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The 5 Researched Best Shoes for Dog Groomers (Your Pooch Will Thank You!)

Dog grooming requires special expertise along with the right grooming supplies, apparel, and footwear. In this blog, we present the top five best shoes for dog groomers in the market.

Are You Contemplating Getting New Shoes for Dog Grooming?

Shoes for Dog Groomers

You’ll need the best shoes you can get. One that’s easy to clean and doesn’t stubbornly stick to dog hairs after grooming sessions. Along with being easy to clean, you also need a shoe that’s as comfortable and fitting as you can get.

Scouring the market for the right shoes is not as simple as it seems. To avoid being condemned to ill-fitting shoes that don’t belong in grooming sessions, we’ve reviewed hundreds of products and arrived at these top five comfortable shoes for dog groomers. These are guaranteed to make dog grooming a blissful experience for you every time.

How to Choose Footwear for Dog Groomers: 2023 Buying Guide

If you’re considering pet grooming as a career or as part of your responsibilities as a dog owner, you need everything from the best dog grooming apparel to personal protective equipment for dog groomers, and everything in between.

Highly important among these, you’ll also need to get yourself one of the best shoes for dog groomers as you’ll have to spend time on your feet.

What to Look for When Choosing Comfortable Shoes for Dog Groomers

We’ve recommended five of the best shoes for dog groomers you can get. If you’re curious about how to choose the best shoes for yourself, here are a few things you should consider;

  1. Shoe material: whether it’s rubber or fabric, you need to be sure you’re choosing a pair of shoes built from materials that could easily be cleaned and that won’t hang stubbornly to pet hairs. Natural rubber or mesh materials are usually the best.
  2. Build quality: Buying a well-built pair of shoe matters greatly since you’ll often have to use the shoes. Not only will this impact the overall value but you want to be sure you won’t get shoes that will fall apart during three or so grooming sessions.
  3. Shoe sole design: You have to choose the best shoes for dog groomers with a midsole made from comfortable materials and an outsole that has great traction and stability.
  4. Size of the shoe: Companies to have had slightly different size charts. You have to be sure of how these sizes are measured so you can be sure your shoes will fit nicely when they arrive.
  5. Fit & Comfort: Grooming your dog is not something you rush. So if you would be wearing your shoes for an extended period of time, you should endeavor to get one that fits nicely without hurting your ankle, calves, etc.
  6. Feedback & Reviews: one of the benefits of buying your dog grooming shoes online is the fact you’ll be able to discover the first-hand experience of other dog groomers with a particular shoe. This feedback and reviews can help guide your buying decision.

1. Rocket Dog Women’s Rainy Rubber Rain Boot

Rocket Dog Women's Rainy Rubber Rain Shoe

Cute. Comfortable. True to size.

These are just a few of the many positive words that describe Rocket Dog Women’s Rainy Rubber Rain Boot. if you’re looking for shoes that say dog groomer but still looking for something that’s as cool and stylish, this boot should do the trick.

 The entire shoe is made from 100% synthetic material. This material is waterproof so you never have to worry if it ever starts pouring. It features a rubber outsole that offers excellent traction even on slippery surfaces. There’s also the back heel loop that makes the comfortable shoes easy to put on and remove.

Product Details / Design Features

  • 100% synthetic material with rubber upper.
  • Rubber outsole with excellent traction.
  • The insole is made from soft-cushioned neoprene material.
  • High-top lace-up closure with D-ring eyelets for a secure fit.
  • Rounded and reinforced cap toe design.
1. Cute design and build.
2. Waterproof design ensures your legs never get wet and stinky even under the rain.
3. Great traction of the rubber outsole means easy walk even on slippery surfaces.
4. Easy to clean after dog grooming sessions.
5. The lace-up design makes room for easy and secure fitting for different leg shapes.
You’ll need tall socks or jeans so the rubber top rubbing against your
shin does not become slightly painful over time.

