Top Six (6) Best Comfy & Stylish Dog Grooming Pants Available Today

As a professional groomer or a pet parent regularly grooming your dogs, you’ll realize that having grooming-specific pants for when you’re taking care of Fido will make things much easier.

Ordinarily, picking a pair of grooming pants shouldn’t be a problem.

But it could be challenging to pick the right one especially if you are not familiar with most of the hundreds of competing brands and materials on the market begging for your attention.

But we already took that risk so you don’t have to try out every pair on the market. In today’s blog post, you’ll find the top picks from our review of the best top-performance grooming pants on the market. Enjoy!

1. Best Dog Grooming Pants For Women- Cherokee Infinity Women Scrubs Pant

Best Dog Grooming Pants for Women

The best dog grooming pants we recommend for women come from Cherokee – one of the best apparel brands in the world. This dog grooming pant is made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex material. The material composition and the technology used in the manufacturing process are some of the many reasons why the Cherokee Infinity Women Scrubs Pant Mid-Rise Jogger ranks high today among top-performance grooming pants.

These dog grooming pants wick moisture easily so you’ll never have to worry about sweat. Most people will also appreciate the fact that it comes with antimicrobial fabric protection that lasts beyond 50 washings.

Along with being able to repel odors, the risk of damage to this fabric is quite low if used rightly. The pants come with an elastic waistband to fit securely around your waist.

There are also five different pockets built in so you have enough space for all of your grooming equipment. This is a groomer’s dream and we highly recommend getting these dog grooming pants if you’re looking for pants to make your work much easier.

2. Best Waterproof Grooming Pants – FROGG TOGGS Women’s Classic Pro

Best Waterproof Grooming Pants

It’s not every day you’ll find dog grooming pants that ticks all of the boxes at the right places as these pants from the FROGG TOGGS Store does. The material is made completely from polypropylene so you can imagine just how light they’d be.

The first thing about the FROGG TOGGS Breathable dog grooming pants is that they keep you protected from water splashes. In fact, it was originally made as rain pants to keep people protected on rainy days.

Being waterproof is not the only good thing about these awesome dog grooming pants. It’s decently breathable so that it doesn’t create a nuisance with sweat and odors. These come with a pull closure and are machine washable too. These dog grooming pants come in a true-to-size make so it can fit people across different size groups. The decent quality of the material and the impressive affordability of the grooming pants has endeared them to many dog groomers and dog walkers. Chances are you’ll like them too.

3. Best Affordable Dog Grooming Pants- BALEAF Women’s Hiking Pants

Best Affordable Dog Grooming Pants

It would be wrong for anyone to not include this gem of a product in their list of the top-performing grooming pants available in the market today.

The dog grooming pants have this sporty look being a jogger’s design. It comes with an elastic waistband and drawstring and the knee closure sports a similar look as well – without the elastic. Enough about the look. What about the material?

The BALEAF hiking pants are made from 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. This material and the design with four (4) zip closure pockets make it more than suitable for pet grooming. For instance, it’s lightweight and highly breathable and does a great job of resisting water splashes to keep you dry throughout.

And if you’re the stylish and picky type, you can pick from about 10 different colors and sizes to match your personality. Who says grooming can’t be fun? Not when you have some of these ready for work. Good thing, they are still some of the most affordable grooming pants in the market.

4. Best Top Performance grooming pants – Comfortable and Stylish Nylon Pants

Comfortable and Stylish Nylon Pants

The Top Performance Grooming Pants from Top Performance actually lives up to their reputation. It’s no wonder so many dog grooming professionals are so fond of them. But enough with the praise because there is honestly so much to love about these pairs.

The simplicity of these dog grooming pants are second to none.

They are made from crinkle nylon material that does a good job of repelling both water and pet hairs. And again, they are machine washable for when you need to clean them. Grooming shouldn’t be hard and these grooming pants from top performance are really made to make grooming easy and simple.

5. Best Professional Dog Grooming Pants Overall – Lauren Grooming Pants

Best Professional Dog Grooming Pants Overall

Super comfortable and super loose!
These are some of the many positive words users have said about the Lauren Grooming Pants. Angel Grooming Apparel says these are made in the USA and specifically for professional groomers. All of that seems to be true.

