Researched Washable Dog Beds for Small Dogs Buying Guides

Dog beds make for a warm and supportive space your furry friend can call their own. But how do you find the best washable dog beds for small dogs, one that makes cleaning easier for you? Check out our best recommendations in this review!

Every dog has a need for its personal space.

Within this space, your dogs can sleep, rest, eat their meal, and retreat here when they’re feeling stressed. To make this space as comfy as possible, you’ll want to put a dog bed here. And if you want the best dog beds, the washable types make for easy cleaning when the need arises.

Best best washable dog beds for small dog

How about if you have one of those pint-sized breeds of dogs?

Washable dog beds are fitting for their size and weight and guaranteed the best possible comfort, coziness, and support. Here are our top picks for the best washable dog beds for some of your adorably cute little furry friends.

What are Looking to Choose Dog Beds for Maximum Comfort – 2023 Dog Bed Buying Guide

Choosing dog beds is not as simple as it seems.

When you’re buying a bed for yourself, you probably want to be sure you’re getting something that will be comfortable enough without waking up feeling tired and sluggish with an aching back and joints. You definitely don’t want this for your dog either, so you have to be sure your dog bed shopping ticks the boxes in the right places. Here are three main considerations.

1.  Appropriate sizing

Size matters a lot.

You want to be sure the bed is not too small that it can’t fit your dog’s body size. And you also want to make sure it’s not too big either. The same can be said for weight. You want your dog bed to be sturdy enough to support your dog’s weight. All of these matter for comfort since your dog will likely spend most of its time in bed. Again, sizing matters if more than one dog will have to compete for space on the bed.

2.  Dog bed filling

Comfort is perhaps the most important factor when shopping for the best washable dog beds for small dogs. This comfort will depend on the material used in manufacturing the dog bed. The filling in most cases can range from PP cotton to faux fur, among others.

3.  Durability and value

The great thing about the best dog beds featured in our review is the fact that they are largely affordable. Despite their low cost, you still want to be sure they offer great value for the cost and they last well enough. This also depends on the quality of the dog bed.

Many of the beds in our list feature high-quality materials like sherpa fleece, oxford, microsuede, and more that will easily stand the test of time.

1. Bedsure Bed Small Dog Bed

The Bedsure Bed Small Dog Bed

The Bedsure dog bed is extraordinary dog comfort and coziness designed into a small package. This machine-washable dog bed comes in at just 20 inches, making it ideal for small dogs and cats. It also features an innovative reversible design in the removable pillow. The pillow has two sides; one side with soft plush microfiber fleece and another side with water-resistant oxford, just what your dog needs to keep cool during the warm summer months.

This is one of the best dog beds for dogs that love to cuddle. The wall is 6-inch high, more than enough for your dogs to cuddle snugly. While grey is the dominant color of this dog bed, the bottom is mainly black. The bottom is covered in nonskid oxford fabric to prevent slip so the bed can easily stay in place.

Key Features & Highlights

  • Innovative reversible design with a removable pillow that has two usable sides.
  • The non-skid oxford fabric bottom prevents the bed from slipping.
  • The 6-inch high wall makes for cuddling and snuggling.
  • The removable pillow cushion design and the machine-washable fabric make cleaning the dog bed a breeze.
  • Compact 20″x19″x6″ measurement around makes the dog bed most suitable for small dog breeds as well as cats.
1. Soft plush microfiber surface guarantees
ultimate dog comfort.
2. Fluffy and warm pillow for quality sleep.
3. Wall length and design support cuddling
and snuggling.
4. Easy cleaning due to the machine-washable
5. Incredibly affordable price.
1. Wall sides are not quite as sturdy.

2. Asvin Small Dog Bed, Round Cushion Pet Beds for Indoor Puppy

The Asvin Small Dog Bed

Your dog will like this Asvin’s extra soft and machine washable dog bed.

It boasts a unique rounded design with an inner soft sherpa fleece that guarantees comfort and coziness for your dogs, an external beautiful suede covering on the sides, and a non-skid bottom dotted with oxford to ensure your dog stays in place, even if your dog is playing around or moving slightly on its bed.

It’s a 20-inch bed, suitable for cats and most small dog breeds of different ages. It’s easily washable if you want to toss it into the washing machine. Not only does this guarantee a soft and cozy sleeping area for your dog but the cuteness also means it can easily blend in as one of the many components decorating your home’s interior.

Key Features & Highlights

  • Soft sherpa fleece is soft and cozy and will feel gentle and comfortable on your dog.
  • The sleeping area of about 20 inches in length for small to medium size dogs.
  • Raised side rims are good for dog’s neck and back support for dogs that love to cuddle.
  • Anti-slip oxford bottom helps prevent slips and shifting.
  • Machine washable in cold water and gentle cycles.
  • Available in brown color and measures 20″X19″X6″ around with a sleeping area suitable for small and medium dogs.
1. Super comfy and warm surface for your dog’s body.
2. The sherpa fleece, the suede outer part, and the oxford
dotted bottom are strong and durable.
3. Excellent anti-skid bottom helps prevent movement
of the bed on smooth surfaces.
4. Soft, cozy, and cute, made to look beautiful in your home.
5. Super affordable price.
The side could have been a bit higher and firmer.

