Researched Top Performance Best Pants for Dog Grooming

Grooming is a vital job for keeping a pet dog hygienic, clean, and enhanced appearance. This highly profitable profession is challenging for your body and apparel because it is related to water, dust, and fur. So, it is naturally coming with some stress and mess that can cover you.

Use of some dog grooming clothes can save you from all the mess. Didn’t you have any good ideas about grooming cloth? Then it is high time to explore some best pants for dog grooming. We also let you know the best resources for dog grooming pants. 

Dog Grooming Pants

Why is Grooming Pants Essential?

Grooming pants is essential for self-protection from pet dust, fur, mites and water. Moreover, perfect fit pants can save a groomer from the pet scratch. Overall, perfect fit grooming pants will reach you to the next level

Our Top Picks

Best for professional women groomer- Cherokee Infinity Women Pant

Polyester and spandex material, mid-rise design, waistband, and cuff design

Best for unisex style – Noverlife Professional Trousers

Versatile use, flexible, double-sided pockets, easy washing, and cleaning.

Best for professional grooming- Top Performance Grooming Pants 

Waterproof and stain preventive, 100% durable nylon fabric 

Best for versatile use – FROGG TOGGS Women’s Pant

Compatible for all outdoor trips, water and windproof, best dust preventive

Top four Best Pants for Dog Grooming

 Specialized dog grooming pants are available in the market, and we have researched thousands of items from there. We have done this research with a lot of customer reviews and spent a long time behind it. Luckily, we have chosen the top-notch four best pants for dog grooming.

1. Cherokee Infinity Women Pant

Cherokee Infinity is the first choice of a women veterinarian who is also related to professional grooming. It has gained maximum positive reviews among all of our mentioned grooming pants. 

It is designed with a mid-rise jogger style to ensure women’s comfort in their hips and thighs. We appreciated this legging because it is made from a durable combination of polyester and spandex. Moreover, Cherokee infinity is super stylish and much affordable.


The dimension of this item is 12.2 x 10.05 x 1.95 inches, and the weight is 9.59 Ounces. The fabric is durable and comfortable combined with polyester with a bit of spandex. Luckily, you are getting this in all sizes. 

Key Features:

  • It is made of 95% polyester fabric and 5% spandex fabric.
  • Cherokee is respectively comfortable, durable and stretchable.
  • It has a unique mid-rise style design for women comfort in long term work.
  • The zipper closure system is easy to wear with perfect fit.
  • The stretchable waistband and cuff design make it accessible. 
1. Included three individual types of pockets
2Easy to wash with machine
3. Mid-rise design for added comfort
4. It is available in 12 colors
The waistband may twist often

2. Noverlife Professional Pet Groomer Trousers

Are you looking for unisex pants for professional dog grooming? Noverlife is a new fantastic addition to grooming pants. These pants are designed mainly like trousers with pockets. 

All of the required features for cat and dog grooming have been included in these pants. However, it is also compatible with hair salons, nail salons, and parlors. 

Another unique feature of this groomer is that it is suitable for both home use and professional use. Do note that it is machine washable and quick dryable. 


The dimension of this grooming pant is 5 x 3 x 1 inches, and the weight is 9.9 ounces. Also, having a Unisex-adult increases its demand. 

Key Features:

  • The waistband is made of elastic that is flexible, stretchable, and comfortable.
  • Double-sided pockets are convenient to keep the small grooming accessories.
  • The lightweight and durable nylon material prevent fur, hair, and suds. 
  • These pants come with easy washing, cleaned and drying features.
1. It comes with versatile uses like a salon,
parlor and grooming.
2. It is lightweight and stable  
1. These pants are often out of stock
2. Limited size is available in this item

3. Top Performance Grooming Pants 

Are you a professional pet groomer who has to pass a day with a lot of mess and stress? No worries because top-performance grooming pants have come to eliminate your grooming stress and make your job enjoyable.

We have chosen this part because of the best material, positive customer ratings, and budget-friendly price. Improved nylon material is used to make this cloth that is machine washable too. Moreover, it is stylish enough in design for smart guys like you.


The top-performance pants package dimension is 6.5 x 5.3 x 2.5 inches, and the weight is 6.4 Ounces. The clothing material is 100% nylon. 

