Best Ground Cover For All Types Of Dog Pen & Cages

Ground covers for dog pens and cages will help keep the ground comfortable for your dogs. If you’re planning to get one, they should be easy to clean as well. In this post, we discuss the best ground covers you can get for your dog today.

If you love your dog so much to the extent that you could get a good pen for them, it also makes sense that you complete the setup with an equally great footing for your dogs’ house. This is where a ground cover comes in. But you need more than just any footing – you need one of the best ground covers for your dog’s pen.

Ground cover for dog pen

Comfort, convenience, ease of cleaning, and maintenance are some of the many reasons why you can’t just throw anything under your dog’s pen. This post will shed further light on why a good ground cover matters. But before then, here are five (5) of the best ground covers for dog pens you can buy right now.

2022 Best Dog Ground Cover for Dog Pen Buying Guide – Key Factors To Consider

If you’ve bought a dog pen or just want a space for your dog, a dog ground cover is something you’ll want to seriously consider.

There are many reasons why your dog needs a ground cover and we cover five of these in the next section. But before then, here are a few factors and considerations you’ll need to keep in mind when shopping for a dog ground cover. Thankfully, this is easy!

Space considerations

It’s important to go for a ground cover that covers every inch of space under the pen.

Most dog ground covers in the market come in two sizes. It’s either a 65” x 48” or a 72” x 72” in most cases. Both of these are extra-large sizes but you’ll want to choose either one that meets your dog’s need for space with regards to the floor space of the dog pen or the space you want to allocate to them within your home.


Since the dog will be spending most of their time on the cover, it’s important the cover is comfortable enough for them to play, rest, sit, sleep, etc.

All of the dog ground covers featured in our review come with soft and fluffy top surface areas to guarantee comfort and convenience. If you’re getting any other dog mat, you want to make sure it offers decent comfort and convenience close to these.


The good thing is that most ground covers come in at affordable price points but that does not mean you have to overlook quality. Regardless of the amount they cost, you likely don’t want to have to replace covers every month.

Go for quality dog ground covers with a proven reputation for durability like the Peepeego Upgrade Non-Slip Dog Pads Extra Large 72″ x 72″ that can be washed and reused up to 300 times.

Cleaning & Maintenance

One other aspect you don’t want to overlook is the cleaning and maintenance issue as dogs would occasionally litter the covers inside their pen.

This also matters when your dog is suffering from incontinence or they are sick. All of the dog ground covers we reviewed make cleaning and maintenance as easy as possible.

  • They are highly absorbent in the face of urine and odors. This ensures nothing seeps through to the underside so your furniture, flooring, carpet, etc don’t get damaged.
  • Also, they are machine washable to make cleaning easy.

5. Yistao Dog Pen Mat 72” x 72”

What exactly would you want in the ideal dog ground cover? Most dog parents, want their dogs to cover enough ground so their dogs have enough space whether or not they even have a pen or cage. Many people also place great importance on comfort and how easily they can clean the ground. This Yistao Dog mat is everything, and more!

The dog cover is available in a grey color and comes with a top-fleece surface that guarantees comfort and convenience. At 72” x 72”, it’s also large enough to contain most pens so your dog(s) have enough space. The mat is also anti-slip so you can rest assured that safety is not compromised while your dogs are playing or being mischievous. Cleaning the Yistao Dog Mat is also bliss!

Key Features & Highlights

  1. 72 x 72 x 0.2 inches extra-large space for dogs with new puppies.
  2. Top-fleece fluffy surface; ensures your dog(s) feel comfortable and convenient.
  3. 4-layer leak-proof, waterproof, and super-absorbent design; absorbs liquid, dog pees, etc. easily while still protecting your floor or carpet from damage, thanks to the waterproof plastic bottom.
  4. Anti-slip and machine-washable Non-slip PVC backing help the mat stay in place to prevent slips or accidents while dogs play around on it. The material can also be cleaned by just throwing it into a washing machine. 
1. Spacious mat with simple design
2. Comfortable fluffy and soft surface
3. Anti-slip helps guarantee maximum safety
4Easy to clean thanks to the waterproof, leakproof, and machine
washable properties.
Could use a little more thickness as it’s a little too thin and lightweight.

4. Peepeego Non-Slip Dog Pads 65” x 48”

The Non-Slip Dog Pad from Peepeego is another excellent purchase you can make right now if you need any of the best dog ground covers for your dog.

Coincidentally, the features and design are a lot like the Yistao Dog Mat, except that the Peepeego comes in at a slightly smaller 65” x 48” floor space that still guarantees as much space as possible for your doggies. While the top surface is a grey-colored soft polyester material, the bottom surface is a leak-proof rubber backing that not only helps prevent damage to the underneath surface but is also anti-slip to ensure the mat stays in place with the dogs on top.

