Waterproof Best Professional Dog Groomer Apron with Pocket

Just like all other professions out there; Medicine, Law, Engineering, etc, Dog Grooming is a serious business. You’ll need to look at the part of a professional to be called one. This is highly important, not only to be able to stand out but also to be effective and safe at your job.

Without the right protective cover, bathing, trimming, and handling Dogs and other animals can take their toll on the body, especially on the skin. Continually exposing the skin to animal fur and other cleaning liquids and chemical can cause skin allergies and rash outbreaks which can sometimes be nasty. To keep your skin safe and healthy and to maintain a smart, professional outlook, you’ll need a quality grooming apron.

Best Personalized Dog Grooming Apron

Perhaps you’re looking to purchase a Dog Grooming apron but are finding it hard to choose one. This article brings you the best professional Dog grooming apron available on the market.

Top 5 Professional Dog Groomer Apron



This beautiful Dog Grooming Apron from the Noverlife Stables will have you looking all classy and professional when you step out to meet your clients; human and canine alike. One of the most important features of this product is that it is made out of Nylon fabric and waterproofed. This makes your clothes immune to the liquid and oily mess, debris, and anything else the Dog grooming task can throw at you. It ensures you stay dry underneath the apron.

This product comes with a frontal pocket which makes holding your scissors, combs, brushes, and all other tools easy. Its’ multi-functional nature makes it suitable for pet bathing, nail clipping, and general pet examination.


This product has a 24.51 x 16.41 x 2.11 package dimension and its ‘one size fits most’ nature makes it expedient for people of nearly all sizes. It’s also important to add that it is Unisex. The Apron is slimmed to fit and comes equipped with hooks and loops closures at the back which means you don’t have to pull it over your head to wear it, making wearing easy.

It comes only in black colors which unfortunately doesn’t give room for options.

1. The product is made out of Nylon
which makes it waterproofed and
guarantees after-work dryness.
2. One size fits all feature makes
it suitable for numerous sizes of persons.
3. Comes with hooks and loops which
makes for easy wearing and removing.
4. It comes with a frontal
pocket for holding tools.
1. Single pocket



Boasting an overall 4.8 review out of five, this product is one of the best dog grooming aprons available out there in the market and even most of the comments on the Amazon review section testify to that.

This product comes equipped with waterproof features which keep you dry and clean all day long even while you carry out your Dog grooming duties. It is hair resistant so you don’t have to worry about fur creeping underneath, and also bleach resistant to protect you from skin irritation.

The product comes in a black background with green Dog paws printed all over it for design, giving it a classy look.


This product is ‘one size fits most, comes with a tie belt, and has an adjustable neckband which makes it suitable for use for people of nearly all sizes. Its package dimension size is 0.1 x 28 x 33’. It also features two frontal pockets which means you have the option of fitting in your hard tools like Scissors, brushes, and combs in one and other more fragile tools like pens and notepads in the other, making your job even easier.

                 PROS                  CONS
1. ‘One size fits most’ makes it suitable for
people of multiple sizes
2. Two frontal pockets for keeping tools
3. Waterproof feature guarantees after
work dryness and sharpness
4. Hair resistance to keep you from fur and
possible allergies
  1. No color variety or options  



If you’re looking for a multifunctional Apron that covers other tasks as well as Dog grooming then this is an option that you don’t want to pass on. This product is suitable for Dog grooming and also perfect for Dishwashing, Car washing, Lab work, Butchering, fish cleaning, and other tasks. The VWELL apron is made out of vinyl which makes it easy to clean. All you need to do is just wipe it with a wet towel or paper and it’s all cleaned up. It is also machine washable and comes in blue, red, and black colors which give room for options.

The Vinly Waterproof Apron is durable and designed to work in any environment or context; home, business, mechanical, and laboratory employments. It is also elastic and lightweight for comfort. It spans the chest to knee, giving you total protection from water, oil, grease, gasoline, diesel, and other water or oil-based chemicals.

