10 Best Ikea Furniture to Cover Dog Crate in 2023

Don’t know how to hide a dog crate still offering them ample ventilation? Are you Looking for something best Ikea furniture to cover the dog crate? We have covered this guide with the Ikea dog crate hack!

Dog crate cover is such a useful essential that it not only offers them some restful and relaxing season and ensures enough ventilation so they can keep safe and securely inside the crate. Simultaneously, it helps reduce their anxiety and helps reduce the barking and crewing, offering protection some wind, water, and sun.

Best Ikea furniture to cover dog crate

In this guide, you will have the best Ikea furniture in the market and has a reputation for making the job done effectively. So, let’s smell!

The Ikea Furniture Hack You Should Know

Ikea furniture hack is necessary to keep your furniture safe from your adventurous dog. Here, I will try to give you some ideas about keeping your furniture safe and making a comfortable space for dogs. 

Making a Mess-Proof Food Bar: If you have a FAKTUM kitchen cabinet and well-trained dog, you can easily make the cabined as a mess-proof food bar. 

Window seat: Almost every dog in the house wants to look out from the window and try to get their head up to any tall furniture. But it is very unsafe for both dogs and the furniture. So bring your dresser near the window and lay a mattress and some pillows. It will be a comfortable place for your dog. 

Recycle bin to water dispenser: if you have a SORTERA recycle bin or any kind of recycle bin, you can use them as a water source for your dog when they are hanging out on the lawn. 

TV Cabinet to Naptime Sanctuary: Almost every house has an old tv cabinet as we all had bulky television once upon a time. But modern-day television is slim, and mostly we hand it on the wall. So take out the glass doors of the tv cabinet and make it a perfect sleeping place for your dog. 

Wall Mounted Feeding Station: Commonly, dogs will sniff each other’s food. So bring down your wall-mounted self, make a hole inside every partition, and place a plate or anything where you can put the food. So now, every dog will have a private food place inside the partition. 

Best Ikea furniture to cover dog crate

Our expert team reviews some Ikea furniture based on deep analysis. Simultaneously, the product is also chosen considering some crucial factors, including fabric, design, privacy, air circulation, visibility, and budget. 

1. Pethiy Universal Fit Dog Crate Cover

1. Pethiy Universal Fit Dog Crate Cover Review

Arguably the best Ikea furniture to cover a dog crate, this Pethiy Dog Crate Cover is made of Durable poly blended fabric. With a stylish design, this dog crate cover includes hook and loop tabs to firmly and neatly hold the crate in place. 

Most importantly, it will help reduce the dog’s anxious behaviors by turning the crate into a cozy “den. It will bring a safe and secure place for a dog to ensure comfortable resting and relaxing season at an affordable price. 

With small to xx-large sizes, these dog crate covers are available in five different sizes and six different colors.

Key Features:

  • Design Two entrance door with roller shades to ensure the ventilation and visibility
  • To ensure easily get in and out, the dog crate cover includes a high-quality zipper
  • Its Breathable mesh window will help the dog breathe comfortably
  • This fabric is machine washable, which makes it easy to maintain


  • Weight- 14.4 ounces
  • Manufacturer- Pethiy
  • Date of available – July 18, 2020
  • Color- Six Multicolor
  • Size- Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX- Large
  • Build Material- Polyester

What customers are saying:

Using the dog crate covers most of the customers share positive experiences, including easy to install, ensuring air circulation, fashionable, and perfectly fit. 

Among the users, some feel heartbroken while they find the inaccurate color and feel it A little sloppy

2. Explore Land Wire Dog Crate Cover 

Explore Land Wire Dog Crate Cover

Explore Land Dog Crate Cover will be a long-lasting addition to keep the dog from the wind with durable and windproof oxford cloth. Besides blocking most of the light, it will help keep the dog calm, especially the puppy and anxious of that struggle with lights. 

An attractive feature includes a mesh window that ensures proper ventilation and visibility. With two entry points and five adjustable plastic toggles, this dog crate cover will ensure extra security while being available at a reasonable price.