2. Skechers BOBS Women’s Beach Bingo-Dog House Party Sneaker

Skechers Women's Beach Bingo Party Sneaker

The Skechers Bobs Bingo-Dog sneaker is the epitome of style and comfort if you’re in the market for the best dog grooming shoes. These sneakers are cute and will find perfect use in dog grooming sessions. The upper part is made from soft-woven canvas fabric. This canvas boasts a super cute and colorful dog print design along with a slip-on scrunch back for easy wearing and removal. These shoes come in different colors.

The sole is made from a synthetic rubber material, unlike the textile top.  While the insole is comfortable memory foam, the outsole boasts a highly flexible rubber design. This is not just one of the most comfortable shoes for dog groomers. It will fit perfectly for other occasions whether you’re out shopping or enjoying vacation, among other things.

Product Details / Design Features

  • Textile fabric upper canvas with colorful and artistic dog print.
  • The elastic scrunch-back collar design makes for easy wearing and comfortable fitting.
  • The flexible rubber outsole guarantees comfort and durability.
  • The memory foam footbed makes the insole quite comfortable.
  • Lace-up closure ensures fit and stay-put comfort. 
  • Rounded toe design.
1. The cute and colorful artistic dog print on the shoe is eye-catching.
2. Fabric material guarantees decent breathability.
3. Excellent flexibility of the sole makes it cushy to walk on. 
4. The insole memory foam and the entire design make the shoe highly comfortable.
5. Elastic scrunch-back makes it easy to slip on and take off.
1. No arch support.
2. Elastic scrunch-back may appear too tight on the ankle, for some people.

3. SUOKENI Women’s Quick Drying Slip-On Water Shoes for Beach or Water Sports

SUOKENI Women's Quick Drying Slip On Water Shoes for Beach or Water Sport

The SUOKENI Women’s Quick Drying Shoes were made specifically for beachgoers and lovers of water sports. But as it turns out, the shoe became a hit among dog walkers and groomers who needed comfortable shoes that guarantees stability and comfort without being hard to clean. The design is lightweight and comfortable and as the name says, it’s short drying.  This slip-on shoe is perfect for dog grooming and will protect your feet even in harsh conditions.

The open mesh upper part is responsible for its quick-drying ability.

It also guarantees excellent breathability so water and sweat from your feet are able to dry off quickly. The elastic rubber sole is quite soft. This makes walking much more comfortable. Along with the stability, the shoe still manages to offer enough protection for the feet. This is further bolstered by the full-covering design, guaranteed to protect the feet better than most other shoes.

Product Details / Design Features

  • Quick-drying ability, thanks to the open mesh upper part that drains water and dries off sweat quickly.
  • Elastic, lightweight, and soft outsole with anti-slip design to provide strong traction even on wet surfaces.  
  • The full-covering design wraps around the feet evenly.
  • Excellent toe protection to guarantee comfort under different conditions.
1. Cute look and design.
2. Open and breathable mesh fabric for quick drying.
3. Lightweight and comfortable inner sole.
4. Good arch support and fit.
5. Great stability and comfort when walking on different terrains.
1. Tends to pack sands inside the sole when walking on sandy surfaces.
2. People with high instep may have a bit of an issue when putting the shoe on.

4. NORTY Women’s Hurricane Wellie – 14 Solids and Prints – Glossy & Matte Waterproof Hi-Calf Rainboots

NORTY Women's Hurricane Wellie - 14 Solids and Print

The uniquely designed Norty Waterproof Rainboots are some of the best shoes for dog groomers today. From the appearance, the shoe boasts a glossy finish that’s not just cute to look at but very easy to clean. This is one of the things you want in this shoe that says dog groomer loud and clear. The outsole features a small heel design that makes wearing it quite comfortable.

Thanks to the natural rubber construction, your feet can stay dry and clean regardless of what it looks like outside, wet, dirt, or whatever. The Norty shoes come with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you know the company stands by the quality of its product. The long shaft ensures your calves are well-protected from splashes or dog hairs and the big calf size means you’ll have enough room for socks and liners. 

