The 5 Researched Best Dog Training Collars for Husky

If you want to have an easy time training your husky, you should get a quality, comfortable training collar. The right dog collar allows you to have control over your dog’s movement and give the dog the best training experience. You must ensure that the collar has safety features and is easy to put on and adjust. It is also advisable to choose a collar that is durable to serve you and your husky for many years.

Best Dog Training Collars for Husky

You know that huskies are playful, strong dogs and can be aggressive at times, making it hard to train them. So you must choose the best dog training collar for a husky to make it easy for you to train your canine buddy. With many types and brands of dog training collars available, it is challenging to buy the right one for your husky. But we have compiled a list of the best dog training collars for a husky here for you. Keep reading.

1. Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Collar with Remote – The Mini ET-300

Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Collar with Remote

If you want something effective when training your dog, Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Collar with Remote is a perfect option. This collar features a remote control for easy control, correction, and stimulation. It has 100 levels of safe stimulation, tapping sensation, and Pavlovian tones. The device is waterproof, making it ideal for wet conditions. Note the e-collar is rechargeable and can go a long way. Most importantly, this device is built using the highest quality materials and design suitable for harsh dog training conditions.


  • Innovative ergonomic design
  • Has a remote control
  • Waterproof receiver and transmitter
  • Lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries
  • 100 levels of safe stimulation
  • Delivers tapping sensation and Pavlovian tone
  • Tracking night light
  • ½ mile range
1. Effective stimulation makes it easy for husky training.
2. A durable dog training collar.
3. Easy to use. 
4. The batteries last long after 2-hour charging.
5. Waterproof.
6. Has tracking light for increased visibility in low light
1. It is advisable to remove it after a few hours of training.

2. WOLFWILL Waterproof Rechargeable Humane Remote Dog Training Collar

Remote Dog Training Collar

This is one of the most advanced dog training collars that makes training pretty easy for you and the husky. The collar is waterproof and can be used in wet conditions. It features 3 control modes: audio tone, vibration, and light. It is worth noting that you can control a dog up to 1980-ft away. It has a remote with 3 buttons for more convenience. With the 3 modes and the remote control, you can easily stimulate and correct your dog during training sessions. Additionally, it features a durable, adjustable strap for easy adjustment and perfect fit.


  • Made of premium quality materials
  • Waterproof collar
  • Adjustable collar strap
  • 3 modes – tone, vibration, and light
  • Quick rechargeable collar
  • Wireless remote control
  • Simple operation – 3 main buttons
1. Easy dog training.
2. Easy to put on and adjust.
3. Waterproof, making it suitable for swimming
and wet conditions. 
4. Durable.
5. Long battery life.
1. Not suitable for aggressive dogs.
2. Risk skin damage if worn for too long.

3. Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Training Collar with Remote – The Boss ET-800

Educator E-Collar Humane Dog Training Collar with Remote

The Boss ET-800 is ideal for medium and large dogs. The e-collar feature a 1-mile range ergonomic transmitter, receiver, and biomethane dog collar. It delivers a tapping sensation, Pavlovian tone, and user-selected 100 levels of safe stimulation. Additionally, it is water-resistant, making it suitable for use in dry and wet conditions. It is worth noting that this best dog training collar for a Husky features rechargeable batteries that can last for more than 20 hours. With its remote control and simulations, it provides the best dog training experience for you and the husky.


  • A waterproof dog training collar
  • Stimulation – tapping sensation and Pavlovian tone
  • User-selectable stimulation levels
  • Ergonomic stopwatch transmitter
  • Biomethane dog collar strap – strong and durable
  • 1-mile range
  • Has tracking light
1. Allows for the best dog training experience.
2. Has long life, rechargeable batteries.
3. Comfortable and safe to use. 
4. The device is durable and suitable for extreme
dog training conditions.
5. Has a waterproof receiver and transmitter
– making it suitable for wet conditions.
1. Can irritate if worn for an extended period.

4. OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar with Metal D Ring & Buckle

OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar

This unique collar is padded in inside for ultimate comfort and to prevent skin irritation. It also features a D-ring and metal buckle with 5 adjustment points, allowing for a perfect fit. Also, the training collar features a hook & loop panel to attach a dog leash or ID tag. You can easily put it on your dog, adjust it and use it for dog training, adventures, and other outdoor activities. It is easy to clean and dry.


  • Military style durable design
  • Hook & Loop panel for ID tag or morale patch
  • D-ring & metal buckle and 5 adjustment points
  • 3 sizing options for medium to large-sized dogs
1. A comfortable dog training collar
with cushion padding on the underside.
2. A durable military-grade dog training collar.
3. Easy to adjust for a perfect fit. 
4. Easy to clean and maintain.
1. Not ideal for smaller dogs .

5. PetSafe Remote Training Collar – 300 Yard Range

PetSafe Remote Training Collar

This best dog training collar for a husky features a digital remote control and a durable collar. You can buy it with an extra collar to control two dogs simultaneously. The advanced collar features 3 types of correction: vibration, 15 levels of static stimulation, and audio tone. The device is rechargeable, and a 2-hour charge offer over 40-hour battery life. Additionally, the device is lightweight and waterproof, ensuring the dog is comfortable wearing it, and can be used in dry and wet conditions. It is suitable for medium to large dogs and is effective within 300 yards range.