The dimension of this dog cover crate is 48L x30W x 33H inch which makes it an especially universal fit for a standard wire crate.

Key Features:

  • Made of 600D polyester oxford fabric that can completely block the light and cut off cold winds
  • With a top zipper design, this Ikea Dog Crate Cover allow to get it and out the pet more conveniently
  • It is designed with mesh window with roller shades to ensure breathability and ventilation


  • Weight- 3.83 pounds
  • Manufacturer- Explore Land
  • Dimension: 48L x30W x 33H inch
  • Date of available – September 25, 2018
  • Color- Three Color
  • Size- X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Build Material- Polyester
  • Note: – 1 years warranty by Explore Land.

What customers are saying:

With sturdy construction and functional design, this dog crate cover has already become popular among pet lovers. However, a few customers report that the material is a bit smelly.

3. TOPEIUS Double Door Dog Crate Cover 

The TOPEIUS Double Door Dog Crate Cover

This TOPEIUS Dog Crate Cover will be the ideal option for the pet lover who is looking for waterproof and high-strength dog crate covers at a reasonable price. Especially it is made of high-density 600D polyester that makes it durable and strong, has good light resistance, and is better than natural fiber fabric. 

Besides, this dog crate cover is designed to Repels water stains, fluids, and oil that will keep the pet from getting wet. To offer a trendy look, keep from mosquitoes and improve ventilation, the manufacturer constructs this product with a side net cover.

With 36 “L x 23 “W x 25 “H dimension, this TOPEIUS Dog Crate Cover will be especially suitable for Amazon Basics MidWest and 30 inches dog crates.

Key Features:

  • Its two entrance doors can be used separately or together considering pet comfort
  • With waterproof fabric and coating on the outside, this DIY dog crate furniture will keep the dog from rain
  • Offer a dark and comfortable environment to help sleep the pet quickly
  • Extremely easy to install and maintain


  • Weight- 9.6 ounces
  • Manufacturer- Sirius
  • Dimension: 18 inches(18″L x 12″W x 14″H)
  • Date of available – October 25, 2019
  • Color- Dark Grey
  • Size- 18 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches
  • Build Material- Polyester

What customers are saying

Its waterproof construction and firmly holding crate’s ability feel customer worth of buy—however, some questions about its color.

4. HiCaptain Folding Metal Dog Crate Cover 

HiCaptain Folding Metal Dog Crate Cover  Review

Looking for the best Ikea furniture that covers dog crates and provides all types of protection? Try this HiCaptain Folding Metal Dog Crate Cover. It comes from heavy-duty sun-resistant and windproof 600D polyester with a water-resistant coating. 

Thus, the dog cover will keep the pet from all the harsh conditions. Besides, it includes two larger panel openings, making it mostly considerable for dog crates with two side doors. Thus, it won’t affect the opening of both sides kennel door.

With the 37″ L x 24″ W x 25″ H dimension, this dog crate cover will be Universal fits for most brand 36″ crates well.

Key Features:

  • It includes a larger mesh window with an adjustable curtain that you can roll up and down to adjust ventilation and visibility
  • Design with Top zippered openings to allow the pet owner to pull out the handle for moving crate anywhere
  • This Dog crate furniture is much easy to main and installs that it doesn’t require any tools


  • Weight- 2.18 pounds
  • Manufacturer- HiCaptain
  • Dimension: 12.4 x 7.9 x 2.8 inches
  • Date of available – August 1, 2019
  • Color- Tan, Black, Two-tone Gray
  • Size- X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Build Material- Polyester
  • Note: – 3 years warranty

What customers are saying

Some customers mark it as durable, comfortable, and impressive design. On the other hand, some find it worthless, especially the pet owner who has a chewer.

5. MidWest Privacy Dog Crate Cover 

MidWest Privacy Dog Crate Cover

This MidWest Dog Crate Cover will be the most ideal for a single-door dog crate. Even the pet owner, looking for a cover that offers more security, privacy, and comfort to the dog, can try this option. 

