The Researched Best Professional Dog Groomer Smocks

The best professional dog groomer smocks will make dog grooming much more fun than stressful. While hundreds of different brands and varieties are on the market, we’ve reviewed the best to bring you these top five groomer smocks for the perfect balance of comfort, functionality, and good looks!

2023 Review Of The Best Professional Dog Groomer Smocks

Professional dog groomers need dog grooming smocks – the best ones there are! This is important because dog grooming is always a wet environment, with dog hair and water splashes being inseparable parts of the profession.

Dog Groomer Smocks

Pet Grooming Smocks Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Professional Dog Groomer Smocks

If you’re in the market for a dog grooming smock, you definitely want the best value you can get. Fortunately, these essential apparel don’t cost an arm and leg, so it’s easy to choose what you actually like. But then, here are four essential things you’ll want to consider when choosing pet grooming smocks to groom all types of dog breeds for your use;

●     Material

The kind of material will determine the quality of the product to a large extent.

It would be best if you endeavored to go for waterproof materials which are often made from thin polyester fabric materials. This way, you can be sure not to get messed up easily by water splashes when bathing dogs. Also, be sure the material is static-free to avoid accumulating hair all over it. 

●     Size

Most of the dog grooming smocks we reviewed are available in different sizes. This means you can always choose what will complement your body size. Be sure to pay attention to the measurements of these smocks, so you don’t end with an ill-fitting smock.

●     Durability

While it’s not always easy to ascertain durability until you’ve tested a product, you might want to check out what others are saying about the product. The reviews of other dog groomers with experience with such products might help you determine just how durable it might be so you can be sure you’re getting value for your money.

That said, all of the best professional dog groomer smocks here have been thoroughly tested to the limits. You can believe it when we say you’re getting absolute money for value when you go for any one of them.

●     Design

The design has more to do with preference than functionality, though.

  • Would you be more comfortable with a long sleeve grooming smock, or would you instead go for a short-sleeved one?
  • Would you prefer your smock came with pockets for small tools or those that don’t mainly move you?

Whatever you need, it’s good to be sure about it. Thankfully, different smocks are featured here so chances are high you’ll find that perfect design that does it for you. 

To make your life easier on the job, you need the best professional dog groomer smocks that let you stay dry and hair-free after every groom. If this sounds like something you’ll need, below are some of the top five water-resistant smocks on the market;

1.DHXYZZB Dog Pet Grooming Smock

Pet Grooming Smock

The DHXYZZB Dog Pet Grooming Smock is made from an anti-static nylon material feature that easily makes it one of the best dog bathing smocks you’ll find around.

Being anti-static means hairs fall off quickly, so you never have to worry about poodle shavings all over your body. The DHXYZZB Dog Pet Grooming Smock also holds its ground in the face of water and stains. The waterproof property means you can work all day without feeling damp and gross. It comes with sizable pocket spaces to keep small grooming tools along with a zipper that makes wearing and taking it off super simple.

1. Resists water splashes, hair/dog shavings, and stains pretty good.
2. Zipper closer for easy wearing/removing.
3. Small pocket spaces to keep tools on the job.
4. Different sizes are available for different body sizes.
5. Great affordability and quality provide the best value in a smock.
Some people with big body sizes may have issues with the smock
fitting nicely around the hips.

2. Salon Smock Jacket Dog Pet Grooming Smock

This is another high-quality dog smock costume from the same DHXYZZB brand that produced the DHXYZZB Dog Pet Grooming Smock. In this case, however, the smock is a knee-length apron to guarantee full-body protection while you’re grooming professionally.

The smock is made from thin nylon material with a nice-looking surface that resists everything from splashes to dog shavings and other kinds of stains. You only need to wipe off water from this smock with a damp cloth. It dries pretty quickly, and the hairs just fall off!

1. Nice-looking waterproof dog smock
2. Guards against stains and hair from dog shavings
3. Two small pocket spaces to help you keep grooming tools or other things.
4. The knee-length apron design makes for whole-body protection
5. Zipper closer makes it easy to put on and remove.
Nylon material is generally not breathable, which could
pose a problem on some days if you’re working for an extended period.

3. Noverlife Short Sleeves Pet Grooming Workwear with Full Zipper

Want to stay dry and hair-free while grooming dogs? Want the best professional dog groomer smocks to keep you protected from the mess of dog grooming? This is the sole promise of the Noverlife Short Sleeves Pet Grooming Workwear with Full Zipper – and boy does it deliver!

It’s a short-sleeve dog groomer smock made from waterproof and anti-static polyester fabric. This means it’s a nylon fabric material that will keep splashes, chemicals, bleaches, and poodle shavings away from your body. This dog groomer smock features small pocket spaces, comes with a zipper closer, and it’s available in three (3) different sizes.

1. Keeps you dry and hair-free after every grooming session.
2. Comes with two small pocket spaces to keep small grooming tools.
3. Beautiful poodle prints and a beautiful design.
4. Zipper closer makes wearing and removing so easy.
Consider getting a size slightly higher than you’ll need, as it’s often
a little bit on the small side.

