The Researched Best Dog Gate For Stairs (Your Pooch Will Thank You!)

Wondering how to keep your dogs from stairways and other unsafe areas within the house? You’ll need good dog gates and barriers. In this dog gates review, we discuss the best ones you can get!

Dogs are adventurous animals.

This is especially true for puppies who although might find their way climbing stairways easily, might struggle with getting back down. This also applies to senior dogs or ailing dogs with physical challenges. If you leave them unattended, you might find them straying into unsafe areas like stairways, kitchens, etc. which could be dangerous for them.

Best Dog Gate For Stairs

You don’t want to risk your dogs suffering physical injuries.

So, you need to block off these areas to prevent accessibility. This is where the best dog gate for stairs comes in. They’ll act as a barrier to prevent your dog from straying into unsafe areas within the home. While there are a ton of these products available in the market, here are the top five best dog gates in the market you can choose from.

1. PETMAKER Wooden Freestanding Pet Gate Collection

There are different types of pet gates but many dog parents prefer the simplicity of freestanding dog gates like this type from PetMaker. It’s a freestanding foldable dog door that you just put up anywhere you want to block off. If you’re not a DIY freak, you’d still like this as it doesn’t require mounting, drilling, or any of those handy DIY installation or fixing jobs.

The dog barrier spots a neutral gray finish and is made from mainly wood with metal hinges. It measures about 54″ x 24″ and is made up of three foldable panels that you can just unfold and place at the entryway you want to block (there’s also a 4-panel type as well). It’s functional and stylish and you’ll like the incredible simplicity that comes with it.

Key Features & Highlights

  • 3 foldable panels stretch to a total size of 54″ x 24″
  • Wood construction with metal hinges makes it quite portable and easily movable.
  • A neutral gray finish makes it easy to blend with your home’s decor
  • Foldability and the other design perks mean you don’t need extensive installation – just unfold the panels and your house is safe!
1. Simple, yet functional
2. Beautiful and stylish for indoor spaces.
3. Easy setup that doesn’t require any installation.
4. Lightweight and easy to move around
5. Incredibly affordable price.
1. Only suitable for small dogs as large dogs can jump over it
or push against the dog gate to bypass the barrier.

2. Cumbor 40.6″ Dog Gates for Stairs and Doorways

The black and beautiful Cumbor dog gate is unlike most of the other gates you’ll come across. It’s made from steel, measures about 30.5 by 29.5 – 40.6-inch dimensions, can support up to 150 pounds of impact, and so will successfully defend against impact by medium-sized and larger dogs. It’s simply one of the best dog gates for stairways, hallways, open spaces, etc.

This dog gate boasts a safety-first design and you can mount it anywhere around your house, rest assured that it’s safe for your dogs as well as little kids. It also comes with four wall cups that are used to install the gate via simple pressure mounting. This installation is so simple it can be done by almost anyone in under ten minutes.

Key Features & Highlights

  • Durable steel construction can withstand up to 150 pounds of impact. You’ll never have to worry about large dogs pushing against it.
  • 4 wall cups make the dog gate easily installable via simple pressure mounting.
  • The black finish is sleek and stylish and will add more beauty to your home decor although there’s also another type for those who prefer white.
  • Comes with an extension kit that makes the gate extendable from 29.5-40.6″ wide while standing 31” tall.
1. Simple and beautiful
2. Durable steel construction can withstand greater thrust and impact.
3. Easy setup via pressure mounting with wall cups in four places.
4. Easy to move around
1. Price is slightly more than most other gates but considering
the sleek construction and strength, it is justified, to an extent.

3. Cumbor 46” Auto Close Safety Baby Gate

There’s definitely something about Cumbor dog gates that make them the choice for many dog parents. Although this particular dog gate is a lot like the one immediately preceding it, it still has its own distinct set of features and designs that sets it apart. It features an auto-close lock that frees your hand while being ergonomically designed to be significantly difficult for children to open. And that’s not even everything.

This particular Cumbor extends up to 46 inches. While it easily suits 35-37.8 inches, it also comes with a 2.75-Inch and 8.25-Inch extension. It would fit most doors and hallways, stairways, and other open spaces you might want to block. It also comes in four different colors; black, white, red, and brown, so you can easily choose one that complements our home’s decor.

Key Features & Highlights

  • Durable steel construction can withstand up to 150 pounds of impact. You’ll never have to worry about large dogs pushing against it.
  • 4 wall cups (2 on either side) make it easy to install the dog gate via pressure mounting.
  • Color variety and options (black, red, brown, white).
  • Measures 30.5 inches in height & 29.5 – 46-inch in width and comes with an extender to fit wider spaces.
  • The ergonomic lock closes automatically and is difficult for children to open.
1. Wide enough and extendable for wide doors, stairs, and other large spaces
2. Clean, sleek, and stylish with different colors to choose from.
3. Durable steel construction can withstand up to 150 pounds of impact.
4. Easy setup via pressure mounting with wall cups in four places.
5. Ergonomic auto-lock closes by itself and the latch and lift
opening help keep the door protected from children and accidental openings.  
1. High price than many other dog gates but you get what you pay for!
2. You’ll have to screw the wall cups into the wall except if you purchase a wall nanny.