Product Details / Design Features

  • Natural rubber construction helps keep your feet dry and protected even in wet conditions.
  • The long shaft design helps keep your calves protected from dog hairs, splashes, etc.
  • Rubber lug slip-resistant tread soles offer great stability and traction when walking in the boots.
  • ½ size big boot with wide 15” boot opening.
1. Super comfortable shoes for dog grooming.
2. Excellent stability and traction.
3.15-inch boot opening fits snugly around our legs.
4. Cute glossy appearance to help you groom or walk your dog in style.
5. Excellent in the rain, mud, or other harsh environmental conditions.
No cushion support in the footbed so it’s not as squishy. But it’s still a steal, for a
shoe in that price range.

5. Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport Training Water Shoe

Ryka Women Hydro Sport

Shoes like the Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport Training Water Shoe are undoubtedly some of the best shoes for dog groomers. From the look and style, which is the first thing you’ll notice, to the design and build which gives it functionality, this shoe ticks the boxes at virtually all of the right places. It’s made from 100% synthetic material, with the upper part being a breathable mesh canvas while the sole is made from a sticky rubber material.

The sticky rubber outsole gives the shoes high stability and traction when walking in them. The textile fabric lining also incorporates a removable nitracel cushion insole. Also, the midsole is a compression-molded EVA that incorporates drainage ports into the design. There are also drainage ports in the outsole so wetness is never going to be an issue with these shoes as they can drain off water and sweat quickly.

Product Details / Design Features

  • The rubber outsole guarantees excellent traction and stability, even on wet surfaces.
  • The midsole with drainage ports and outsole with drainage ports helps make the shoe quick-drying.
  • Breathable synthetic mesh fabric is chlorine-resistant.
  • Excellent medical and lateral support thanks to the webbing midfoot cage.
1. Very comfy and cute shoes.
2. Good traction even on slippery surfaces. 
3. Breathable mesh and drainage ports help the shoe dry off the water, sweat,
and more, quickly and easily.
4. Excellent airflow
5. Lightweight build and design  
Nothing much except the slight issue that it comes with a non-elastic lace.  

Choosing Your Dog Grooming Apparel

Maybe you don’t know, but choosing the right dog grooming apparel can make a world of difference during your dog grooming sessions. Talking of dog grooming apparel, a lot of things are involved. The most important among these include;

  1. Dog grooming scrubs: Scrubs were once limited to use in medical facilities but they are now important if you’re choosing dog grooming apparel. This is down to their quality of being easy to wear and quick to clean and dry.
  2. Dog grooming tops: These can range from jackets that are easy to clean loose dog hairs and snags to water-proof aprons, and smocks, among others.
  3. Grooming pants: lightweight, waterproof, and easy-to-clean pants also find great use during grooming sessions. If you’re assembling your grooming apparel, you want to consider some of these.
  4. Footwear: While apparel basically has to do with clothing, you’ll need some of the most comfortable shoes for dog groomers to match your apparel. Any of the five best shoes for dog groomers above will serve that purpose.

Personal Protective Equipment for Dog Groomers

Dog grooming apparel and protective equipment for dog groomers are needed to help you avoid some of the mess that could come with pet grooming.

You don’t want to get covered in dog hairs or wet by splashes of water or other substances.

This is why along with the apparel, you still need PPE for this slightly challenging work. When it comes to protective equipment for dog groomers, we’ll often think two things above all else. These include;

  • Dog grooming gloves or mitts: dog groomers are constantly being exposed to water, shampoo, and other products. Constant exposure to this can have certain effects on the hands. This is where gloves and mitts come in to protect the skin area most vulnerable to this kind of exposure.
  • Dog grooming sleeves: Grooming sleeves are designed to fit snugly around the sleeves. They are usually elastic, serving a major purpose to cover and protect the arm against dog hairs, dirt, and animal scratch during grooming.

