How To Make DIY Dog Pen Outdoor (Do it Yourself)

Are you thinking about making a Pen outdoor for your dog? Can’t supervise your pets all time?

There is a time when you might travel & want your beloved dogs to stay at home safe & sound. Because by nature, puppies tend to chew whatever falls along paths.

Hence making an outdoor dog pen is an excellent idea. Because it will let them play, run around & get some exercise as dogs thrive on fresh air. 

Are you going to build a dog pen yourself? DIY solution is an excellent way to construct a creatively designed dog pen. It will be fun, memorable & much cheaper to build than purchasing a ready-made dog Pen. 

Let’s learn a lot more about outdoor dog pen & make one yourself at home!

Consider these factors when building DIY Dog Pen Outdoor

A dog pen lasts for a long time. Thus merely finding a sufficient space outdoors is not enough. Several factors might need to consider before breaking the ground. 

Suitable Location

Choosing a location could be tricky. There should be enough sunlight, protection from windy nights, adjacent trees and solid ground is much desired. Also, how close is your dog pen to your room is another consideration

Tough Weather Resistance

The outdoor dog kennel needs to be ready for extreme conditions, at least for several years when you will build a dog pen. It’s necessary to gather some knowledge about which construction materials are sturdy & durable. 

Size of Dog

Dog pen length & size should be considered based on dog size, how long their runs & if there’s enough room for play or not. Your dog should stand firm without hitting the head if the dog pen is tall enough. 

Flooring material & Cleaning Process

Neat & Clean is essential for your dogs to remain healthy & in a good mood. There are several options for making the pen floor like concrete, grass, gravel, or specially designed outdoor dog pen flooring purchase

No Escaping

Dog pen should be fully enclosed in case your dog might be a climber or jumper. Another consideration is your dog might dig its way under the walls. In that case anti-digging pen border would be great.  

Diy dog pen outdoor

How do you make a homemade dog run?

Making a homemade dog run requires intermediate level skill & some necessary tools. Maximum one day is enough to set up the dog run fully. Let’s go through step by step – 

Necessary Items

  • Drill Machine
  • Sledgehammer
  • Gravel
  • Landscape fabric
  • Anti-bacterial rubber floor mat
  • Pressure-treated 2x4s
  • Landscape timbers
  • Corrugated vinyl
  • 3″ galvanized screws
  • Plastic-coated wire fencing
  • 2×6 pressure-treated boards
  • 4×4 pressure-treated posts


  • Step – 1 

Cut the timbers at 2 foot two, 4 foot six, 8 foot six pieces. 

  • Step – 2

Using 2 of the one 4 foot piece & 8-foot pieces, make a 20-foot wall & use landscape fabric to create a dog run on the ground. 

  • Step – 3

Now, join the 10-foot boards together using 3″ deck screws & attach a 2×4 inset from the 20″ wall ends. 

  • Step – 4

Using the same method, assemble the 10″ walls 2×6 for the top-bottom. 

  • Step – 5

Set the back & attach two side walls into place using 3″ deck screws. Next, using the same process, connect the bottom of the walls on the frame. 

  • Step – 6

Use 2×4 pressure treated wood to build the gate. To attach a hinge to the gate, check out instructions provided by the manufacturer. 

  • Step – 7

Now the dog run is almost ready. It’s time to add the roof using 1-1/2″ screws for holding it down. The last element is adding an antibacterial mat. 

Congratulations! Your plans for dog kennels & runs have succeeded & your homemade dog run is ready for your pets. 

How do you build an outdoor dog kennel?

There are several outdoor dog kennel setup ideas coming to my mind. How to build a dog kennel and run cheap? Building a kennel outdoor is a fun process & goes through step by step process that is given below – 

Determine Size & Location

First, choose a suitable location for building the dog kennel. The size of the kennel should be adequate for your dog to move freely around. 

Prepare the Area

Dogs might want to dig the floor & get out from the kennel. Using a concrete kennel floor is the right way to cut out the plan. Particleboard or wood pieces will work the same for preparing the area. 

Put down the Floor

Use a wheelbarrow to carry over the concrete mix & pour the mixture into the dugout area. Level the mixture using a board & water it until the floor becomes smooth for use. 

Fencing Installation

Attach the fencing at the bottom & top of the post with fence pliers & ties. Stretch the fencing to the next post until you installed each side of the kennel. Check out the fence hardware instruction manual.

Add the Roof

Cover the top of the kennel with a removable roof using tarps. As a result, you can remove the roof when necessary. 

Congratulations! Now you know the process of building an outdoor dog kennel. Lets the man’s best friend remain happy & safe. 

What is the best flooring for an outdoor dog kennel?

There is a variety of flooring available for dog kennels. Each type affects the cleaning process & you know what, cleaning is essential for keeping your dog healthy & happy. 

  • Grass & Dirt – is great looking flooring but unhealthy for dogs. 
  • Gravel – large flagstone or pea gravel is another good option but requires replacement every year. 
  • Concrete – makes the cleaning process easy but hard for dogs’ feet. 
  • Composite – flooring is practical, easy to use, but expensive. 

Among those, the best flooring for an outdoor dog kennel is concrete flooring from a personal perspective.

Is it cruel to make a dog live outside?

Dogs’ social, physical & other behavioral needs are quite complex, so you might never know when they want to live outside or when inside. 

If you want to keep your beloved dog living outside, consider giving it a suitable dog pen with enough protection from warm weather & other wellbeing needs. 

Moreover, it’s inhuman to let a dog outside if there’s a proper environment ready for them. 


What is the best ground cover for a dog pen?

Ans – Grass is considered the best ground cover for dogs because it’s gentle on paws & leaves the ground cool for a longer time. 

How do you build a dog run in your backyard?

Ans – To build a dog run in the backyard requires step by step guide from location determination to preparing the area, adding fencing & roof. 

How do I make my dog an outside dog?

Ans – To make a dog an outsider, you have to give a good environment, food, exercising options outdoors. Building an attractive dog pen is a good solution in that case. 

How do you make a dog kennel from scratch?

Ans – To make a dog kennel from scratch, you have to collect required materials & have to go through trial & error until perfecting your DIY dog kennel making at home. 


Are you going to build a DIY dog pen outdoor? If so, we hope our article has helped you a lot & gave you additional tips, ideas for boosting your confidence.

A dog’s home is its castle & you are going to build it. I love my puppies & enjoy sharing some of my experiences so that you can take the best care of them. 

Good luck with your building the castle!

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