Best Professional Dog Grooming Books For Beginner To Advanced Dog Groomers

The best professional dog grooming books will help you level up your dog grooming expertise – more than anything you’ll learn from someone somewhere. While there are lots of books on this topic in the market, this guide curates the very best of such books that you should be reading.

The thing about dog grooming is that while it might seem like a straightforward thing, new tools and techniques keep coming out now and then. So, while you might have been able to learn from a professional or through a paid course, you still need some of the best books on dog grooming on your shelf to keep updating your knowledge.

We curated a list of the top five best professional dog grooming books that will keep you grounded in this field of ours. Regardless of how many hours you’ve spent listening to and watching professionals do grooming, these books are important if you care about taking your expertise to a cutting-edge level.

Professional Dog Grooming Books

Professional Dog Groomers Need An All-Breed Dog Grooming Styles Guide

Perhaps you know how to groom a rottweiler perfectly. 

Heck, you might even know how to groom tens of other breeds of dogs despite their unique needs. But having a professional dog grooming book readily available on your shelf gives you much more knowledge oftentimes. The Ultimate Dog Grooming (Paperback), for instance, has grooming information on over 180 different dog breeds. The Notes from the Grooming Table (Paperback) by Melissa Verplank covers more than 200. 

For you as a professional dog groomer, having one or more professional dog grooming books means you’ll always be armed with the right information regardless of whatever breed of dog shows up at your grooming table, no matter how rare they are.

Dog Grooming Manual Buying Guide

A lot of books have been written on dog grooming.

But how can you find the best one that ticks the boxes in all of the right places?

Maybe you don’t even have an idea of what the boxes even are. Don’t worry, this section of our guide will help you discover key things to look out for right now that you want to choose a good dog grooming manual to update your grooming knowledge.

Three (3) Questions To Ask When Shopping For Professional Dog Grooming Books

Find answers to these three questions whenever you’re in the market for a dog grooming manual. The answers will help you decide whether or not you’re buying a book that’s worth it.

What does it cover?

Does it cover topics and aspects of dog grooming that are important to you? Are the topics well-detailed or just vaguely touched with fluffy information? It helps to know the details before you shell out your hard-earned dollars to splurge on a dog grooming manual.

Who are the authors?

Looking for the best professional dog grooming books? Chances are most of these have been written by experts in the field with more than just an average grasp of what it takes to groom a dog. Rather than just buy from career authors who write anything and everything, ensure you’re buying from an author or authors who are subject matter experts on dog grooming.

What are people saying about it?

Finally, one of the most accurate determinants of the worth of a book is what others who have read it are saying about it. If the reviews are largely positive, chances are you’ll find the book valuable as well.

1. The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide (Spiral-Bound)

How much do you know about dog grooming? What are the key aspects and techniques of grooming a dog? Is there a book to learn dog grooming that works for newbies as much as it does for seasoned groomers? If there’s one book to satisfy your curiosity about these and more questions, it’s probably Sam Kohl’s latest revised edition of The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide Spiral-bound.

The All Breed Dog Grooming Guide Spiral-bound is a 648-page treasure trove of professional dog grooming tips and techniques. The book covers dog grooming routines and practices for 193 AKC-recognized dog breeds. So, even if you’re familiar with several types of breeds, this dog grooming book will significantly play a role in your profession so you’re readily prepared to tend to whatever dog breed that steps up your grooming table.

Book Features & Highlights

  • Covers comprehensive dog grooming details for a whopping 193 AKC recognized dog breed types.
  • Comprised two (2) sections; a first section that describes the entire grooming process and a second section with detailed instructions.
  • Valuable details on how to choose your grooming table, equipment, tools, and other things that could influence the grooming session.
  • Detailed guide complete with tons of images to provide clear visualization and illustration of several tools and techniques.

2. The Dog Grooming Business Course (Paperback)

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working from your fancy dog salon or grooming dogs from home. Professional dog grooming is a serious business and if you’re serious enough about it, books like The Dog Grooming Business Course (Paperback) from Kristian Maris will help you find your footing in this unique field.

Kristian Maris’s book contains a wealth of information on not just dog grooming but also about how to handle the business side of things. It takes you systematically through the detailed guides and instructions on dog grooming for diverse breeds, complete with tips and advice on how to start and run a successful dog grooming business. While many have called it the “Holy Grail of Dog Grooming,” it’s no doubt that it is one of the professional dog grooming books for anyone on the lookout for a book to learn dog grooming.

