Researched Top 5 Best Sheep Shears For Dog Grooming

You can actually use the best sheep shears for dog grooming. If you’re worried about how to choose the perfect one among the different brands and products in the market, this is the perfect guide you need.

Of all the cute things your dog could look like in this world, a cotton ball should be the last thing you want. Your pup may not require daily hygiene or frequent salon visits like you. But the time might come when they’ll need some trimming. Why not do it yourself?

Best Sheep Shears For Dog Grooming

With the best sheep shears for dog grooming, you can easily help your furry friend get rid of some of its hair when the fur starts getting too much or too jagged.

Whether you’re reluctant to pay an exorbitant fee at the groomer’s or would prefer doing it at home since Fido will definitely be more comfortable with you also by comfortable dog groomer pants, this guide will help you discover the five (5) best quality sheep shears currently available to use whenever you need to clip your dog(s). Good people and cool puppies, shall we?

1. Wahl Easy Pro for Pets, Rechargeable Dog Grooming Kit

Wahl Easy Pro for Pets

For over an entire century, the Wahl brand has made its mark in the grooming market niche. It’s no wonder this Wahl Easy Pro specifically designed for pets is among the best sheep shears for dog grooming in the market.

The Wahl Easy Pro is a simple product that does away with fluffs to do what it has to do. It’s designed for both effectiveness and convenience and could be the one clipper your dog needs to get rid of all its fur entanglements. The blades are detachable and snag-free, guaranteed to make grooming much more comfortable at home.

Key Specifications

  • Corded operation and cordless operation for convenient use anytime
  • High-carbon precision blades with a self-sharpening feature to keep the blades super sharp and smooth-gliding.
  • Low noise, low vibration operation to avoid startling your pets so they are always at ease.
  • Easy use guide combs help achieve the needed coat length
1. Can be used cordless since it has a rechargeable battery.
2. Easily affordable and packed with all of the right accessories.
3. Easy use and maintenance.
1. Can feel a little heavy for people with small hands.

2. HANSPROU Dog Shaver Clippers High Power Dog Clipper

HANSPROU Dog Shaver Clippers

The Hansprou Dog Shaver can be used for both sheep, cats, and dogs. As of today, it is one of the most popular sheep shears for dog grooming. As will be expected, this shaver’s success is entirely based on the efficacy of its use when deployed for pet grooming. Hardly will you come across any serious electric sheep shears reviews without a feature of this dog clipper.

The motor delivers strong motive power that glides through your dog’s hair, snag-free. The blades are also super sharp and high-quality. Hansprou is also designed to work quietly because you don’t want to startle your dog. It’s an all-around excellent product that deserves every star it continues to get. If you do decide to get the Hansprou Shaver, it is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Key Specifications

  • 12v-powered strong motor for smooth and stable motive power.
  • High-quality titanium-ceramic blade with 35-tooth cutter heads.
  • Low noise design for ultra-quiet operation.
  • Five (5) guide combs for clipping dog furs into different lengths.  
  • The aluminum alloy fuselage means a stronger and more durable build.
1. Super quiet, yet super powerful.
2. It Retails at a relatively affordable price.
3. 2-year warranty for guaranteed durability
4. Easy use, maintenance, and cleaning.
5. The long power cord allows for easy maneuverability.
1. Blades and guides are a little too narrow, which might have made hair clipping even faster.

3. Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers

4. Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series

This animal clipper is easy to hold, super easy to use and maneuver, and is produced by Wahl, one of the biggest names in the grooming equipment sector.

One of the things you’ll like most about the Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers is that it can be recharged and used cordless. It comes with a lithium-ion battery capable of a decent 2-hour runtime.

The motor, though quiet, is super powerful – it won’t startle the pet with unnecessary noise and vibration. The clipper can be used on different species and breeds of animals from sheep to dog breeds, cats, etc, regardless of the thickness of their coats.

