A Step by Step Guide on How to Draw Dog Prints

It’s advisable to have a dog print of your pet to show some love and for memories. Here is how to draw dog prints as well as paw prints.


Besides taking care of your dog, you need to do much more to show some love for the pet. You can do that by drawing a dog print and using it as decor in your living room. You can also take the paw prints of your dog and use them to make a nice decor piece. But how do you go about drawing dog prints if you are not a great artist? Well, read on to learn how to draw dog prints and even take dog paw prints.

Benefits of having your dog and paws prints 

It’s important to have something that reminds you of your dog even when he is long gone. Having a photo may not be enough. You need to have beautiful dog prints that remind you about the pet and commemorates your love for the dog in a lasting and sentimental way. In addition, having paw prints of your dog is a nice gesture and you can even use the prints to have a tattoo. 

What’s more, you can use dog prints as a gift or on gift cards sent to those people who also loved the pet. Besides that, as you take dog paw prints, you will have an opportunity to bond with your pooch, making your bond much stronger. Also, having a pint of your canine pal in the living space makes the room more attractive and can be a good conversation starter.

What to consider before drawing dog prints and taking paw prints

Before you start drawing and taking your dog prints, there are some factors you need to consider. First of all, you need to consider the mood of your pet. You need to uplift the mood of your pet any time you want to draw or take his prints. You can do that by giving him a treat and playing with him for a few minutes. You also need to note that you should not force the pet to corporate. Let the pet relax and know you are having fun as you work on the drawing or the painting. 

In addition, you need to consider the type of print you want. Some people may want a paper drawing while others may want a painting artwork. A painting works great for a whole dog print. For paw prints, you can consider both paper drawings and painting artwork. It is important to consider pet-safe paints, inks, and other materials used for the artwork. As you know, the pet can ingest some of the materials. If some of the materials are poisonous, they can harm the pet once ingested, and that is not a good thing. 

Steps to draw dog print

  • The first step is to gather the materials you will need for the print. Get a piece of plain paper, pencil, marker pen and eraser. 
  • Once you have the materials, start by drawing the paw prints. You can start by drawing a curvy line across your paper. Carefully look at the paws of your dog and draw circles for the base of the paw prints. Ensure the circles are well-shaped and sized just to look like those of your pet. 
  • Draw oval-shaped for the toes. Then curve the base of the paw prints and add all the details to make the paw prints look natural.
  • Use the marker pen to color the drawing.

Full dog print or painting

After drawing the paw prints, you can now draw a full print of your canine pal. Drawing the image of your dog isn’t easy, you need to have the skills and passion to draw or develop paintings. When you start drawing you should start with a sketch starting with the head, upper body and then the hind limbs. It’s advisable to draw or have a painting of your pooch in a sitting position. Once you have a sketch you can then use different paints to color the painting. If you are not a good artist, you can hire an experienced artist to develop a drawing or painting of your pooch.

How to take dog paw prints?

After knowing how to draw dog prints, it is also advisable to learn how to take dog paw prints without drawing or painting. You can achieve that by using washable finger paints, body paints, or ink. First, you need to make the pooch relax as you wash his paws. Dry the paws, and get the paper ready. Dip the paws in the ink or body paint, and gently press it on the paper for a few seconds. Lift the paw and clean it. Let your print dry. You can do several paws to get a great piece.

It is advisable to use paints that don’t fade easily. In addition, you should use nontoxic paints or ink that cannot harm the pet, you, or your children. Also, you should consider paints or inks that are easily washable. This will ensure that after the work, you can easily clean yourself, the pet, and other items that are likely to be messed up during the exercise. In addition, you should carry out the task outside your house because it can be messy. 

Final Words 

It is important to learn how to draw dog prints. This will help you have something that reminds you of your pet once he is gone. In addition, pet prints help show appreciation and love for your pet and that is likely to make the pet feel part of your home. As you take your dog’s paw prints, you will have time to bond and play with your pet. Once you have the dog prints and hang them in the living room, the pieces will be an excellent conversation starter with your guests. Therefore, consider the above information and you will have beautiful dog prints and dog paw prints of your pet that show great memories of your canine pal. 

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