Can You Use Sheep Shears On A Dog?

Sheep shears are a popular machine that can quickly remove sheep fur. Are you planning to have shears to use for both sheep and dogs? Then the first question comes, can you use sheep shears on a dog?

No, you can’t use sheep shears on a dog. Sheep shears are designed to cut thicker and longer alpacas, llamas and sheep fur. Sheep shears are different in the handle, comb style, and cutter style. So, it doesn’t match a dog coat. That is why expert veterinarian and professional groomer doesn’t recommend sheep shears for dogs

This guide will discuss the drawbacks of using sheep shears for dogs. Also, you will know the difference between sheep shears and dog shears. So, let’s break it down.

use sheep shears on a dog

The Potential Drawbacks of Using Sheep Shears on Dog

Shear shears are an ideal tool for sheep grooming. But it has several drawbacks when you use it for a small animal like a dog. Here are the disadvantages of shear for the dog.


Since sheep shear is specially made for sheep, it might be painful for the dog. The coat length and thickness are not similar to a dog and sheep. So, your dog can get hurt with a sheep shear tool.


Sheep shears are a larger size and heavy-duty electric machine. First of all, it isn’t easy to lift and move. It is quite inconvenient for dog grooming. Besides, this heavy-duty tool can cause unexpected hurting or accidents.

Cutting speed:

Generally, sheep shear is ideal for cutting thicker coats within a short time. It is good for those sheep owners who want to cut sheep hair and fur quickly. But this similar tool is not good for the dog. The dog has less thick fur that needs s bit of speed. So, overall, sheep shears for dog grooming are not a suitable choice.


Why do you invest in an expensive sheep shear tool? When you can buy a dog shear electric machine with far less price. The price of a sheep shear is double pricy than a dog shear. 


Accessing a dog shear is easier for the groomer. But it isn’t easy to access a sheep shear for a professional dog groomer.

The Comparison Between A Sheep Shear And A Dog Shear

There have several comparisons between sheep and dog shears machine. This comparison might help you decide what electric machine is good for your dog.

Can use sheep shears on a dog


Whether it is sheep or dog shears, both have the cordless and plug-in model on the market. The handle size would be longer if it is a cordless machine. The inconvenience of a longer handle is that it gets hot during work. Besides, the handle would be different depending on the design. On the contrary, a plug-in model has less mobility. So, the user has to adjust the cord distance as per their need. Also, note that both devices have an on/off switch on the handle.


You will get a dog shears machine with a different sized comb because it is necessary to have different comb sizes to adjust with the dog fur cutting style and coat thickness. Do note that combs are made of plastic, but it is changeable with the blades. Although a single owner can use only one size combo, the professional groomer needs different sizes combo. The comb size is closely related to coat length, as a 1/4-inch comb can easily remove a 1/4-inch longer coat.

Sheep shear is generally made of metal. It is attached to the side of the blade so that it can touch skin fur from close. On the other hand, a sheep’s shear has come with only one or two comb sizes.


A dog shear blade is comparatively shorter than a sheep shear bade. It has 10 to 15 horizontal pints to vibrate in front and back to cut the dog fur. It is connected with the handpiece’s last edge. And the comb clips are designed on the blade.

On the other hand, there are triangle-shaped three points in the sheep shears machine. The user’s finger holds the handle and cutter to create blade tension. However, sheep shear and dog shear have a special knob that helps turn the blade for tension.


Sheep shear is always more expensive than dog shears. For example, you might have to pay a minimum of $15 for a cheap dog shear. On the contrary, a cheap sheep will cost you at least $100 since sheep shears come with more speed, comb and cutting power, so it is expensive. But dog shear has less speed, comb power and cutting power. So, it is affordable. Besides, the sheep shear cost increases with the number of combs.

Are Sheep Shears Safe for Dogs?

No, sheep shears are not safe for dogs because it is made for other animals with thicker and longer fur. A dog can easily be injured with a sheep’s shear because it is not designed for dog shearing. On the other hand, dog shears have a safe option to prevent injury. But sheep shear has not a safe option for dog grooming. So, it is not recommended to use sheep shears for the dog.

What is the Difference Between Shear and Clipper?

A shear provides a natural cut than a clipper. On the contrary, the Clipper has a stronger cut, and the shear has a looser cut. Besides, scissors provide better couture and cut shorter than a clipper.

Can I Shear my Dog?

Yes, you can shear a dog. But remember to use shear tips to cut the dog’s feet, face and body fur. It can prevent injury and cutting when it moves continuously.

Final Words:

We hope you better know that Can you use sheep shears on a dog? Sheep shear is a difference made in a machine that is unsuitable for dogs. Even this machine can make a dog injured. So, it is highly prohibited to use a sheep shear for dog grooming. However, if you are extremely experienced, you can try a sheep shear for a dog. But you have to do it with your responsibility.