Key specifications

  • Super quiet and low-vibration operation
  • Self-sharpening precision blades guarantee snag-free gliding through your pet’s coat.
  • Cordless battery operation is capable of 2-hours runtime.
  • The quick charging feature lets you use the clipper even with just 15 minutes of charging.
1. Reliable brand name.
2. Cordless use offers more convenience with a long-lasting battery.
3. Easy use and maintenance.
1. The design feels a little too bulky.

4. 12V Professional Dog Clippers for Grooming, Electric Sheep Shears

12V Professional Dog Clipper for Grooming

Super-effective motive power, sharp and efficient titanium blades, low noise, and low vibration operation are a few of the many reasons why this clipper from Sunifier is one of the best sheep shears for dog grooming. In fact, this clipper was designed to handle both dog and sheep fur as efficiently as possible. It shaves the fur from your pets easily and effortlessly.

These Sunifier professional dog clippers feature a pro-grade design. From the motor to the blade and the ergonomic design, you’ll easily fall in love with it as the only dog clipper you might ever need. This clipper is a heavy-duty package in a small body, guaranteed to make hair clipping a much better experience for both you and your dog.

Key specifications

  • A high-powered 12-volt 6000rpm motor delivers enough power to clip dog fur, cats, and even sheep with thick coats.
  • 2 packs of super-sharp, super-safe, and smooth-gliding 35-tooth ceramic-titanium blades for the best shaving experience for your dogs.
  • Low noise, low noise, easy operation to avoid startling your pets and keep them at ease.
1. Super strong motive power
2. Affordability is impressive
3. Easy to use and operate
4. Doesn’t make noise or loud vibrations
1. The light plastic construction makes
it looks kinda cheap.

5. Serimer Dog Clippers, Professional Dog Hair Trimmer Set

Serimer Dog Clippers

This Serimer is not just for dog grooming at home. Professional dog groomers use it for trimming dog furs, so you know it’s really the big deal. As one of the best sheep shears for dog grooming, this clipper also works fine for cats and other pets.

Its combo of a strong motor, efficient operation, and low-noise operation into a small but beautiful design is one of the reasons dog owners and professional dog groomers can’t get enough of it. Should you decide to snag one of these for yourself, you, as well as, Fido will like it. 

Key Specifications

  • Super powerful 12v motor for incredibly strong power and smooth operation.
  • 6 guide combs for six (6) level shifts with 35-tooth super sharp blades.
  • The one-touch switch design allows for easy operation, especially for dog owners who just want to groom their dogs at home.
  • Low noise, low vibration operation ensure smooth operation that would not startle your dogs.
1. Smooth gliding sharp blades cut easily and are gentle on
your pet’s skin.
2. Still affordable and does its job well.
3. Easy use and cleaning.
1. Few users report the power cords being problematic at times.

2023 Buying Guide: Sheep Shears For Dogs

There are certain things you always want to check out when buying dog clippers for your dog. These factors are so important that if you miss them, you might have messed up the entire process, even before it has started. Here are a few of these things to watch out for;

  • Dog breed: your dog breed can impact what type of clip you’ll need. Does your breed of dog have a thick or heavy coat? The thicker the fur, the more powerful the clipper you’ll need.
  • Power/Battery life: Most dog clippers are either corded or battery-powered. If you’re in the market for rechargeable battery-powered ones, be sure you’re going with a product with reliable battery life.
  • Noise/Vibration profile: Unlike human clippers, pet clippers should operate with low noise and vibration. You want your pet to be at ease and comfortable. Loud noises and vibrations will startle them and can cause injuries if they are not at ease.
  • Ergonomic: weight, grip, and design also matter. It will always take a few minutes, or even an hour before you finish the fur trimming process. The clipper should be comfortable enough to use for this time.

What are the best clippers for sheep?

