tip more.   

Groomers would love to receive a good tip on special days. You may wonder how much to tip a self-employed dog groomer at Christmas. A 10% – 15% extra tip with the standard tip would be great. Additionally, give any small gift if you can afford it. Leave the gift part when you tip the groomer of a grooming parlor on festivals or holidays.

Remember, a grooming tip is not mandatory when you are tight on budget. It reflects your satisfaction and appreciation of the groomer’s hard work. If you can’t afford even a 1-dollar tip, thank the groomer from your heart. Your sincere words would encourage him/her. The best way of a tipless appreciation is to promote the groomer. Recommend the groomer to your friends and family online and offline.  


Is $10 a Good Tip for a Dog Groomer?

 According to the last six months of 2021, $10 is the traditional tip for dog grooming, and it is roughly a good tip on average. However, this standard will be increased as per the dog owner’s ability and preference. 

How much do you Tip a Dog Groomer?

Although you may think the grooming tip is an additional cost, it is good for your dog’s next grooming. A small amount of cash tip can make happy the groomer who works a lot to make your dog clean and healthy. You can provide 15% tips for dog grooming. 

How much do you Tip the Dog Groomer at PetSmart?

A professional dog groomer of PetSmart is about $13 per hour. But this is not the standard charge of PetSmart groomers. And their salary may start from $4 to $50, depending on the types of services. 

Do you Tip the self-employed Dog Groomers?

You should provide a good tip to the self-employed groomer. In this case, the work and performance of a self-employed groomer can make you happy. Also, note that the average hospitality rate of a self-employed groomer is 10 to $15. This tip is bearable and good for the groomer.

The bottom line:

I hope this dog groomer tip calculator guide will save you from embarrassment in the future while holding your wallet in your hands and thinking about tip rate.

Grooming ensures the wellbeing of your furry friend in the long run; only a healthy diet cannot guarantee that. Dog groomers play a big role in keeping your dog’s health on track. Such an important service deserves a token of appreciation, which is a fair tip.

Respect is equally important as a tip. Don’t forget to treat the groomer nicely and make a heartfelt conversation. However, if the groomer is not worthy of your emotion and money, look for other groomers. You better not tip the groomer if he worsens your dog’s condition.