4. Baby Gates for Stairs and Doorways Dog Gates for The House, 30-40.5 inches

Lemon Tree offers this excellent dog gate made from high-quality ABS + metal construction, a great thing if you have dogs with tendencies of chewing. Like many of the other dog gates we reviewed, it can be installed via pressure mount and comes with four wall cups for this purpose.

This can serve either as baby gates or dog gates, most suitable for doorways, the bottom of staircases, hallways, and other areas. While it comes only in white color, the width is customizable so it can fit spaces of varying widths from 30 to 40.2 inches. It also has a walkthrough opening of 23.6 inches that automatically closes back when opened at less than 90° and stays open when opened beyond 90°.

Key Features & Highlights

  • ABS + metal construction guarantees proper protection against impact, and excellent durability, as well as against dogs with chewing tendencies.
  • 4 wall cups in the package for easy installation via pressure mounting.
  • The customizable width design fits spaces from 30 to 40.2 inches wide and has a walkthrough opening of 23.6 inches.
  • Comes with a key as well as a dual locking system to make it difficult for kids to open as well as to prevent accidental openings.
1. Clean and stylish design will complement your home decor.
2. Dual locking system for safety and protection.
3. Sturdy high-quality metal construction for strength and durability.
4. Wall cups for easy mounting and setup.
5. Auto-closes when opened at less than 90 degrees.  
1. Caution must be exercised with the bar that goes across the bottom
to avoid tripping over.

5. PAWLAND Wooden Freestanding Foldable Pet Gate for Dogs

Got small to medium-sized dogs or puppies? Want a freestanding retractable dog gate that you never have to bother about installing? You’ll like this beautiful Wooden Freestanding Foldable Pet Gate from pawland. You can choose between a 3-panel or 4-panel model as well as a white or espresso finish, depending on what works for you or your home’s interior.

The beautiful wood finish is supported by sturdy rubber feet and the entire dog gate can be folded out to fit different spaces from stairways to hallways, doorways, kitchen entries, etc. The gate is 60 inches wide, 24 inches tall, has a depth of 0.75 inches, and folds easily like an accordion so you can easily store it away when it’s not needed for use.

Key Features & Highlights

  • Sleek and stylish wooden finish available in white or espresso.
  • 3-panel and 4-panel models for doors and stairways of varying widths.
  • Freestanding design with no need for mounting and installation.
  • Foldability and lightweight design make storage a breeze.
  • Open dimensions: 60” width x 24” height x 0.75 depth, Collapsed dimensions: 20.5” width x 24” height x 2.25” depth.
1. Sleek and stylish wood design.
2.No need for drilling, mounting hardware, or any demanding
3. Can fit variable widths and spaces.
4. Easy storage when not in use.  
1. Sturdy but not heavy enough for large breeds of dogs.

2023 Indoor Dog Gates Buying Guide

Up here are five of the best dog gates for stairs you’ll find in the market today. Put any of this anywhere in your home, stairways, hallways, doors, etc., and you can rest assured that your dogs, other pets, babies, etc., are safe and that nothing injurious is likely to happen.

But perhaps you’re curious about what makes these the best out of the hundreds in the market. Or maybe you’re wondering what exactly should get the most attention from you when buying indoor dog gates for use in your homes. Here are the most important things to consider.

●    Size of the Dog Gate

Depending on the age of your dogs, breeds, and weight, you’ll want to put significant attention into choosing a dog gate within the proper size and dimensions range.

Large-sized dog breeds may easily push off and bypass the barrier when the dog gate is too small. You also want to avoid going for gates where the space between the bars may be wide enough to get your small dog stuck.

●    Temporary or Long-term Considerations

If you need this for a while or want something you can easily store away when not in use, you can choose any of the two freestanding dog gates in our review – the PAWLAND Wooden Freestanding Foldable Pet Gate for Dogs or the PETMAKER Wooden Freestanding Pet Gate Collection. There are also those that require mounting and installation and this can be particularly useful if you’re thinking in the long term. 

●    Quality and Materials

Many of the dog gates chosen are sturdy and made from high-quality materials. Not only will this matter if you have dogs that are fond of chewing but they can also impact durability and play a role in withstanding impact to ensure the barrier remains in place. 

●    Design and Installation

Many people find even the easiest DIY tasks challenging. This is something to consider when choosing dog gates. While all of the dog gates here are either freestanding retractable or can be easily installed via pressure mounting, you should always be sure to know what’s involved before putting your money on a particular safety gate.