With Durable poly or cotton blended fabric, this dog crate cover allows easy access to the front and reduces barking and chewing; besides this affordable dog crate cover design with Hook & loop design. So it can keep the cover neatly in place and offer a den-like atmosphere.

This dog crate cover is 36 L x 23 W x25 H inches in dimension. Especially it is come to fit with crates and most standard 36 inches long dog crates.

Key Features:

  • With Hook & loop tabs design, this dog crate cover will securely stay in place
  • Made with durable poly or cotton blend fabric to increase visibility and ventilation
  • Especially made to fit with single door dog crate but still compatible with three-door wire dog crates


  • Weight- 1.2 pounds
  • Manufacturer- MidWest Homes For Pets
  • Dimension: 8.82 x 6.85 x 2.05 inches
  • Date of available – August 10, 2017
  • Color- Black, Brown Geometric Pattern, Gray Geometric Pattern
  • Size- X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
  • Build Material- Polyester
  • Note: – 1-year warranty

What customers are saying:

Most of the customers love its attractive and private design, and they feel it is great for travel. Conversely, some customers complain that this dog crate is not suitable for destructive dogs.

6) New World Dog Crate Cover

Best MidWest Homes for Pets 1New World Dog Crate

New world dog crate cover is great to provide safety, privacy, and comfortability for dog relaxation in time. It is easily suited and accesses able crate cover that is promising to ensure dog comfort. 

The lightweight polyester material is very comfortable. Besides, it is made with a proper ventilation system so that a dog can feel comfortable. Another good news is new world crate cover is adjustable with 1. 2, or 3 door crates. So, a dog can enter and come out from multiple sides of the crates. 

Luckily, this crate cover size is larger enough than 36L x 23. 2 x 24 inches. And this can be suited with a crate of B36, B36DD, 1536U, 1536DDU models. But keep in mind that it is mostly fitted with 36 inches length crate. Do note the weight is 1.21 pounds. 

Key Features:

  • Most durable and breathable polyester dog crate cover that is appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.
  • It is extremely firm to stable in on place around the crate
  • There have strong Hook and loop tabs that keep safe the connection
  • The flaps are designed with an open-close mechanism for easy access
  • It provides a den-like close space that reduces the dog barking and chewing. 


  • Weight- 1.21 pounds
  • Manufacturer- MidWest Homes For Pets
  • Dimension: 36 x 23.2 x 24 inches
  • Date of available – August 1, 2019
  • Color- Light Gray
  • Size- X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
  • Build Material- Polyester
  • Note: – 1-year warranty

What customers are saying

Customers liked the easy washing and drying benefits. Besides, the material is durable polyester that is highly durable. Moreover, its versatile door adjustability is super. 

New World Dog Crate Cover is often unavailable in the market. And it is a great hassle for the interested buyer. 

7) Explore Land Dog Crate Cover

The Explore Land Dog Crate Cover

If your lovely dog is slightly larger, you must want a larger crate cover for him. Explore land brand release an incredibly popular dog crate cover for the larger crate. It is made with 600d oxford cloth that is respectively windproof and durable. 

This dog crate cover works den-like environment inside the crate. As a result, a dog can feel highly secure and relaxed. And you will stay away from unexpected chewing and barking. 

This model is 24L x 18W x 20H inch in outer dimension. But luckily, you will get available up to 48 inches long in this model. Among the color, there have grey, black and excellent tan cover in this model. 

Key Features:

  • The 600d polyester material can block maximum direct sun rays and keep the crate cool.
  • It is designed with oxford cloth that ensures the best breathability
  • Explore Land Dog Crate Cover comes with a top zipper and handle for easy transportation


  • Weight- 3.03 pounds
  • Manufacturer- Explore Land
  • Dimension: 43 x 29 x 30 inches
  • Date of available – September 25, 2018
  • Color- Tan, Black, Grey
  • Size- X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large,
  • Build Material- Other
  • Note: – 1-year warranty

What customers are saying:

Numerous customer has praised for the versatile color and size availability. Also, they liked the top zipper system and portable handle. Besides, proper ventilation, two-door panels, and easy installation make it more acceptable to the customers.