The material appears to be made from nylon. While they are stretchy and thick, they stay comfortable on the skin. These pants come in different sizes depending on your preference. You can rest assured that you’ll have more than enough pockets to keep your most-often-used grooming tools handy. The pants are also machine-washable and dries quickly. They are great for anyone who needs waterproof dog grooming pants or pet hair resistant pants.  It’s really the stuff for professionals.

6. Best Pet Grooming Jacket with Full Zipper – Noverlife Pet Grooming Jacket with Full Zipper

Best Pet Grooming Jacket with Full Zipper

Perhaps you’re searching for more than just grooming pants. Maybe you’d appreciate joining a full-on dog grooming jacket to your shopping list. This is why we recommend the Noverlife Pet Grooming Jacket with Full Zipper because it’s one of the best ones around.

The grooming jacket is super comfy on the skin since it’s made from silk-like crepe material. This material is totally waterproof and hair repellent so you can keep grooming without worrying about a thing.

It’s a very nice grooming jacket with blue zippers stretching from up to down in the front.  So nice that even barbers and hairdressers now also use it for grooming in their salons.

The jacket comes in different sizes if you need to get one. And the design is simple and nice – suitable for both men and women. And at the ridiculously low price it sells, this jacket is a bargain that’s hard to beat.

How can you learn about the best dog grooming pants?

We all understand. Picking from the different brands and products available in the market can be quite confusing and challenging. And considering the fact that these pants still require you to make some financial investment –no matter how little– you still want to know how to choose the best ones before parting with your money. I’ll teach you how to learn about these dog grooming pants here.

The most important thing is to do your research.

As with every other thing in life, research is the easiest way to learn about something you don’t understand. And thank heavens the internet has made things a lot easier because your research actually brought you right here to this blog post.
If you don’t want to burn your fingers trying your hands on most of the pairs available today, studying reliable reviews like this one can help prepare you so you can make the best buying decision.

What should you look out for when buying dog grooming pants?

Dog grooming pants come in different styles, types, and materials, knowing what you need and what to look for will make the job of choosing the right one for you a lot easier.

To help bolster your knowledge in that regard, we’ll briefly outline some of the most important factors and considerations that might impact your experience with whatever type of pants you end up with.

  • Waterproof grooming pants – this is important to consider if you’d rather buy a pants that would keep you protected from water splashes during the grooming process.
  • Pet hair-resistant grooming pants – pet hairs can be kept under control with dog grooming pants that have been made to be hair-resistant.
  • Pant material – pant material can impact durability as well as how comfortable they are on you. Is it stretchy? Does it absorb sweat and moisture?
  • Size and style – if you’re particular about some particular styles of pants, you might want to look out for this. Another issue of preference is size so you’ll want to choose pants that size you perfectly.

Take all of these to heart and your dog grooming pants purchase will make a world of difference to your trade or craft. With all of these in mind, you can easily choose from any of the best dog grooming pants reviewed above to set yourself up for a blissful and enjoyable grooming experience.

Benefits of Dog Grooming Waterproof Pants

Bathing is one of the most important parts of dog grooming. And the relationship of water with baths is traditional. If you are a professional groom, you need to complete several grooming relay projects in one day. In that case, a project that if your clothes get wet, how will you do the next project? Isn’t it very annoying? So, here are some benefits of waterproof grooming pants.

  • Waterproof pants can reduce the accumulation of fur and dust in the cloth
  • It will keep your body and clothes dry from water. It will make your grooming project easier
  • Also, waterproof pant provides comfort in the next grooming project
Pants for dog grooming

Pet Hair Resistant Pants

Loosen pet hairs are a great hassle to the pet owner in their daily life. Pet owner usually needs to stay in touch with their animals. But fallen pet hair fluff and dirt can make their lives annoying and unhealthy, especially when a pet owner stays with the pet animal for the maximum time. That is why pet hair-resistant plants can reduce this hassle amazingly.

Pet hair-resistant pants are a blessing for the animal lover and owner because they can change their life. These pants are made from a combination of polyamide and stretchy spandex. Also, note that hair-resistant pants are made in such a way so that they can prevent maximum hair for a fluffy dog, cat, or rabbit. Here are some factors that pet owners should consider before choosing plants.