3. AIPERRO Dog Crate Pad Washable Dog Bed Mat Dog Mattress

AIPERRO Dog Crate Pad Washable Dog Bed Review

Comfort should not be complicated.

This was perhaps what the folks at Aiperro thought while designing this simply awesome dog bed/dog mat. This bed is what it is: a mattress for your small dog, with a cozy surface on which they can spend their time comfortably while resting or sleeping.

But simplicity does not make the Airperro any less than many of the other dog beds on the market as it comes with certain features that makes it one of the best orthopedic dog beds for small dogs. From the soft plush surface to the non-slip feature, and the awesomely compact design, this bed boasts some great features many of which are highlighted below;

Key Features & Highlights

  • Soft plush fleece surface to cozy up to your dog’s skin
  • A 1-inch polyester insert in the mattress helps absorb pressure and provides better support for your dog’s optimum comfort.
  • Anti-slip bottom helps prevent the bed from shifting or slipping on surfaces like hardwood, car seats, etc.
  • Machine washable feature and simple design for hassle-free use, cleaning, and maintenance.
  • The orthopedic crate bed helps reduce pressure on your dog’s spine, muscles, and joints while resting or sleeping.
  • Only available in dark blue although there are 5 different sizes; a 23” x 18” size for very small dogs, a 29” x 21 size for small dogs, and 35” x 23” size for medium-sized dogs.
1. The orthopedic bed feature guarantees maximum comfort and support.
2. Simple design makes it easy to move or take around in cars, for example.
3. The anti-slip feature helps reduce safety risks.
4. Incredibly affordable price than most other dog beds.
1.No wall for dogs that like to cuddle.
2. While it is durable, it’s not suitable for rough dogs that are usually
obsessed with chewing or digging.

4. FURTIME Durable Dog Bed for Large, Medium And Small Dogs

Best FURTIME Durable Dog Bed

The FURTIME Durable Dog Bed for Large Medium Small Dogs Soft Washable Pet Bed is a rectangular bundle of comfort and enjoyment for your dog. This premium dog bed is not only great for your dog’s comfort and health but is also a pleasure to look at as it beautifies the space in the area where it’s kept. 

The bed is stuffed with high-quality PP cotton covered in Rose Swirl plush fabric. These materials are not only comfortable for your dog but are also non-toxic. The soft and warm bed is machine washable which is the first criterion we looked into. Along with this, it guarantees maximum comfort for your pets, considering the average dog spends 11 to 14 hours sleeping.

Key Features & Highlights

  • The Soft plush breathable fabric makes the bed comfortable and gentle on your dog’s skin.
  • Measures 24″ x 21″ x 8″ around and boasts a sleeping area of 18” x 15”, more than enough for puppies and small to medium dog breeds.
  • Raised side rims suitable for dogs that like to cuddle while also adding a sense of security to the bed.
  • No-slip bottom with strong and durable imitation linen outer cover.
  • Machine washable in cold water and gentle cycles.
  • Only available in brown color.
1. Super comfy surface guarantees quality sleep and rest for dogs.
2. The exceptional strength of the outer fabric and design guarantees durability.
3. The anti-slip bottom helps keep the bed in place to prevent shifting or slipping.
4. Affordable price for superior quality.
5. Overall plush and cute dog bed.
Durable enough, but dogs with an obsession for chewing and
digging can still get their teeth into the non-toxic stuffing.

5. FuzzBall Fluffy Luxe Pet Bed

Best FuzzBall Fluffy Luxe Pet Bed

The donut-shaped Fuzzball fluffy dog bed is one of the best washable dog beds for small dogs. This dog bed comes in 2 sizes and 3 colors. The three colors include grey-beige, dark black, and black. While there’s one size that measures 22 x 22 x 4.5 inches around and can support dogs of up to 25lbs, the other size measures 30” x 30” and will support medium size dogs up to 45lbs.

The bed is shaped like a donut for many dogs that love to curl up in bed. Also, the stuffing is quite fluffy and soft and the covering itself is plush and warm, guaranteed maximum comfort for your furry friend. Finally, it has silicone dots on the bottom to maintain traction and prevent slipping when your dog jumps right on the bed or is being playful while already on it.