Due to not having a washable machine system, many customers have complained about it. 

8) Yotache Dog Crate Cover 

Best Yotache Dog Crate Cover

Are you thinking of traveling or making any outdoor trips with your pet dog? Are your outdoor travel spots being snowy? Then a waterproof dog crate would be best for you. Yotache is so far the best dog crate for water-repelling and snow prevention. 

You ache Dog Crate Cover is super durable because of the 600D polyester material. However, it is lightweight and best breathable. The features of non-toxic, waterproof, and windproof make it more comfortable. 

The outer measurement of the Yotache crate cover is 36 “L x 23 “W x 25 “H inches. Although there has more available sizes, it is most fit with 36 inches longer cage. 

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and breathable cover ensure dog comfort 
  • The windproof and waterproof features are great for rough use anywhere
  • There have enough Hook and loop for easy and permanent fixing
  • It comes with an attached mesh window that allows your dog to see the outside and prevent mosquitoes.


  • Weight- 1.4 pounds
  • Manufacturer- Yotache
  • Dimension: 12.1 x 8.5 x 2.3 inches
  • Date of available – May 13, 2019
  • Color- Grey
  • Size- X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
  • Build Material- Polyester

What customers are saying:

Most customers said that it could create a calm environment instant so a dog can sleep too soon. Besides, the small breathable window screen, hook, and loop stripes seem awesome to the customer. 

Only a grey color cover is available in this model. That is why some customers are disappointed because they are seeking different color options. At the same time, this cover is not good for dry and machine wash. 

9) Geyecete Dog Crate Cover

Geyecete is an excellent crate cover for pet dogs. This cover is made of 100 percent unique polyester material with all the great features. 

This cover will be great for your dog’s rest and sleep during the day or night. 

First of all, it is lightweight so easy to carry and move. Secondly, Geyecete is super breathable to ensure a standard temperature inside the cage. Due to the soft polyester fabric, this cover can maintain the temperature. 

The length of this cover is a medium of 30 inches. And it has come in six different colors, including black, grey and beige. 

Key Features:

  • Modern amazing design increase the home beauty
  • Soft polyester fabric material ensures proper breathing from inside to outside.
  • It is durable and non-toxic so that a dog can stay safe inside this
  • Available various size and color make the customer’s choice easier
  • The rolled-up mechanism in one front side provides proper ventilation and ensure easy access
  • Triple wave technology can create the best sleeping environment for the dog


  • Weight- 1.3 pounds
  • Manufacturer- Geyecete
  • Dimension: 12.17 x 9.41 x 2.83 inches
  • Date of available – May 13, 2020
  • Color- Beige, Black, Grey, Dark Blue, Light Gray, Gray
  • Size- Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
  • Build Material- Polyester

What customers are saying:

The existing customers are happy with its quality and functions. At the same time, they feel comfortable installing it and washing with the machine. 

Few customers don’t like the mess including small window features. 

10) Amazon Basics Travel Crate Kennel

Amazon Basics Travel Crate Kennel Review

It is an amazing crate kennel for those who often travel with their pet dog. It is unique and fashionable. It is consistently working as a crate with a cover together. So, you don’t have to think about how to make a dog crate look like furniture with DIY. The Black and chocolate color combination makes this kennel awesome. 

Usually, you want to travel with compacted bags and baggage. In terms of your pet, you can’t leave them away from you. In this case, a basic travel kennel would be your best choice. Since the Amazon travel kennel comes with a folding mechanism and lightweight features, so you can carry it easily. 

The construction material is 600 d polyester that is soft and breathable. The outer surface’s overall dimension is 25.98 x 18.11 x 18.11 inches, and the weight is 5.4 pounds. Most importantly, it can carry up to 30 pounds. 

Key Features:

  • A foldable travel kennel for a dog with PVC frame and soft polyester fabrics
  • It is great for ventilation because of two front and top doors and meshes windows.
  • It has a secure zipper and rolled-up door position for easy opening and closing.
  • The compacted size ensures easy storage, and the folding system ensures easy transport.