Book Features & Highlights

  • 220 pages of highly valuable dog grooming information, written in clear and easily understandable English.
  • Detailed sections of dog grooming tips and techniques for all kinds of groomers whether newbies, beginners, and advanced groomers.
  • Dedicated sections on the business side of grooming, for handling and running day-to-do grooming-related operations.

3. Ultimate Dog Grooming (Paperback)

Three (3) experienced experts, Eileen Geeson, Barbara Vetter, and Lia Whitmore collaborated to deliver the Ultimate Dog Grooming (Paperback). Since its release, the book has been receiving praise from all quarters not just for how valuable it turned out to be for professional dog groomers but also for how it does excellently well to present its information in a way that simplifies dog grooming even for owner-groomers.

The book comprises three (3) sections across sixteen (16) pages on how to groom designer dog breeds like the Labradoodle, Cockapoo, Goldendoodle, and Yorkie X, among others. Ultimate Dog Grooming (Paperback) is probably the closest you’ll ever get if you want dog grooming simplified. Along with basic grooming and care, the book offers insight on other aspects such as creative grooming for different dog haircuts, training and certifications, competitions, and more, related to dog grooming.

Book Features & Highlights

  • Three (sections); sixteen (16) pages.
  • Covers key topics and concepts from routine care to coat types, running a grooming business, and choosing a professional groomer.
  • Detailed information on key features of professional dog grooming such as grooming techniques and methods, handling “difficult dogs,” equipment handling, skin/coat problems, troubleshooting, etc.
  • Covers popular dog breeds such as Labradoodle, Cockapoo, Yorie X, and over 180 other breeds organized into easily understandable dog breed profiles across eight (8) chapters.
  • Latest revisions include additions on creative grooming, dog grooming training and certification, and information on continental lion Clip for Poodles, among others.

4. Dog Grooming For Dummies (Paperback)

Margaret Bonham released one of the best professional dog grooming books in 2006. Today, the dog grooming manual continues to garner raving reviews from not just professional groomers but also from owners who have managed to get pretty good at grooming their furry friends despite little to no prior grooming experience.

The Dog Grooming For Dummies does exactly what it promises, a dog grooming simplified manual with dog grooming info and style guides on all breeds of dog. As simple as it appears, the book covers the most important aspects of grooming, from training and preparing your dog for grooming to ear, teeth, and nail care, clippers and scissors handling, and coat-specific grooming. As a plus, it also touches on how to prepare your dog for showmanship in the ring for people interested in that.

Book Features & Highlights

  • 384-pages of undiluted dog grooming information written in clear and easily understandable English.
  • Valuable information on key grooming equipment handling.
  • Details on coat-specific grooming information
  • Basic grooming routine such as ear, teeth, and nail care.

5. Notes from the Grooming Table (Paperback)

The newly revised Notes from the Grooming Table (Paperback) was released in 2016 and has continued to garner nothing but praise ever since. Popular stylist, Melissa Verplank teamed up with esteemed wildlife artist, Lisa Van Sweden to deliver one of the best professional books on dog grooming that many say had “set the industry standard for grooming reference guides.”

In Notes from the Grooming Table (Paperback), Melissa presents valuable information on how to groom over 200 dog breeds, including rare breeds like rustic coats and hairless breeds. This 640-page of invaluable dog grooming knowledge is a must-have for every professional dog groomer regardless of their level of expertise, beginner, or expert.

Book Features & Highlights

  • Valuable information on grooming 200+ dog breeds
  • Dedicated tools and equipment mastery section to help groomers get the best out of their dog grooming equipment.
  • Dedicated bathing and drying sections with detailed instructions and vivid illustrations.
  • Separate sections on classic poodle and drop style coats grooming.
  • Revised breed profile styling included in the latest edition.

Benefits Of A Dog Grooming Manual

Why should you splurge on the best professional dog grooming books when you have already completed a course on dog grooming? Well, the benefits are there for all to see.

As simple as it often seems, dog grooming keeps evolving with new information, trends, and discoveries. Of all, the greatest benefit of good dog grooming manuals is that they will help you update your knowledge on new techniques, processes, tools, and more. To keep yourself updated, it’s always important to have access to the new wealth of knowledge and ideas that books bring.

