How Do Huskies Drink Water? What You Should Know!

Huskies are amazing dogs created for cooler weather. Although the dog breed is well adapted to cold climates, many people think huskies don’t drink much water. However, that is actually untrue. If you own a husky and live in a warm or hot area, your husky will need a lot of water to stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause health issues like reduced energy levels, reduced appetite, excessive panting, and more.

To keep your husky healthy and hydrated, you should provide it with clean water always. However, if the canine doesn’t drink the water as expected, you should use some tricks to make it drink sufficient water. You can use an attractive bowl that resembles the one you put its treats and snacks. You can also use dog toys for huskies to attract the dog to the water bowl or pool, and they might drink some water as a result.

How Do Huskies Drink Water

You need to know that a husky may not drink as much water as other dog breeds, especially during cold days. However, when it is too hot and you take the dog for a walk, it may become thirstier and drink more water than at normal times. How do huskies drink water? Keep reading for a detailed answer.

How Do Huskies Drink Water?

It is worth mentioning that dogs, including huskies, have lips that go all the way around the mouth, which extends towards the ears. Due to that, they cannot purse their lips and use their cheek muscles to draw water from a bowl into the mouth. They must use a different technique to drink water.

Huskies and other dogs curl their tongues backward, so it looks like a ladle. They then dip the tongue in water at high velocity, hitting the water. As a result, their tongue scoops some water while the underside of the tongue collects a column(film) of water. They then lift the tongue to make a bite, drinking the water column or film beneath the tongue. Some of the scooped water might end up in the mouth, while some will fall back into the water bowl.

The Difference Between Cat and Dog Drinking?

Many people think that cats and dogs drink water the same way. But that is not true. A cat drinks water by placing its tongue on the water and pulling it up. The process is much simpler and faster compared to how dogs drink. On the other hand, dogs drink by hitting the water with their tongues. Note that the tongue is curled backward. When they do that, the underside of the tongue collects a film of water, which ends up in the mouth. Huskies need more water in hot area like Texas.

Husky Blowing Bubbles

A husky can blow bubbles when playing around with water in a bowl. This mainly happens when the husky’s nose goes beneath the water level, and the animal breathes out. When the dog breathes out, the air escapes in the form of bubbles. Some huskies enjoy this. Please note that huskies enjoy playing with water, and providing them with a pool can make their life more enjoyable.

Husky is Different Drinking Water

Huskies drink water uniquely compared to other animals. But they drink water the same way as other dog breeds. The only difference is that huskies may have different water requirements as they are created for cooler weather. It can get dehydrated pretty quickly, especially when exposed to warm weather. Dog activities such as walks and playing may also make the dog lose more water, and it must take a lot of water to compensate for the water loss. For that reason, you should always provide the dog with plenty of clean water.

How Much Should a Dog Drink?

How Much Should a Dog Drink

How much water a dog drinks depends on many factors. It depends on the food it takes. If a dog takes food with a lot of water and fluids, it may drink much less water. However, if a dog takes dry food, it should take more water. Also, prevailing weather conditions affect how much water a dog takes. For instance, dogs take more water in hot weather, and on cold days, they take less water.

Additionally, dog activities will affect how much water it takes. A dog walking and playing a lot will drink more water than a dog just resting all day. But all in all, a dog should take one ounce of water per pound of its body weight every day.

How Did Huskies Drink Water?

Huskies drink water in a unique way. They curl their tongues backward and hit the water at high velocity, scooping water and collecting a film of water beneath the tongue. The film or column of water beneath the tongue ends up in the mouth as well as some of the scooped water.

Do Huskies Drink Water?

Yes, huskies drink water just like other dog breeds. They need water to ensure the normal functioning of the body. If huskies don’t drink enough water, they can get dehydrated, leading to health problems. Dry nose, panting, reduced energy levels, sunken, dry-looking eyes, pink, sticky gums, and loss of skin elasticity are some signs of dehydration in huskies. Severe dehydration can cause overheating and heatstroke. Therefore, always provide your husky with clean cold water to avoid such health issues.

If the husky is not drinking water as expected, you should know that it has an illness. You should call in your veterinarian to examine it and find out what is preventing it from drinking. The vet will treat the canine and give tips on making the dog drink water.

Final Thoughts

Huskies are beautiful dogs that can be domesticated at home. Many people in different states in the USA keep these dogs and are learning how to stay with them. To ensure the dog lives a healthy and happy life, you should provide it with healthy meals and plenty of clean water. Ensure the food and water are served in clean, beautiful bowls. Additionally, spend time with the dog by going for walks and playing with it.