With two large frontal pockets, you have the option of splitting tools and putting them in different pockets; phones, cards, notepads, pens in one pocket, while hard tools like scissors and brushes can be kept in the other pocket, making your job a lot easier and keeping them dry and clean.


This apron comes in a 35’ x 28’ dimension and is suitable for both genders and multiple sizes of people. It also comes with an adjustable neck strap and is available in three different colors: blue, black, and red.

                PROS                CONS
1. Multi-functional and suitable for other tasks apart from Dog grooming
2. Provision of two large front pockets to carry tools
3. Suitable for multiple sizes of people and Unisex
4. Waterproofed
1. Few complaints in the Amazon comment section about pocket fragility
2. It is made of Vinyl and Rubber which raises questions about Heat or Fire resistance  



This relatively affordable product comes in as an option for those who are looking to purchase a quality Apron at a pocket-friendly price.  Its water-resistant feature means you won’t have to get all wet while bathing your dogs or have to work with any liquid substance. Having an easy-to-adjust neck strap and Velcro waist makes it easy, fast, and convenient to put on or remove whenever you need to. It’s also unisex and suitable for nearly all sizes of people.

If you’re big on aesthetics then you most likely are going to be impressed with the fashionable paw print design on this product which makes it quite classy. Its’ 7-inch front pocket also affords you a place to keep tools. It has just one single color design though – black and white, leaving no room for variety.


It comes in 17 x 22 x 27.5 inches dimension, 8.03-ounce weight, and has a neck strap for convenience. It has a 30 days ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ warranty policy on it which means you can return and get a refund if not impressed with what you got.

              PROS                   CONS  
1. Easy to adjust neck strap and Velcro waist makes for easy wearing and removing
2. Singular frontal pocket for keeping tools
3. Relatively affordable 
1. Too many complaints in the review section about its fragility
2. A 7 – inch singular pocket is nearly as good as no pocket at all  



We wrap up our review with this beautiful piece of art by Duduho: perhaps the most colorful and classiest Dog Grooming Apron available out there in the market. It comes with a blue background with pictures of Dogs of different kinds and colors displayed all over it which gives you a professional look when you wear it.

It is made of high-quality Oxford Fabric which makes it highly durable and resistant to water. In addition to this, it dries quickly and is resistant to fade and wear. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.


This Dog Grooming apron comes in a 33 x 28-inch dimension and is suitable for adults, teenagers, men, and women of nearly all sizes. With its adjustable necktie, one can adjust the length freely and the long waist strap makes it fit different shapes easily.

It covers the chest to knee, offering protection against grease, spills, and stains. It also has two large pockets in the front which allows for holding tools and every other thing you might need while carrying out your daily endeavors.

It is important to add that this classy product is multi-functional. It can be used as a chef apron; suitable for restaurants, hotels, and café works, and can be used for other outdoor tasks like gardening and cleaning.

                        PROS                     CONS
1. Colorful and classy design
2. Made out of high-quality Oxford fabric
which guarantees durability
3. Suitable for both genders and
most sizes of people
4. Comes with two large frontal pockets for
carrying tools while working

Dog Grooming Apron Buying Guides – Step To Choosing The professional Dog Grooming Apron

  1. COMFORT: This is important when looking to purchase a Dog grooming apron. Going for a lightweight option aids comfort and ease, giving you the much-needed freedom to carry out your day-to-day activities without stress.
  • DURABILITY: It’s okay going for the cheapest option of the lot. The only problem is that, often than not, this decision tends to backfire, and then you end up being ‘penny wise pound foolish. Ensure you’re investing in a quality, durable product that will last you for a long time.
  • AESTHETICS: The Dog grooming sector is a highly competitive line of endeavor. Sometimes to outwit your competition you have to pay attention to the little details. Stepping out in a colorful, eye-catching apron will make you look smarter and more efficient which will easily make you stand out and attract more attention and clients.
  • WATERPROOF: The primary reason why you need an apron is to keep you safe, clean, and dry. Ensure the product you intend to buy at least offers that.