Best Professional Dog Grooming Books

Also, they might be helpful when you’re undergoing a course, training, or certification for professional dog grooming.

For dog owners, having a dog manual at your disposal will make it easy to groom your dog in the absence of a professional dog groomer.

And for professionals themselves, having one or more of the best dog grooming manuals with all breed dog grooming styles guide can help you get better at grooming diverse breeds of dogs that may frequent your salon. 

Where To Find Good Books To Learn Dog Grooming

Finding dog grooming books to buy can be quite challenging if you don’t know where to look. Your options, however, can range from buying physical books such as paperbacks to digital versions that can only be accessed on digital devices.

While physical stores and bookshops are a great place to look, online marketplaces like Amazon, however, provide unfettered access to a voluminous collection of the best professional dog grooming books so you can easily pick one or more that interests you.

Professional Dog Grooming Books – Do You Really Need Them?

We can all agree that you need professional dog grooming books if you’re just testing your feet in the waters for a career in dog grooming.

But what about expert dog groomers? Do these professionals still need dog grooming books? The simple answer is YES. absolutely!

Take this, for example;

You’ll read a lot during your MBBS if you’re studying medicine. But no matter how much you read to earn your degrees in medicine, the reading doesn’t stop with graduation. Physicians continue to read even after graduation to help them better understand patients and their conditions. It’s also similar to being a dog groomer.

Different Dog Haircuts & Styles

Dog grooming goes beyond just cleanliness but could also make sense for your dogs if you want to give them a new look and appearance. This is exactly where dog haircuts come in. 

Fortunately, some of the professional grooming books we reviewed contain info on dog haircuts. Regardless, here are some of the most common different dog haircuts and styles you might want to consider for your furry friends;

  1. Neaten haircut: this haircut involves trimming down the necklines, belly, feet, sanitary areas, chest, and more.
  2. Shaved: often considered for extremely matted dogs. Patches might also be shaved for healing, skin irritation, etc.
  3. Lamb cut: commonly done for poodles. Done by clipping the hair on the neck and body short while leaving the neck and head hair much longer.
  4. Teddy cut: done by clipping the hair on the neck short while leaving the rest of the body longer. The style gives dogs a teddy bear look.
  5. Others include lion cut, kennel cut, clean face, etc.

Keeping Dog Grooming Simplified

Professional grooming books help keep dog grooming simplified. 

All of the dog grooming manuals featured in this review have been written in simple, plain, and easily understandable English. While dog grooming might come across as something simple, it’s in fact an art that needs to be well-perfected. And thanks to these grooming books, everything has been kept simplified so much that they would be as useful for beginners as much as they would be for advanced dog groomers. 

Best Book On How Do I Become A Dog Groomer 

Fortunately, some of the professional dog grooming books we reviewed cover details on the business side of things as well. 

So, if you’re in the market for a book on how do I become a dog groomer, you can choose between several options that include the Ultimate Dog Grooming (Paperback) and The Dog Grooming Business Course (Paperback), among others.

FAQ – Professional Dog Grooming Books

Got questions about dog grooming manuals?

Hopefully, this will help answer some of your most common questions.

Can I teach myself dog grooming?

YES! Many of the best professional dog grooming books featured in our review are written in clear and plain English so they can be easily used by people looking to teach themselves dog grooming.

What is the best way to learn dog grooming?

Signing for a course is important but books offer a wealth of knowledge you’ll hardly come across in any single dog grooming school. Whatever way you’ve chosen to learn dog grooming, complementing the process with a good dog grooming manual is almost always the best thing.

How do you groom a dog for beginners?

As a beginner, you’ll need to start with the basics of bathing, ear, tooth, and nail care. Adopting this ground-up approach will make it easy to become well-acquainted with the process easily, over time.


Dog grooming is a very important aspect of dog care.

The best way to learn about this will be through books and guides written by experienced professionals with a great grasp of the subject. While finding great books on this topic can be quite a challenge, we’ve done the bulk of the work for you by curating a collection of the best professional dog grooming books in the market.

What you do next depends solely on what you want.

But with any of the five best dog grooming manuals we reviewed, you can be sure that you can achieve dog grooming mastery within a reasonable time frame, with a reasonable level of commitment.