Key Features:

  • Durable and machine washable nylon grooming pants with tumble dry feature.
  • It is respectively water-repellent and stains preventive. 
  • The comfortable waistband design with elastic that makes it easy to fit.
  • Multiple color availability allows you to select your preferred color.
1. Top performance pant is available in small to 3XL size
2. It is compatible with all kinds of pet grooming
3. Luckily it has come with double-sided pockets
4. Easy fit, comfortable and durable
5. It is available in black, blue, navy and purple color
It may split down at the side because of less durable stitching. 

4. FROGG TOGGS Women’s Waterproof Pant

FROGG TOGGS is a stunning pant for women that is designed for pet grooming. However, it is perfect for jogging, hiking, hunting, fishing, and traveling. These pants are great for outdoor activities like biking and camping too. 

There is an adjustable elastic waist that is secure and a perfect fit. It is made of 100% waterproof polyester. You can wear this beneath the raincoat. Not only that, but FROGG TOGG is also windproof and can resist maximum dust and fur. 


The measurement of this package is 19 x 1.5 x 14 inches, and it comes with 8 Ounces weight. The available size is small to double XL. And there are two colors in this model.

Key Features:

  • FROGG TOGG is portable and lightweight to carry remote spot.
  • It is 100% waterproof and compatible with wearing beneath the raincoat.
  • It is breathable, comfortable, and wind preventing.
  • The waist part is designed with elastic and cord for added security and fit. 
1. It has a 4″ back rise to fit the pant beneath the rain jacket
2. Hook and loop design at the bottom of the pant
3. Available different size   
This pant has only two colors, so you cannot choose from versatility.

What to Consider When Buying Dog Grooming Pants

Dog grooming is related to some crucial factors. The water, dust, mites and fur are some of them. Besides, grooming is related to chemicals from cleaning soap and shampoo. So, when you wear grooming pants, it is essential to keep the following in mind.

Water Repellent:

Since bathing is one of the most important parts of dog grooming, you need to wear pants that are 100% waterproof. Moreover, dust and fur cannot be easily stuck in waterproof pants. So, if you choose pants without waterproof clothing, you will have to face a lot of mess.

Hair Resistant:

In dog grooming, you mostly have to face pet hair. For this reason, wearing hair-resistant dog grooming clothes can save you from this hassle. 


Grooming pants fabric needs to be much stronger because it has to be used in many adverse conditions. Most of the high-quality pants used for grooming are made of nylon fabric. However, some pants are made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex combination. So, you can choose grooming pants with nylon or polyester fabric.

Waist Design:

It is better to have an elastic waist design because of comfort and adjustability. The pants are not too tight or loose with elastic on the waist but are comfortable and perfect. So, when choosing a waist design, you must prefer elastic pants.

Comfort Level:

As a professional groomer, you better know that grooming might need a longer time. That is why considering the comfort level is essential. In this case, you can choose grooming pants based on the seasonal cold or hot temperature. 

Washing and Drying:

It is typical for shirts and pants to get wet during grooming. Because of accumulating dust, fur and mites, grooming pants need to be washed often. We recommend choosing machine-washable pants. Also, remember to buy pants that are easier to dry. 


The versatile grooming pant size is available in the market. So, be conscious of your size. In this case, your pants should be a perfect fit. Otherwise, it would be a mess during grooming. 


Lightweight and comfortable clothing should be worn for any pet grooming. Heavier pants would be uncomfortable to wear for an extended period of grooming. So, I prefer lightweight pants for dog grooming. 

Benefits of Dog Grooming Waterproof Pants

Bathing is one of the most important parts of dog grooming. And the relationship of water with baths is traditional. If you are a professional groom, you need to complete several grooming relay projects in one day. In that case, a project that if your clothes get wet, how will you do the next project? Isn’t it very annoying? So, here are some benefits of waterproof grooming pants.

  • Waterproof pants can reduce the accumulation of fur and dust in the cloth
  • It will keep your body and clothes dry from water. It will make your grooming project easier
  • Also, a waterproof pant provides comfort in next grooming project
Pants for dog grooming

Poodle Dog Grooming

Poddle is a special breed of dog that has curly hair and a bit of an odd appearance. And the hair growth of a Poodle breed is faster than another breed. So, it should be groomed every six weeks. Many dogs owners often think Poodle dog grooming is hard, but it is a matter of practice. Here are some efficient ways to groom a Poodle dog. 

  • Use a slicker brush to remove loose hair, mats, knots and fur. 
  • Don’t forget to bath the Poodle mix before clipping and trimming.
  • After bathing, wipe the body with a towel and then dry with a low hair dryer setting.

How is a Top Knot Pillow Comfortable During Grooming?