Key Features & Highlights

  •  65″ x 48; fitting for most whelping boxes of 48” x 48” sizes as well as older dogs with bladder leakage issues.
  • Polyester fabric top; ensures the top is soft and comfortable and comfortable while still very durable.
  • Centre layer materials waterproof TPU; guarantees the pads are waterproof to prevent damage to the underside areas while easily absorbing urines and other liquids.
  • Easy cleaning thanks to it being washable. You only need to air dry it, and it dries quickly too.
1. Enough space for your dogs
2. Soft and comfortable top surface
3. Non-slip rubber backing Environmentally friendly, washable, and reusable.
4. Easy cleaning and air drying
Not too thick. Few people have issues with the thin and lightweight design.

3. SHU UFANRO Pee Pads for Dog 65″ x 48″/72″ x 72″

If you need the best ground cover dog potty area, this dog mat from Shu Ufanro should be high on your priority list. The dog mat comes in two (2) sizes, an extra-large 72″ x 72″ and another extra-large but slightly smaller 65″ x 48″, both covering enough ground space.

Both of these types are available in grey like the other dog covers we’ve reviewed. They are suitable when you need them to cover the floor under your dog pen. They can also find great use in instances like potty training for puppies, whelping as well as caring for older dogs, or when traveling with your dogs.

Key Features & Highlights

  •  65″ x 48 “ and 72” x 72” sizes; both available only in grey color.
  • 4-thickened layer design features a soft and fluffy polyester-based top that’s comfortable for dogs to sit and play and a high-density middle layer that absorbs liquids and odors within minutes.
  • The high-density middle layer is complemented by a leak-proof design to ensure urine and other liquids don’t damage the floor, carpet, and other surfaces under the dog mat.
  • Anti-slip silica-gel backing is both leak-resistant and non-slip to keep the underside dry while effectively holding the mat in place.
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning and reuse.
  • Environmentally friendly and economical multi-use dog mat
1. Choose from two sizes depending on your need for space.
2. Soft, fluffy, and comfortable top Anti-slip and leak-proof bottom
3. Cleaning is easy.
4. Absorbs urine, liquids, and odors fast.
The thickness appears pretty thin. Could have been a little
thicker -and heavier!

2. Peepeego Upgrade Non-Slip Dog Pads Extra Large 72″ x 72″

There are dog mats and there are Peepeego dog mats. You know this brand is good when they feature twice in a list of top five (5) best dog ground covers for pens. This is an excellent dog mat like the other one we reviewed previously. The only difference is that this gives you even more floor space with its 72” x 72” dimensions.

The reusable dog pad also absorbs liquids very fast to ensure nothing seeps through to damage the floor under the pad. This makes sense when you have an old or sick dog dealing with incontinence as well as during potty training along with travels.

Key Features & Highlights

  •  72” x 72” extra-large space for the most space possible; both are available only in grey color.
  • The high-soaking top is fluffy and comfortable and can conveniently absorb 8 cups (68oz) of liquid.
  • Non-slip bottom layer helps prevent slips and accidents.
  • Machine washable design makes cleaning easy-breezy
  • Multi-use design, reusable up to 300 times. Highly economical and environmentally friendly.
1. Suitable for dog pens, whelping boxes, potty training, travels, etc.
2. Comfortable and super fluffy top
3. Easy-breezy cleaning in the washer
4. High absorbance of liquids and odors
5. Anti-slip bottom holds the mat firmly in place.
Could use a little more thickness Anti-slip doesn’t hold up
well enough on tiled surfaces.

1. ZICOTO Waterproof XXL Puppy Whelping Pad 72″ x 72″

Rounding off our best dog ground cover reviews is the awesome 72” x 72” whelping pad from ZICOTO. This extra-large dog mat is suitable for whelping boxes, dog potty training for puppies, travels, etc. Like all the others, it comes in a grey color, offering similar features and benefits.

The ZICOTO dog mat has a 4-layer design like all others. The top fluffy and soft polyester material is complemented by heavy-duty black stitching. The incredibly versatile dog mat is machine washable making it quite economical and environmentally friendly.

Key Features & Highlights

  •  72 x 72 x 0.2 inches, available in a grey color.
  • 4-layer design featuring a top soft polyester, an absorbent second layer, a waterproof third layer, and a non-slip leakproof bottom.
  • The non-slip design helps hold the dog mat in place firmly.
  • Machine washable features make for easy cleaning and greater reusability.
  • Incredible versatility for different uses from whelping to playpen exercise, etc
1. Extra-large space for your dog.
2. Fluffy and comfortable polyester top
3. Machine washable easy cleaning
4. Easy liquid and odors absorbance
5. Non-slip bottom helps guarantee safety.
Washing is easy but it doesn’t dry as fast.
Could take a few hours.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Ground Cover For Your Dog’s Exercise Pen

Dog ground covers have great value, considering they really don’t cost that much.