Dog Grooming Hammock

Best Dog Grooming Hammock

Dog grooming Hammocks are of great help if you have a pet that gets nervous and anxious when you need to clip its nails or clean it up. If you have a dog that won’t stay still and moves around a lot when you try to get your grooming business done, then you might find the Dog grooming hammock real valuable.

Chasing your Dog around the house when you need to clean them up could make him get even edgier and either of you can end up getting hurt. This is why you need a Dog grooming harness to help keep them still and in place.

Dog grooming hammocks would also be of great help when you need to trim your pet’s hair, clean their ears or give them medicine, which is why you might need to add one to your budget when you go out to purchase a Professional Dog Grooming Apron.

Benefits of Dog Grooming Hammocks

  1. Helps keep you and your Dog safe
  • Helps calm your Dog and keep them relaxed
  • Helps make the grooming process faster
  • Gives you a professional look

Waterproof Grooming Smocks

Best Waterproof Dog Grooming Smocks

Similar to the Dog grooming apron, smocks are used as a protective cover from water, oils, debris, and harmful exposures while carrying out the Dog grooming business.

Even though they do look alike, and a lot of people seem to use them interchangeably, the Apron and the smock are quite different. While an apron simply covers the front of your body mostly and has a tie-behind-you strap around your neck and waist, the smock is more like a complete garment. The smock can be likened to a loose-fitting dress you wear, that covers most of your body.

Below are some major distinctions between an apron and a smock

                    APRONS  SMOCKS
1. Covers the front of your body
2. An apron is a long, protective garment strapped to the body with a neck and waist tie
3. Aprons are sleeveless.
4. Relatively shallow pockets
1. Cover most of your body parts
2. The smock is more like a loose shirt or complete garment
3. Smocks have sleeves
 4. Deeper pockets

Just like the Dog grooming apron, the grooming smock should be waterproofed because it serves virtually the same purpose. If the purpose of your wearing it is to serve as a cover from what the Dog grooming business will throw at you, then it should be tough, resistant, unyielding, and waterproofed.

Personalized Dog Grooming Aprons

The Dog grooming business is a very competitive one. The tiniest details are all you need to take care of to stand out from the crowd, and what better way than to step out to meet your client in your own personalized or custom-made Dog grooming apron.

A personalized Dog grooming apron affords you the opportunity of having your apron designed to taste with the little important details put in place; just how and where you like them to be.

You have the luxury of adding your business logo to the design which will, in turn, bring visibility o your brand

Benefits of Personalized Grooming Aprons

  • Brings visibility and awareness to your brand
  • Aids professionalism
  • Establishes brand recognition
  • Fits ever perfectly
  • Gives a sense of belonging
  • Distinguishes employees

Best Professional Dog Groomers Apron – FAQ

Why do I need a professional Dog grooming Apron anyway?

Just as we’ve stressed in the opening, apart from the need to look your best and be professional at what you do, you need one of the best professional dog groomers’ aprons to keep you safe as you’ll be exposed to hazards from pets and chemicals while working.

What tools do Dog groomers use?   

Depending on the type of service being rendered, different types of tools are being used while carrying out a session. Brushes, combs, moisturizers, Shampoo, Conditioners, Clippers, Cutters, and others are some examples of tools used.

What are some other types of clothing Dog groomers wear?  

Apart from the Apron, there are other types of clothing Dog groomers wear while working to protect themselves. We have the smock, groomer jackets – which are usually worn over the shirt, groomer’s sleeves, mitts and gloves, pants bottoms, footwear amongst others.


These are our Top Five Picks for the Best Professional Dog Groomers Apron. Each of the products that made this list comes waterproofed, which should be the basic feature anyone looking to purchase a Dog grooming apron should be looking for anyway. They also all come highly recommended across various Dog grooming reviews over the internet and have over 4 stars on the Amazon review page.