Key Features & Highlights

  • Fluffy and warm for comfort during sleep and relaxation.
  • The round donut shape design makes it one of the best anti-anxiety dog beds in the market.
  • Waterproof silicone dotted base helps keep the bed in place to avoid shifting or slipping on smooth surfaces.
  • The machine washable feature makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Available in grey-beige, dark black, and black.
1. Fluffy and soft for soothing effects on the dog’s body.
2. Won’t slip or shift unnecessarily, thanks to the silicone base.
3. Beautiful design to make your dog’s space inviting and cute.
4. Designed in the US of A, Colorado precisely.
The center could use more padding and support.  

6. GASUR Small Dog & Cat Bed

GASUR Washable Small Dog

Many dogs with anxiety issues need specially designed beds to help their conditions. If your dog falls into this category, this calming dog bed with a removable cover will help solve your dog’s sleeping and resting problems. So, this is not just one of the best washable dog beds for small dogs. They also fit very well for dogs with anxiety problems.

This bed comes in two sizes: a small size measuring about 20 x 19 x 7 inches around and a medium-sized one at 25 x 21 x 9 inches. There are also 2 colors: bluish grey and grey. The interior is stuffed with high-quality PP cotton and the materials on the outside include faux wool and microsuede. There are also sidewalls to provide back and neck support as well as an added sense of security for dogs that love to curl and cuddle.

Key Features & Highlights

  • Soft and plush materials for cozy and warm comfort.
  • Outer microsuede and faux wool covering make for a beautiful sight beyond being cozy and comfortable.
  • Sidewall offers support for dogs that are fond of curling.
  • The machine washable feature makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • The detachable pillow has two sides that can be reversibly used.
  • Bluish grey and grey color options.
  • Machine washable.
1. Removable pillows for easy cleaning.
2. Soft, thick, and fluffy at the same time for optimum comfort.
3. Could easily sleep two small dogs under 8lbs.
4. Easy to clean and maintain.
Sidewalls are fluffy and not as firm as should be.  

Does Your Pet Need An Orthopedic Dog Bed?

Should you go for orthopedic dog beds specifically?

Are there benefits in this for your dogs? Probably!

Certain dog breeds are known to suffer from arthritis, joint pain, and hip dysplasia. If you’re wondering if this includes your dog, the breeds at most risk include Labradors, German shepherds, Rottweilers, springer spaniels, golden retrievers, and Bernese mountain dogs, among others. For these dogs at risk of arthritis, an orthopedic dog bed can be a great preventative measure against the development of arthritis and joint pains.

The AIPERRO Dog Crate Pad Washable Dog Bed Mat Dog Mattress is one of the best orthopedic dog beds in the market. It helps reduce pressure on the dog’s spine, muscles, and joints while resting or sleeping. This is not only suitable for older dogs but equally great for puppies as well.

Memory Foam in Dog Beds? Does it Really matter?

Memory foams in beds have similar benefits to what you can expect with orthopedic dog beds. Dogs, both small and large will benefit from having memory foam cushions in their beds. Especially for older dogs, the main benefits lie in the fact that it can help prevent the development of arthritis, joint pain, and hip dysplasia, among others.

Some dog parents also try to support their dog beds with memory foam cushions. This also makes sense since the foam is significantly different from traditional mattresses. Unlike conventional mattresses that add upward pressure to the body, memory foams add upward support by conforming to your dog’s body shape.

Dog Beds Fused into Furniture

There are dog beds fused into furniture.

These can come in handy if you’re trying to save space within your home. In most cases, this can be fused onto tables so they don’t consume much space within the already limited living space. But just like with getting the sizing right, you have to make sure this space is not too small that it feels too tight for them nor too large that they have to retreat to a corner as well.


What is the Best Dog Bed for Small Dogs?                     

We’ve listed six dog beds all of which are worth the best washable dog bed tag. However, if you’re torn between two or more of these options, we’d advise you go with the one you like most as there’s not much that separates these dog beds from each other.

Is it OK to Wash Dog Beds in the Washing Machine?

If your dog bed is machine washable, you can wash it in a washing machine with gentle cycles. Again, all six of the dog beds we reviewed are machine washable and can be washed in the washing machine.

Can you Wash Small Dog Beds?

Definitely! You can wash small dog beds so far they are machine washable.

How Do You Pee Proof a Dog Bed?

Some dog beds are made to be waterproof. But some that are not can be pee-proofed with protector pads and dog bed toppers.


Comfort and support are some of the most crucial factors when shopping for washable dog beds. If you want your dog to feel comfy, and you should, these dog beds should help them get the rest and relaxation they need.

These six are some of the best washable dog beds for small dogs. If you’re keen on getting a single one out of this, we’d recommend the FURTIME Durable Dog Bed for Large Medium Small Dogs Soft Washable Pet Bed and the AIPERRO Dog Crate Pad Washable Dog Bed Mat Dog Mattress which is the best orthopedic dog bed for small dogs. But then, any of the dog beds above will serve your dog well. You can hardly go wrong with these.

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