  • 3 types of correction – tone, 15-level static stimulation, and vibration
  • Digital remote and a lightweight collar
  • Rechargeable batteries with 40-hour battery life
  • Effective within 300-yard range
  • A waterproof dog training collar
1. Safe to use.
2. Allows for easy control and correction.
3. Adjustable collar for a comfortable fit. 
4. Waterproof making it ideal for wet conditions
5. Long-lasting battery
1. Some customers complain about its durability

Best Dog Training Collar Buying Guide

There are many factors you should consider to buy the best dog training collar for a husky. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Size – Collars come in different sizes. So you should ensure that the collar you buy will perfectly fit your dog’s neck. Additionally, you should choose an adjustable dog training collar so that you can adjust it to fit properly around your dog’s neck. Avoid collars that are too tight or too loose.
  • Comfort – Your husky should be comfortable wearing the training collar. If the collar is rough on your dog, it will be difficult to train the dog. Also, avoid collars that cause skin irritation. Consider a cushioned or padded collar on the underside to ensure it is gentle on your dog’s coat and skin.
  • Quick clip or Buckle style – The most common dog collars feature clips on each end that are snapped together to keep the collar in place. The buckle styles resemble a belt and work in the same way. If your husky is too active and aggressive, you should choose a buckle-style collar. On the other hand, if your dog is calm, you can choose a quick clip-styled collar.
  • Durability – huskies are strong dogs and will require a strong, durable dog training collar. If you want something durable, you should look at the material used and the construction. Typically, well-designed leather collars last longer than other materials.
  • Type of collar – There are different types of dog training collars, such as flat, prong, shock, choke, vibration, and others. Flat collars are suitable for calm dogs. Note that prong and shock collars can be harsh on your dog and can cause aggression problems. Vibration collars are suitable for correction and other training exercises. In short, choose a collar based on your dog’s behaviors and the training techniques or activities.

Best Collar for Siberian Husky

You have to consider many factors to know the best collar for a Siberian husky. You need to look at the design and materials used. Additionally, you have to consider comfort, adjustment, and size. Most importantly, you should decide whether you want an e-collar or other types. If you want to have the best dog training experience, you should choose an E-collar with remote control and padding on the underside. Such a collar will allow you to control and correct your dog. PetSafe Remote Training Collar – 300 Yard Range and WOLFWILL Waterproof Rechargeable Humane Remote Dog Training Collar are perfect choices.

Shock Collar for Husky

A shock collar is a dog training collar that applies a shock to the dog to stop them from doing something. Most of them have remote controls where you can press a button to trigger the shock. Others are designed in a way that the dog’s behavior or action will trigger the shock. These collars are not recommended as they can harm the dog if the shock is too strong. They are recommended as a last solution for extremely aggressive huskies.

Leash for Pulling Husky

A leash is essential when training your dog. You can get different leash designs on the market that you can use to pull your husky. OneTigris Training Bungee Dog Leash is a perfect leash you can consider. However, if you want your dog to have a good time pulling and exercising, you should get a good harness and attach the leash on the top (between the shoulders). Your husky will enjoy pulling.

E-Collar for Husky

Best E-Collar for Husky

An e-collar for husky feature rechargeable batteries. The collar works in different ways as it can deliver a shock, vibration, audio tone, and different forms of stimulation to control and correct the dog. Most of these collars feature a remote control (transmitter) with several buttons and a collar (receiver). The signal is transmitted from the remote to the receiver in the collar to cause stimulation leading to correction. You should choose an e-collar with several stimulation modes like tone, vibration, and different levels of stimulation. But ensure it is gentle on your dog.

Some Tips for Husky Training

  • First, understand what your husky likes and wants
  • Avoid punishing your husky when they misbehave or make mistakes
  • Use a soft-friendly tone during training
  • Reward the dog when it gets something right, and at the end of a training session
  • Get a comfortable dog training collar
  • Be consistent and stick to positive reinforcement

Do Training Collars Work on Huskies?

Yes, dog training collars are effective in training huskies. But you must choose the right collar that won’t hurt your dog. Also, you must be gentle and creative to ensure the dog enjoys every training session. You should reward the dog with treats during and after the sessions to motivate it.

What is the Best Training Collar for a husky?

WOLFWILL Waterproof Rechargeable Humane Remote Dog Training Collar is one of the best dog training collars in 2023. The device is easy to use and adjust. It offers the best dog training experience for you and the dog. PetSafe Remote Training Collar – 300 Yard Range and OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar are also great options.

What is the Best Dog Collar for Obedience Training?

A flat dog collar is a perfect type of dog training collar for obedience training. OneTigris Military Adjustable Dog Collar is a perfect choice if your dog doesn’t pull heavily. If your dog is playful and pulls a lot, you can consider PetSafe Remote Training Collar – 300-yard Range.

Are Huskies the Hardest to Train?

Huskies are hard to train because they are a strong and playful dog breed. But they are not the hardest to train. You just need to understand your husky and be gentle. In the end, they will be ready to train and enjoy the training sessions.

Should I Get a Male or a Female Husky?

You can get either a male or a female as both husky genders are active, playful, and fun to keep. There is no scientific research that has shown one husky gender is better than the other.

Final Thoughts

If you want to have an easy time with husky, you should train them. You will need to buy the best training collar for a husky to ensure you and your husky have the best training experience. Ensure that the collar is comfortable, adjustable, and durable. Choose one of the above dog training collars, and you will not be disappointed.