Where to Get Dog Grooming Supplies

Grooming supplies include but are not limited to;

  • Grooming Table
  • Bathing Station
  • Combs & Brushes
  • Grooming Shears & Clippers
  • Ear and Eye Cleaning Kit
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Stripping Knife
  • Dental Supplies, etc.

These are some of the most important pieces of equipment when you need to groom your dog regardless of whether you’re doing this at home or as a professional in your grooming shop.

While you don’t have to go around looking for each of these separately, online retail platforms like Amazon boast a huge collection of grooming supplies so you can always get what you need, when you need it. The same applies to when you’re shopping for the best shoes for dog groomers. You can always go online to platforms like Amazon to get the best of whatever you need for your dog grooming sessions.

Safety Tips for Dog Grooming

Best dog grooming shoes

What you wear plays a role in the success of your dog grooming sessions.

But beyond these, how you handle the entire success is also very important. While there are a lot of dos and don’t when it comes to grooming dogs, here are some of the tips and guidelines you need to adhere to religiously;

  1. Ensure you always have the right protective equipment and apparel for dog grooming.
  2. Handle pets with care and never forget that a bite is not completely impossible.
  3. Take caution when scissoring or brushing the hairs off delicate parts of the dog’s body like the eyes.
  4. Be focused and study changes in the dog’s behaviors during grooming.
  5. As a professional groomer, never let the dog get out of your control, unless you’re prepared to tell tales of missing pets to angry dog owners. Make provisions for secure and gentle restraint.
  6. Carry out grooming in short sessions in a way that helps reduce fear and anxiety in pets.
  7. Dryers should be used to ensure the dogs are dried after grooming and during drying, the temperature must be well regulated to avoid frightening the dog or burning their skin.

FAQ on Shoes for Dog Groomers

What Shoes do Dog Groomers Wear?

Dog groomers wear specially designed shoes fitting for grooming sessions. Considering these sessions often involve splashes, loose hairs, etc, the ideal shoes for grooming should b such that they can be easily cleaned of hairs, should be waterproof or quick-drying, and should be comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods of dog grooming.

What products do Professional Dog Groomers use?

Hair shampoo and air conditioner, grooming sheaves and clippers, pet care products, and a host of other grooming supplies are often used during grooming sessions.

What do Groomers do with Dog hair?

Dog groomers dispose of the dog hair clippings after grooming sessions. But the hair can also be used for a variety of other things from knitting clothes to stuffing pillows, fertilizing the soil, and making felted crafts, among other things.

Do Dog Groomers wear Gloves?

Yes! Dog groomers often wear gloves to protect the hands as the skin here is constantly being exposed to water, shampoo, and hair conditioner during grooming sessions. This will help prevent the chemicals in this product from having harsh effects on the skin. 

What do Professional Dog Groomers use to Wash Dogs?

To wash dogs, groomers often use a special kind of shampoo made especially for dogs. These shampoos are made to help rid the skin and hairs of foul and unpleasant odors.

Best Shoes for Dog Groomers: Conclusion

You could pick any of the five comfortable shoes for dog groomers that we recommended above and you can put your mind at rest knowing that footwear will no longer be a problem whenever it’s time for grooming. All of these shoes have been carefully analyzed from a list of hundreds until we ended up with the top five that guarantee the greatest functionality for grooming.

The Rocket Dog Women’s Rainy Rubber Rain Boot has one of the best designs and builds of most dog grooming shoes. The Skechers BOBS Women’s Beach Bingo-Dog House Party Sneaker also does very well with grooming and can even be worn outside your grooming sessions.

The open mesh design and breathability attribute are the highlights of the SUOKENI Women’s Quick Drying Slip-On Water Shoes for Beach or Water Sports as well as Ryka Women’s Hydro Sport Training Water Shoe. And if you want a comfortable grooming shoe with excellent traction and stability, the NORTY Women’s Hurricane Wellie – 14 Solids and Prints – Glossy & Matte Waterproof Hi-Calf Rainboots won’t disappoint. You can make a choice between one or more of these shoes and you can start experiencing a new kind of comfort and convenience you’ve probably been missing all this while.

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