●    Safety and Security

Safety and security are the major goals of the dog gates in the first place. You want to make sure your chosen pick does not fail at this. Our picks are sturdy and made from high-quality materials. Some are ergonomic, have auto-lock systems, and some feature a dual-lock system to ensure maximum safety and security.

Best Dog Gate For Stairs

Why Choose Baby Gates & Safety Gates?

All of the dog gates we reviewed can also double as baby gates if you have infants and toddlers in the house. These gates can help prevent access to dangerous areas to both babies and pets and can also be applied in certain other cases.

The benefits are endless. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider safety gates for babies as well as dogs and other pets;

  • Prevent injuries that could happen when babies wander into dangerous areas of the homes such as kitchens.
  • Help keep dogs within restricted areas by preventing access to stairways, doors, etc.
  • Help reduce disruptions and disturbances within the home that could be caused by dogs straying into different areas.
  • Beyond safety, some of these sleek and stylish safety gates can also complement your home decor, boosting the aesthetics of your interior spaces in the process.

What About Retractable Gates?

Thinking about why a retractable gate makes sense?

Well, we mentioned something about temporary or long-term considerations when we discussed the buying guide for indoor dog gates. This is where retractable gates make the most sense.

If you need something for temporary solutions, you want it to be something you can easily remove and store away when the gate is not in use. Retractable gates are able to fold easily, making them most suitable for storage. There are two retractable gates included in our review;

  • the PETMAKER Wooden Freestanding Pet Gate Collection, and
  • the PAWLAND Wooden Freestanding Foldable Pet Gate for Dogs or

These are easily two of the best retractable dog gates you’ll find anywhere. Get either and you’re good to go!

How to Build DIY Dog Gate

If you’re a DIY freak and can handle a few handy jobs, perhaps you might want to consider building a DIY dog gate.

If you want to build a DIY safety gate, there are tens and hundreds of inspirations you can get online. Some of the easiest ones include;

Wooden Dowel DIY Gate

This wooden dog gate from Newly Woodwards is easy to build.

You only need to arrange wooden dowels within a frame as shown in the picture. You’ll need to arrange this to form rails after which you can then paint the entire structure. Your tools would include a clamp, wood glues, etc., most importantly. You can find instructions to build this DIY gate at Newly Woodwards

Foldable Baby Gate

This is similar to the above except that it is foldable.

You’ll need a few woodworking tools and basic skills to ace this, however. Detailed instructions can be found at All Things Heart and Home.

What is the Best Dog Gate for Stairs?

The five dog gates included in this review are some of the best you can find around. What’s best for you, however, will depend on the size of your dogs, the spaces where you want to position the gate, as well as a few of the other considerations we touched in the indoor gates buying guide section.

With any of these five, however, you can hardly go wrong if all the proper considerations are factored in.

How do You Block A Dog from Stairs?

The best way to block a dog from climbing upstairs is to position a barrier like a dog gate at the bottom of the stairs.

Do I Need A Stair Gate for my Puppy?

Yes! A stair gate is great for your puppy if you want to prevent the possibility of stair mishaps and physical injuries that could happen from dogs climbing up and down the stairs.

How do I Keep my Dog from Going Upstairs without A Gate?

Baby gates and pet barriers are the best to keep your dog from going upstairs. But you can use just about anything as a barrier as long as it blocks off the highway, is safe for use with consideration to your dog’s safety, and can’t be destroyed by the dog.

What are the Best Pet Gates?

We chose the five best pet gates from the tens of options we reviewed on the market. Here are the best pet gates in no particular order;

  1. PETMAKER Wooden Freestanding Pet Gate Collection
  2. Cumbor 40.6″ Dog Gates for Stairs and Doorways
  3. Cumbor 46” Auto Close Safety Baby Gate
  4. Baby Gates for Stairs and Doorways Dog Gates for The House, 30-40.5 inches
  5. PAWLAND Wooden Freestanding Foldable Pet Gate for Dogs

What can I use instead of a baby gate?

Stair barriers are an alternative if you need something other than baby gates. These are often made of fabric although they are very different from baby gates.


So much can be said about dog gates for stairs and just how important they could be in preventing the risks of stairs accidents and injuries that could happen if your dog trips over the stairs. And as dogs tend to be quite adventurous, this helps keep their movement in check, even beyond stairways to other restricted areas such as kitchens, hallways, etc.

Any dog parent should consider buying a dog gate if;

  • They have a puppy
  • They have senior dogs that could struggle with climbing stairs
  • They have dogs struggling with blindness or other physical disabilities, etc.

In the same way that a safety gate can prevent pets from wandering into restricted areas, it can also help keep babies and toddlers within safe areas as well.

All five of the dog gates featured in our reviews have been chosen because of the excellent qualities they possess. You could choose anyone among these and go about your business with peace of mind, knowing you’ve done excellently well to prevent the risks of stair accidents and mishaps.

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