  • Don’t choose Static Cling
  • Pick up a Tightly Woven Fabric
  • Consider Smooth & Slippery Material

Dog Grooming Clothes:

Dog grooming is a big challenge to dog owners and professional groomers because grooming is related to many messes. Especially, dog groomer has to face wet and dirty clothes after each grooming task. In this case, they feel uncomfortable for the further task and stay dirt all day long. So, proper dog grooming clothes can help them a lot.

Remember that dog grooming clothes should be waterproof, comfortable, and easy to wash and dry. Generally, aprons and smocks are popular as the best dog grooming apparel. However, your dog grooming clothes must be comfortable. Here are some following things for grooming clothes.

  • Choose clothes that can prevent snags and accumulation
  • Try to use apparel that solid color and easy to dry and wash
  • Use grooming clothes with convenient pockets.

Professional Top Performance Grooming Apparel:

Grooming is not similar for the personal pet owner and professional groomer. A pet owner has small responsibility to take care of one or two pets. On the contrary, a professional groomer needs to take care of many responsibilities all day long. So, the clothing types are also a bit different from each other.

Also, note that professional groomer has to deal with different types of dogs. As a result, they face several dog behaviors and need to handle those in grooming time. That is why they need to wear top-performance clothing and gear to help them. Here is the list of top performance grooming apparel for the professional groomer.

  • Dog grooming smock
  • Professional jackets for grooming
  • Dog grooming supplies
  • Dog hair resistant pants and leggings

What is the Difference Between Dog Grooming Leggings and Pants?

In terms of dog grooming, you can choose legging as an alternative to pants. However, there have several differences between grooming leggings and pants. 

It is made from elastic type fabric  Pants are made of regular fabric.   
Leggings are a tight-fitting bottom  The pants are fairly loose-fitting  
It doesn’t cling and flares with the leg from the waist  Pants may cling or flare with the leg  
Lightweight than pants and suitable for cold weather  Heavier than leggings and suitable for summer  

What to Wear for Dog Grooming with Safety?

Wearing proper grooming apparel can make a massive difference in dog grooming. We know dog grooming is related to dust, fur, and mites. And water is the most common thing that can soak you instantly. 

Apart from that, pet grooming is closely related to the safety of the professional groomer or pet owner. So, it is mandatory to wear perfect clothing. Here is a shortlist of grooming clothes. 

  • Grooming shirts or smocks
  • Specialized pants or hair resistant leggings
  • Hand gloves or sleeve
  • Footwear

Where to Buy Grooming Pants?

When it comes to buying grooming pants, there are a lot of choices out there. For instance, you have to buy in e-commerce sites like Amazon or Walmart or you can buy it from your local apparel shops but I recommend that you will buy online Instead of the local shop during this covid situation.


1) What Pants do Dog Groomers Wear?

Dog groomers wear durable, comfortable, and waterproof pants. Nylon pants, jeans, leggings, and capris are the favorite bottom wear for professional dog groomers. These types of pants are designed for easy washing and cleaning. So, dog groomers always prefer pants that can prevent all of the mess of grooming. 

2) What do Dog Groomers use to cut Hair?

Professional groomers always love to use sharp Scissors to cut dog hair. Snagging or pulling is a common incident when grooming. That is why expert groomers prefer sharp scissors to avoid snagging. 

3) How do Groomers keep Dogs still?

Not all breeds of dogs can be fixed in the same way. The calm dog breed can still if the groomer covers their head with a towel. In the case of excited dogs, the groomer uses a waist belt or loop at the front legs. 

4) How can I Sedate my Dog for Grooming?

You can use Acepromazine with proper instruction. It is used as an over-the-counter tranquilizer that works for the nervous system. Mainly it is a dopamine antagonist drug that is used to sedate a dog for grooming. 

5) How Long Does a Dog Grooming Service take?

Dog grooming service would be longer or shorter depending on your demanded service and the pet’s size. Small service like nail trimmings needs a maximum of five minutes. On the other hand, it will take about one or 1.5 hours for a full grooming service. 

Final words:

In this best dog grooming pant review, we have introduced you to top-notches four grooming pants. Professional groomers recommend each item because they meet all the requirements of standard grooming. 

You can use analysis and choose from our listed products or pick one from your nearest market. Whether you buy from our recommended items or another, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying. 

Grooming pants should be durable, comfortable, lightweight and waterproof, as well as should be a perfect fit and easily washable and dryable. 

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