Is Blue Buffalo Dog Food Good For My Dog?

Many dog owners choose blue buffalo for their dogs. Because blue buffalo is made from high-quality ingredients and different formulas. But the question is, is blue buffalo dog food good for my dog? 

Don’t worry, blue buffalo is good for your puppies and dogs. Its natural ingredient provides health benefits and promotes good dental hygiene. Like other dog lovers, you also wanted healthy food for your dog right? Undoubtedly you can go for blue buffalo, the natural ingredients food.

In this post, I will show you why you choose blue buffalo food for your dog. And the benefits of blue buffalo food eating.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Good for Dogs

When you feel confused, is blue buffalo dog food good for dogs? Then we say yes, blue buffalo dry dog food contains natural ingredients. Like real meat, healthy carbs, fruit, whole grains, and veggies. 

All blue buffalo dog foods maintain nutrition for your adult dog.  Blue buffalo company maintains a tagline that loves them like family and feeds them like family. So you never ask that question again: is blue buffalo dry dog food good for tear stains?

Blue buffalo company brings various types of blue buffalo pet products for your dog that are mixed with various ingredients 

  • Blue life protection formula comes with high-quality meat.
  • Blue wilderness comes with meat-rich, high protein.
  • Blue basic that comes with a limited ingredient diet.
  • Blue freedom comes with grain-free formulas.
  • Blue Natural veterinary diet comes with prescription formula.

Is Blue Buffalo Dog Food Healthy?

Blue buffalo dog food dominates the market with their pet products. It happens because blue buffalo maintain enough nutrition that is needed for your dog.

If you ask the question, are blue buffalo dog treats good for dogs? then the answer comes positive. Blue buffalo pet food maintains healthy ingredients. 

Blue buffalo pet food is not only cat food but also the best dry dog food. The real meat comes from Salmon, rabbits, chicken, beef, cod, quail, bacon, alligator, bison, etc. 

Blue buffalo need healthy carbs and this ingredient comes from fava beans, brown rice, oats, lentils, sweet potatoes, barley, and chickpeas. 

Do Vets Recommend Blue Buffalo?

Blue buffalo is a non-consistent product so most vets do not recommend blue buffalo. And the other cause is marketing tactics imply you do not feed your dog a healthy protein. But all the false news goes in vain. 

The manufacturer of blue buffalo changes their habits with a variety of foods, like Royal Canin, Purina, Hills, science diet, and Lams, 

How good is Blue Buffalo Dog Food?

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue buffalo provides the recipe for a dog that has a medical issue. Not only that the food gives the diet line for your dog. For instance, a blissful belly gives you the guideline on how to recover a Scottish terrier that creates tummy trouble. Jolly Joints recipe gives the solution for Labrador dogs.

Is blue buffalo dog food good for dogs with allergies? Yes, the blue basics, which have limited ingredients, are great for dog food allergies. Blue buffalo is really good for your dog’s nutrition. Every near breed like small or large dogs is fit for blue buffalo. 

Is Blue Wilderness A Good Dog Food?

Yes, blue buffalo wilderness is good dog food. But when your dog gets overweight you have to stop feeding it in the wilderness. Let’s see some benefits of wilderness.

  • Blue wilderness contains high-quality protein and DHA. 
  • It makes your puppies muscle strength and supports the brain by including taurine. 
  • It contains antioxidants, minerals, and vitamin d to increase the immune system and care for your dog’s health and growth.
  • Blue wilderness does not come with soy or artificial flavor. It is a grain-free pet product.
  • Blue buffalo wilderness food supports developing your puppy bones, joints, and muscles. 
  • This high protein comes with a chicken meal that makes your dog happy.

Which Is Blue Buffalo Dog Food Best For My Dog?

Before choosing the best food for your dog, you have to consider some things, such as what type of dog food you need. And you should also think about your dog’s age. Here we compare some blue dog food so that you can choose your best one.

Blue Buffalo Life ProtectionBlue Buffalo Basic LimitedBlue Buffalo FreedomBlue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe SeniorBlue Carnivora
Life protection formula crafted with veggies, meat, natural flavor, and grains.Blue buffalo basic limited help for stomach and food allergy problems of your dog.Blue buffalo freedom comes with grain and is gluten-free. Chicken is the special ingredient for freedom.Blue buffalo home-style senior is especially for senior dogs and great balanced diet food.Blue Carnivora includes 95% animal ingredients like fresh pork, lamb and chicken.
Both dry and wet food comes in singular cans.It comes with multiple test choices and you will get both dry and wet recipes.has No artificial flavor. It includes a life source bit that gives your dog energy.It comes with vegetable flavor, and chicken to increase appetite.Blue Carnivora dog food is for your adult dog that contains 0% grain.
Life protection is especially for adult dogs and it is easily digestible. Make your dog’s joints and muscles.Every dry kibble contains a vitamin pack that helps your dog thrive.It contains calories that are 373 as well as 24.0% protein. Freedom also helps to reduce the triggers of allergies.Home-style recipes support the natural age decline process, muscles, 396 calories, 12% protein, joint, chondroitin, and minerals.Carnivora is wet dog food that includes high-quality vitamins and minerals.

You can choose anyone Blue Buffalo Life protection, Blue buffalo basic Limited, Blue buffalo freedom, Blue Buffalo senior and Blue Carnivora

Compare Blue Buffalo to Hill’s Science Diet

Blue Buffalo and hill’s Science both are dog food brand names. Are you a little bit confused about which to choose? To compare these two brands, we need to do some research.

The History of the Brand

Blue Buffalo Dry Dog Food

Blue buffalo comes with the brand that you have to love your pet like family and also feed them like family. And blue buffalo contains high-quality natural ingredients.

Science comes with a specific formula, and the slogan of Science hills is to start your health journey lifelong with them.


The most incredible thing about these two brands is their use of food ingredients. Blue buffalo come with natural ingredients such as egg, real meat, brown rice, quail, etc. Is blue buffalo grain free good for dogs? No, that’s why they provide grain-free, artificial flavor-free food products.

On the other hand, the Science hills diet recipe does not come with natural ingredients. They use artificial flavor and preservatives on their dog foods. 


Blue Buffalo has eight pet products formula, like Life protection formula, Natural Veterinary diet, Basic limited ingredient, Carnivora, Wilderness, Freedom, and their True solutions. All are different budgets with different nutrition.

Science diet has one line of pet products, but Hill’s has four of one pet product. The science diet has 42 dry kibble formulas.

Blue buffalo provides all senior or adult sizes of dog food with green-free options, where Science diets do not provide grain-free options. Science diets use chicken and lamb flavors and offer a wide range of kibble for dog health issues.

Whereas blue buffalo can create all sizes, and you do not need to compare whether blue buffalo is good or bad for dogs. So, we may say that Blue buffalo is the best dry and wet dog food.

Final Thought

Above discussion, it is clear that overall blue buffalo is good for dogs. You can remove the confusion: is blue buffalo dog food good for my dog?

 As a dog owner, you always want natural ingredients. And blue buffalo offers you natural ingredient food without artificial flavor and is grain-free.

You can choose any blue buffalo pet products for your puppy by considering its age and weight because all the food contains high-quality protein. Sometimes high protein makes it difficult to digest. If you are looking for natural ingredient food, you can go for Blue buffalo dog foods.