  • Weight- 5.4 Pounds
  • Manufacturer- Amazon Basics
  • Dimension: 25.98 x 18.11 x 18.11 inches
  • Date of available – January 12, 2018
  • Color- Tan
  • Size- X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large,
  • Build Material- PolyesterSS

What customers are saying:

What customers are saying:

Maximum existing customers are pleased after using this kennel. They feel great to travel with this folding and fashionable kennel. At the same time, it is comfortable and breathable. 

But this kennel is a little bit heavier than a regular crate cover. Some customers have complained about it. 

The buying guide for best Ikea furniture to cover dog crate

Here are some mandatory factors that can help you to buy the best cover for a dog crate. You must want to ensure the best comfort for your dog; then, you can follow these steps.


Crate cover is generally used for creating a comfortable environment for dogs outdoor and indoors. So, the cover material would be soft fabric. Most of the good-quality crate cover material is 600d polyester. So, choose a crate cover with soft polyester material. 


Always choose the cover size based on the crate size. Good to know the cover size would be larger than the crate size. Otherwise, it may not perfectly fit. Even the cover might damage soon. So, choose the cover size that will perfectly suit the crate. 


Some crate cover comes with a single door; some are coming with a double door. The double door system is more accessible to the dog to get inside and out. As well as, there has some excellent crate cover with mesh windows. The mesh windows are good to look outside. 


Breathability is a great deal for dog crates. For breathability, you need to choose the right cover construction. It is recommended to pick up fine and durable material for the dog crate. 


Crate cover weight has an impact on dog comfort. The lightweight cover is good for breathability and comfort. Besides, the lightweight cover is easier to move and transport. 

Why Do you Need the best Ikea Furniture to Cover Dog Crate

Several reasons why you need the best Ikea Furniture to cover dog crate. A dog can spend peacefully in the cage if it is fully covered. If the crate has a cover, dogs will be able to spend hours inside the cage and feel safe. Moreover, dogs like to keep their puppies protected from weather and other animals. That’s why using the best Ikea cover is necessary. 

There is another psychological reason for using the best Ikea cover. If you heard about the canine den behavior of dogs, you must know sudden barking and chewing come from canine anxiety. The anxious dog barks chew and show awkward behaviors. You may not want your kids or house guests to see this and provide an extra safe feeling inside the crate.

Thirdly, dog crate cover plays a vital role, especially when changing the surroundings or traveling anywhere. Dogs feel unsafe and display odd behaviors if the surroundings change. Using the dog crate reduces the new view to them and keeps them calm. Also, dogs feel irritated if new people try to peek inside the crate and see them. For promoting undisturbed sleep, the best Ikea cover for a dog crate is a must one. 

Finally, the Ikea Dog crate cover allows less sound and keeps the carte warm from freezing temperatures. To get rid of extreme wind and diseases like pneumonia, carte cover works as a life savior.   


Is it OK to cover my dog’s crate?

Yes, it is OK because covering dog crates can help to make your dog relax and calm. It reduces chewing, barking, and anxiety. 

What can I put under my dog’s crate to protect the floor?

You can put a rubber protector under the dog’s crate to protect the floor. Among all of the rubber, the rolled rubber would be best. Besides, rolled rubber is easy to install on concrete, wood, and smooth tiles. 

Should I ignore puppy whining in a crate?

You should ignore puppy whining in the crate for few times. But it is an emergency to observed your puppy whining if they continued it for a long time. 

Is it cruel to create a dog at night?

It is not cruel because a dog inside the carte can save a dog from several predators. 

Final words:

In the end, we have produced some best IKEA furniture to cover dog crates that are best in their class. At the same time, choosing the products, our expert team gives the most priority to the safety and behavior of the dog to ensure a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere inside the crate. So whichever dog crate cover you will choose won’t be disappointed. However, our best pick is the Pethiy Universal Fit Dog Crate Cover.

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