But if you’re struggling to see why your dog will ever need one of these, here are five of the topmost reasons why putting a dog ground cover in your dog’s playpen makes perfect sense.

  1. Easily absorbs dogs’ pee and foul odors because most ground covers are made from leakproof and highly absorbent materials.
  2. Suitable for when puppies are undergoing potty training.
  3. Very valuable when your dog is suffering from incontinence.
  4. Good for when your dog is diabetic or sick.
  5. Helps make the ground more comfortable for play and relaxation inside the pen.

Setting The Ground For A Dog Run

Most dog parents always keep their dog’s pen inside the house, even if their dog has more of an outdoorsy personality.

But if you want your dog to be able to roam freely outdoors, you’ll want to consider what is called a dog run or dog backyard. But this too still needs something to cover the ground. What can you use to set the ground in your dog’s backyard?

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

  • Dirt and natural grass are very good; the only problem is they can get muddy if your area is not particularly exposed to sunlight or after rainfalls.
  • Mulch, alongside pea gravel; also makes sense although they can also get slimy after rain and the gravel might be somewhat a source of discomfort if they happen to get stuck between your dog’s paws.
  • Wooden platforms.
  • Sand, stone, or concrete.
  • Plastic flooring, etc.

Should You Go For DIY Or Grass Ground Cover?

A lot of factors can determine whether or not grass ground cover or other DIY options like mulch, wood, etc. would make more sense.

Grass ground cover

First, the thing about grass ground is that it makes running and playing around a lot more fun for your dog. Rain can, however, make the ground muddy and wet after rain.

Muddy and wet surfaces like these can easily turn to breed grounds for different parasites that could harm your dog. So, here, if your dog yard or kennel is not well-exposed to sunlight and you often get frequent rain, you’ll want to be wary of the health concerns and risks.

Dirt or mulch

Some people combine mulch or dirt with pea gravel to set the ground for their dog yard.

This DIY option is so low-maintenance and can be what you need. But they can also get slimy after rain and you’ll also worry about splinters. While dog urine might cause brown spots on natural grass, you won’t worry about that with mulch.

Concrete floor

Unlike mulch and pea gravel where you still have to worry about splinters, slime, and splinters, concrete slabs hold up well against rain and others. They are a more permanent option and you won’t have to worry about your dog’s paws too.

Whatever DIY option you choose will depend on the condition of your home and environment and your dog’s needs. But it helps to analyze every option critically before committing to any.

Outdoor Dog Area: Dealing With A Muddy Dog Yard

What if you have a muddy dog yard? How do you deal with this?

If your dog’s yard is often muddy and wet, there are several things you can try to turn around this situation. Here are five (5) of them;

  1. Consider concrete slabs.
  2. Try artificial grass as they don’t get waterlogged and even handles water drainage better than natural grass in some cases.
  3. If only a particular area is always muddy, consider laying stray or hay in the muddy area.
  4. Consult a landscape to either help you improve your lawn’s drainage or assess its overall health.

FAQ: Ground Cover For Dog Pens

Got questions about choosing a ground cover for your dog’s pen? Check out some of the most commonly asked questions to see if these answer your questions;

What can I put on the ground of my dog pen?

For your dog pen, put a dog ground cover made from high-quality material that is soft and comfortable as well as waterproof and highly absorbent. This will help guarantee comfort while still making cleaning easy.

What is the best ground cover for a dog pen?

The Peepeego Non-Slip Dog Pads 65” x 48” is one of the best ground covers you can get for your dog pen and it costs less than $25. And if you need an even larger space, the ZICOTO Waterproof XXL Puppy Whelping Pad 72″ x 72″ is our favorite XXL.

What can I use instead of grass for my dog?

Dirt, alongside mulch and pea gravel, are good alternatives if the grass is out of your options. Others also include plastic flooring, wooden platforms, concrete slabs. You might also consider laying patio stone.

What is the best material to put in a dog run?

The best material to put in a dog run is the one most suitable for your dog’s needs and environment. Grass makes much sense if wetness and muddiness are out of the question. Mulch and dirt are low-maintenance. Concrete is permanent and almost risk-free.


Choosing a great dog ground cover does not have to be a tug of war. As with every other thing regardless of how simple it might seem, you need the best to ensure you’re not wasting money changing dog pads now and then.

  • If you’re looking for the best affordable dog ground cover in the market, that title belongs to none other than the 65” x 48” Peepeego Non-Slip Dog Pads.
  • What if you’re looking for a larger surface? You can’t go wrong with the ZICOTO Waterproof XXL Puppy Whelping Pad – a 72″ x 72″ wonderful XXL loved by dog parents across the world.

Choosing a ground cover for a dog pen is simple and easy.

All of the dog mats and pads included in our reviews are at the top of the league. They are super comfortable and convenient, easy to clean and maintain, and guaranteed to give you long years of use!

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