We already reviewed our best sheep shears which, fortunately, will also work for dogs and even cats. To summarize the review, here are our top picks for anyone looking for the best clippers for sheep in the market;

  • Sunifier 12V Professional Dog Clippers – chosen for the powerful 6000 rpm motor and the smooth-gliding operation.
  • Wahl Easy Pro for Pets – chosen for its strong power, the convenience of its corded and cordless operation, and its value and affordability.
  • HANSPROU Dog Shaver – chosen for the power and durability
  • Serimer Clippers – chosen for power, ergonomic and smooth operation.
Best Sheep Shear For Dog

Where To Buy Sheep Shears For Dogs

The answer is simple. You can either buy it online or get it at your local pet supplies store. Both of these have their peculiar benefits.

While buying online is much easier and more convenient and also gives room to check out the experience of other dog owners who have used the clippers you’re interested in, visiting a local store offers a different kind of experience. You can easily check out what you want to buy before buying but miss out on all of the other benefits of the online buying method though.

Where To Buy Used Sheep Shearing Equipment

Some online stores also offer the option of buying used sheep shearing equipment if you’re looking to save money on your grooming investment.

Marketplaces like eBay and Amazon are good places to look at if you’re more interested in buying used dog clippers to help you save a few dollars.

Using Professional Sheep Shearing Equipment As A Dog Hair Cutting Machine

You know by now that you can use professional sheep shearing equipment as a dog hair cutting machine. If you’re unsure how to go about this, here are some of the tips we recommend starting from when the pup is still very young;

  • Get your pup used to the process as early as possible to ensure they always turn up better beheaded during trimming sessions.
  • Always make sure you use a good clipper – you can get any of the best sheep shears for dogs reviewed in this guide.
  • Choose a clipper that can work quietly with little to no vibration.
  • Ensure your clippers are always sharp so you don’t have to pull hairs.
  • Cut slowly along the direction the hair is growing.
  • Hold your dog well and ensure they are at ease to avoid sudden movements that can cause injuries.

Best Sheep Shears For Dogs FAQ

We know you have some more questions you’ll want to find answers to with regards to dog clippers and shavers. We’ve taken our time to answer some of the questions below.

If you can’t find the answers you need here, please drop them in the comments and you can be sure someone will answer you.

What Is The Best Brand Of Sheep Shears?

Well, we didn’t set out to rank sheep shears brands with this post. However, if we were to choose, our picks will include Wahl, Sunifier, and Hansprou in the top category.

What Shears Do Dog Groomers Use?

With sheep, we call it shears. But with dogs, we call it clippers. All five (5) dog clippers or sheep shears featured in this electric sheep shears review are used by professional dog groomers from the Sunifier 12V Professional Dog Clipper to the Hansprou Dog Shaver and the rechargeable Wahl Easy Pro for Pets. 

What Is The Difference Between Sheep Shears And Dog Clippers?

The major difference between dog clippers and sheep shears will mostly come down to power. Sheep need powerful clippers with powerful motors and super sharp blades because of their significantly heavier and thicker coat. Fortunately, all of the dog clippers featured in this review are powerful enough to work for sheep just as easily as they would work for dogs.

Can You Use A Sheep Shearer On A Dog?

Yes! That is the answer. If the shearer is powerful enough to shear a sheep, it’s good enough for your dogs too.

Conclusion: should you buy a sheep shear for dog grooming?

Your dogs would need fur trimming every once in a while.

When that time comes, you don’t have to visit a groomer if you don’t want to. If you have the time, dog clippers can work perfectly during these times when you need to groom your dog.

Most pet clippers on the market are designed to be multipurpose clippers suitable enough for different pets.

While sheep are the most in need of hair trimming, the best shears for sheep would also work for dogs. If you need this for your pet, you can get the Sunifier 12V Professional Dog Clipper, the Hansprou Dog Shaver, the rechargeable Wahl Easy Pro, or any of the five (5) best sheep shears for dog grooming reviewed above. It never gets easier than these!