There are several essential steps, so your dog needs to relax for a long time. A dog may often feel discomfort when cleaning and bathing. A topknot pillow is a comfortable pillow for dog grooming. 

A standard size 10″ x 10″ x 8″ top knot pillow is mainly made for dog’s head comfort. However, the medium to small size knot pillow is also used for belly support during grooming. 

Due to the cushioned construction, this pillow is super comfortable for dogs. And they can easily relax for long-time grooming. 

Cute Grooming Smocks

Grooming smocks are as crucial as grooming pants. Smocks are apron-like cloth for professional women groomers. This cloth is super durable nylon made but much stylish than the regular grooming apron. 

There is a large number of pet owners who love to groom their pets with fashionable cute clothes. There are some funny clothes available in the market for them which are equivalent to grooming smocks. 

What is the Difference Between Dog Grooming Leggings and Pants?

In terms of dog grooming, you can choose legging as an alternative to pants. However, there have several differences between grooming leggings and pants. 

It is made from elastic type fabric  Pants are made of regular fabric.   
Leggings are a tight-fitting bottom  Pants are fairly loose-fitting  
It doesn’t cling and flares with the leg from the waist  Pants may cling or flare with the leg  
Lightweight than pants and suitable for cold weather  Heavier than leggings and suitable for summer  

What to Wear for Dog Grooming with Safety?

Wearing proper grooming apparel can make a massive difference in dog grooming. We know dog grooming is related to dust, fur, and mites. And water is the most common thing that can soak you instantly. 

Apart from that, pet grooming is closely related to the safety of the professional groomer or pet owner. So, it is mandatory to wear perfect clothing. Here is a shortlist of grooming clothes. 

  • Grooming shirts or smocks
  • Specialized pants or hair resistant leggings
  • Hand gloves or sleeve
  • Footwear

What Refers to the Dog Grooming Scrubs?

Dog grooming scrubs refers to particular short top or longer jackets for grooming. And it is comparable with the grooming smocks. Also, scrubs are excellent grooming clothing because it is lightweight, comfortable, and water repellent. Moreover, a professional groomer can quickly wear it. And grooming scrubs are far easier to wash and dry. 

Where to Buy Grooming Pants?

When it comes to buying grooming pants, there are a lot of choices out there. For instance, you have to buy in e-commerce sites like Amazon or Walmart or you can buy it from your local apparel shops but I recommend that you will buy online Instead of the local shop during this covid situation.

Dog Grooming Capris

Do you know about dog grooming capris? Capris are a comfortable bottom cloth for dogs and other pet grooming. It is like short jeans, and professional grooming workers love to use it much. One of the advantages of Capris is that it is easy to wear and put off. Grooming jobs seem difficult in the scorching heat of summer. But a dog grooming capris can save you from the extensive hot temperature. 


1) What Pants do Dog Groomers Wear?

Dog groomers wear durable, comfortable, and waterproof pants. Nylon pants, jeans, leggings, and capris are the favorite bottom wear for professional dog groomers. These types of pants are designed for easy washing and cleaning. So, dog groomers always prefer pants that can prevent all of the mess of grooming. 

2) What do Dog Groomers use to cut Hair?

Professional groomers always love to use sharp Scissors to cut dog hair. Snagging or pulling is a common incident when grooming. That is why expert groomers prefer sharp scissors to avoid snagging. 

3) How do Groomers keep Dogs still?

Not all breeds of dogs can be fixed in the same way. The calm dog breed can still if the groomer covers their head with a towel. In the case of excited dogs, the groomer uses a waist belt or loop at the front legs. 

4) How can I Sedate my Dog for Grooming?

You can use Acepromazine with proper instruction. It is used as an over-the-counter tranquilizer that works for the nervous system. Mainly it is a dopamine antagonist drug that is used to sedate a dog for grooming. 

5) How Long does a Dog Grooming Service take?

Dog grooming service would be longer or shorter depending on your demanded service and pet’s size. The small service like nail trimmings needs a maximum of five minutes. On the other hand, it will take about one or 1.5 hours for full grooming service. 

Final words:

In this best dog grooming pant review, we have introduced you to top-notches four grooming pants. Professional groomers recommend each item because they meet all the requirements of standard grooming. 

You can use analysis and choose from our listed products or pick one from your nearest market. Whether you buy from our recommended items or another, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying. 

Grooming pants should be durable, comfortable, lightweight and waterproof, as well as it should be a perfect fit and easily washable and dryable. 

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