4. Hairdresser Grooming Smock for Men and Women, Barber Jackets Apron for Dog Groomers

Functionality, comfort, and style seem to be the focus of PerfeHair while designing these water-resistant smocks. And as it turns out, they did well to tick the boxes at all of the right places.

The gray smock is made from a soft nylon material that still manages to be breathable enough. While it’s one of the most comfortable dog grooming smocks you can buy, it does well to repel water and hair, so you don’t get messed up while grooming your clients. However, it’s only available in one size –  L size- Bust 55″- Hip 50″- Total Length 37 “-Sleeve length 15.7”.

1. Waterproof and hair-repellent.
2. Functional smock with beautiful style and design.
3. Two large pocket spaces to keep small grooming tools handy
4. Breathable material helps keep you comfortable even when working for extended periods.
Only available in one size for most people with average body sizes – not too big, not too small.

5. DHXYZZB Salon Smock Jacket Dog Pet Grooming Smock

The best professional dog groomer smocks should combine functionality with comfort. This short-sleeve DHXYZZB Salon Smock Jacket Dog Pet Grooming Smock is big on both of these and looks good too. It’s the ideal dog grooming apparel you need.

It’s comfortable on the body despite being made from nylon fabric.

The fabric dries water off very quickly, and you’ll never have to worry about stains and splashes. The smooth surface is also anti-static, so poodle shavings will never stick all over you again. Plus, it’s got a pair of sizable pocket spaces for your small tools, and it comes in three different sizes; medium, large, and extra-large, so you can always find one that fits perfectly.

1. Keep splashes, hair, and stains away.
2. It comes with two small pockets to fit small grooming
tools while working.
3. Reaches from the neck to the knee to keep
you well-protected.
4. Comes with a zipper closure that makes
it easy to put on and remove.
Nylon material tends to have issues with breathability.

Professional Dog Grooming Smocks For Plus Size Groomers

Are you a plus-size professional searching for a perfectly fitting dog grooming smock?

This review has got you covered.

All of the waterproof dog grooming smocks that made this list of the best professional dog groomer smocks come in different sizes – except for the Hairdresser Grooming Smock for Men and Women, Barber Jackets Apron for Dog Groomers which is only available in one single size.

When choosing a dog grooming smock for you, you might want to consider the XL- extra-large sizes, although it’s still essential to go through the size/measurement charts often included with the smocks on their product pages.

Short-Sleeve Vs Long-Sleeve Dog Grooming Smocks

It’s mostly about preference, folks!

Long SleeveShort Sleeve
Sleeves extend far down the wristStops halfway through the arm’s length.
Covers the entire length of the armLeaves your hands partially exposed.
It makes you feel cozy and protected.Makes you feel free and more comfortable.

Your choice!

Waterproof Dog Grooming Smocks

Why should you care about waterproof dog grooming smocks?

You definitely are not asking this question! – except, of course, if you’re not a professional groomer or just new to the craft.

Unless you’re a dog parent occasionally grooming your dog at home, you’ll be doing yourself so much disservice to choose anything other than waterproof dog grooming smocks to ensure you’re as dry and free as possible every time a client goes on your grooming table.

Along with waterproofing properties, be sure to go for a smock that’s anti-static so hairs get to fall off easily as well. Even if you’re occasionally grooming at home, doing this with a waterproof smock will make the process a whole lot more comfortable and better.

What About Jodi Murphy Professional Smocks?

The Jodi Murphy brand has made a name for itself when it comes to grooming and so their line of dog grooming apparel definitely deserves an honorable mention in this review of the best professional dog groomer smocks for 2023.

Jodi Murphy’s apparels are highly stylish and fashionable. While you’ll find some with pockets and some without pockets, the dog grooming tops are not waterproofed which means splashes and wetness might pose a problem.

Best Professional Dog Groomer Smocks – FAQ

Got questions; hopefully, this answers some of them.

●     Why is it worth getting a dog groomed professionally?

Professional groomers take their time to learn the basics of grooming and are better positioned to groom your dog in every area. The education and experience will all add up, and your dog is sure to benefit from that.

●     What are grooming smocks made of?

Most grooming smocks are made from nylon or polyester fabric which easily gives them waterproof and anti-static properties.

●     What products do professional groomers use?

Professional dog groomers use different products, which can often depend on the different services your dog would be getting/needing during its grooming session. These products may include a slicker brush, sturdy comb, pin brush, moisturizer, clipper, special shampoo, conditioner, etc.

●     What do professional dog groomers wear?

Professional dog groomers often wear different apparel to help protect them while grooming. While a waterproof dog grooming smock offers the best protection against wetness, dog hair, shavings, stains, etc., some professional dog groomers also wear aprons and scrubs.

Conclusion – What’s Next Now?

Now that you’ve identified the best professional dog groomer smocks currently in the market, what are you still waiting for before you cop one or more of these for yourself?

You’ll be bringing a lot more comfort and convenience to your grooming sessions with any of the dog grooming smocks featured in this review.

These waterproof dog grooming smocks are lightweight, super affordable, and guarantee protection against water splashes, flying suds, shampoo, bleach, chemicals, and any of the other things that often mess up grooming sessions.

Just go ahead and choose any of these best professional dog groomer smocks that catch your fancy because you can hardly go wrong with anyone you choose!